Community AMA January 21st 2022 (Brief Notes)

Hey Everyone,

Here is a summary of all the topics that were discussed during the AMA today! I have also included a link so you can view the AMA if you missed it! Please reach out, if you have any questions!

AMA Link: Community Catchup - Jan 2022 - Live AMA - YouTube

  • The community growth is still continuing even in this down market. The MahaDAO Twitter is up to 44K people!

  • MahaDAO was created for the people. Thus, the best way for you to get involved is to apply to become a MahaDAO Patron!

  • Within the upcoming week MahaDAO will officially launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)!

  • MahaDAO has a team of business developers who have been working with BSC projects to integrate ARTH! More information regarding this will be coming next week.

  • Maha will now be used as collateral for Arth! This will help substantially with the stability of Arth and will also Make Maha more scarce.

  • Maha is on Anyswap! Anyswap is a cross chain liquidity pool that allows you to swap assets across chains. You can now swap Maha from ETH to BSC in one transaction without using a bridge! You can also do this from MATIC to BSC! AnySwap - Cross Chain Protocol

  • Currently, Arth is NOT able to be swapped on Anyswap. However, there are plans to add liquidity for Arth in the future.

  • Arth loans will be launching in the upcoming weeks on BSC!

  • MahaChain is the first blockchain with built-in incentives for developers! When devs build on MahaChain they will be rewarded in Arth for people using their platform.

  • MahaChain will be compatible with MetaMask.

  • All transaction fees (gas) will be in Arth. Using Arth as the primary means of transaction makes knowing the fess more predictable because Arth is stable.

  • The Arth wallet beta is launching next week! Furthermore, next week, we will allow community members to utilize the wallet! You will be able to send and receive Maha/Arth! Please let us know if there are any bugs or UI changes we can make!

  • The Arth Wallet will also be used to host Petro the official cryptocurrency of Venezuela!

  • MahaChain Testnet and Whitepaper will be released at the beginning of February!

  • MahaStaking is a fusion of Alpha Finance and Curve Finance. Due to this complexity, there has been some slight issues with the calculation of APR rates and distribution. However, the team knows what the problem is and will have it fixed late next week. Stakers will be airdropped Maha by the end of February to compensate them for these issues!

  • Please consider staking Maha! Staking Maha allows you to earn rewards such as Maha, Arth, USDC, Scallop and Forward! If you stake at least 300 Maha for 4 years, you will also be eligible for a guaranteed allocation for IBOs on MahaStarter!

  • Scallop will also be implementing Arth credit cards! This will help with the continued integration of Arth into different ecosystems!

  • The smart contract for debt pool payout is currently being audited and will be completed in a couple of weeks. As soon as that is complete, debt pool pay outs will begin!

  • MahaDAO has a trading desk and investment arm that helps earn revenue. Thus, there is enough funds in place to help Maha continue to grow and sustain itself through a down market.

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