Community Catchup AMA - March 2022 (Full Transcription)

Venue: Youtube Community Catchup March 2022

Date: 7th March 2022

Time: 4pm UTC

Hey guys. Welcome. Welcome to this AMA, I believe this is the fourth AMA that we are having since we started these AMAs. My name is Steven, I am the creator of MahaDAO, and am very excited to get this started.

Guys! We have a lot of stuff packed in today’s AMA. The number of innovations we have in this AMA is insane. So I am looking forward to showing you guys everything that we have in store and of course taking in your questions as well.

Before we jump straight into it, I want to ensure that we reward, all the awesome viewers and community members that have been supportive of us so far. So we are going to airdrop Maha tokens to all the viewers that are participating with us in this AMA, at the end of the video, if you are still with us, we will be passing out a form where we will give you guys Maha rewards for participating in this AMA. So with that let’s get started.

There is a lot of stuff to unravel, and I think if you were to count the number of innovations over the last one month that the Maha team have focused on, we have at least four to five different innovations that we are going to talk about in this AMA. I am going to show you guys one by one as fast as I can and leave time for questions from the community.

Focus - Growing the TVL

As a community, I believe the most important thing is value. I am talking about TVL. The most important aim of the community currently is to grow the TVL to 10 million then 50 million up on till 1 billion. We are standing at the 3.9 million mark today however all efforts are targeted towards growing this. I will show you our defilama page here which tracks the TVL.

ARTH. Clean & Bold

Next, we want to show you something amazing, this is the brand-new logo for ARTH. It is sleek, clean, bold and fascinating. This is a pivot from our previous logo. The reason for that is we wanted something cleaner and sleeker and looks younger. We have been working on this for at least a month or so with our awesome designers.

ARTH has a new UI

Moving on, we want to show you guys also our new user interface now, the ARTH protocol or ARTH platform which has been launched for about two weeks to three weeks now. During that period, there were a lot of improvements, a lot of feedback and communication from the community members who have used our product and given suggestions on things that can be improved. I strongly believe that when building a product, it is never finished, as it will always continuously be improved because there is no end to creating a better interface. We are happy to share with you guys the new and improved user interface for ARTH.

This right here is the current interface for ARTH. As you can see, you can view loans, stability pools, redeem, farming, all that sort of stuff. It also embodies the new logo and comes with a lot of documentation, links and tutorials. For example, if you go to the farming tab, you will see links to documentation, YouTube video summarizing how farming works and more tool tips to make things clearer for users and hyperlinks in case users want to trade or view the analytics from one spot. The flow for the user is clearer and there is more information given to the end user. From the previous it was not very simple, and a lot of people got confused with this interface.

The new interface is great, but that’s not really the most exciting today. In this AMA, we have a couple of exciting things like flash loans, leverage, leverage farming and tokenization and new target price.

Flash Loans & ARTH

Next thing is flash loans, guys this is something we are very excited. I think it’s one of the important pieces to bring to the community when we are introducing leverage. If you look at leverage, the crypto market relies very heavily on it. Leverage and lending are one of the most sought-after sectors in the crypto space. For us to get into leverage and lending, it means that we also jump into the game where we start dealing with whales, high volume, high liquidity, and so on. And I believe this is where the demand for ARTH is mainly going to come from, at least for the next one year.

Our flash loans are unlike the flash loans in the crypto space where there is always a commission charged for using the flash loan, the MahaDAO flash loan is with 0% fees, which means you can basically mint an unlimited amount of ARTH coin/tokens as a flash loan, as long as you’re paying it back in the same transaction. It is the first 0% flash loan in the crypto market space.

Over here, guys, as you can see, this is a transaction test for an actual live transaction on the BSC chain where a user is taking a loan for around 100 ATRTH coins. He is minting a 100 ARTH coins and at the same time, he’s burning 100 ARTH coins in the same transaction. I am going to share why this is very important soon.

Leverage & ARTH

I am excited to share with you guys the main bit guys, which is leverage. I think this is one of the more innovative bits that the team has been working on at least for the last two months. Although keep in mind that leverage is still a very early product and still needs some time before we go sort full alpha net, but I would love to share with you the timeline of what we are looking at right.

The timeline starts a week from today. We are going to have a closed test nets within the MahaDAO patrons, the MahaDAO community members, and the followers of MahaDAO to allow the community to give feedback on the protocol itself as we need to make sure that the bugs and everything else are cleaned out. The second week is going to be the alpha main net, which means we launch the protocol publicly, but we keep restrictions on how much leverage, there is for a person to take and how big the trades can be. The third week after that, we will remove all the restrictions from the protocol. That is the timeline we are looking at.

I am going to jump straight to show you guys the leverage section that we have. However, it is important to note that this site is not yet live. This is just testing. Don’t use this protocol unless until it is fully tested.

I also want to raise up security risks and documentation are things we take very seriously. In my early days, I used to be a computer hacker and mess around computers to get into systems where I was not allowed to, So I know that security is very important for us all. If you go to our documentation here, you will see a section that documents all the various risks that you should be aware of- risks of liquidations, bugs in the smart contract, risks of redemption or Oracle risks, bridge, bridge attacks and so on that you should be aware of before you jump into it. Make sure that you are reading the documentation carefully before you jump into things.

Leverage strategies is going to be a new section onto the site where, users will come in and be able to take leverage positions on various cryptocurrency collaterals from the platform itself. I think this is very exciting because the use case for ARTH is clearly defined as a lending token or as a lending protocol. This is a very important step for us to drive the demand for ARTH besides just farming. So, in this particular demo, what you see here is the wrapped Matic leverage where essentially a person can come in and leverage themselves on the Matic token.

let’s start with single tokens, which is just Matic tokens before we look into others.

The first step is people come in here to take leverage, there is a onetime fee charged when you open the position (this is what makes the position cheap because there is no annual fee you pay or margin fee you pay for maintaining this position). You then get a disclaimer and a little popup that tells you that you need to create a leverage account. The leverage account guys is sort of like an account, which is owned by you and managed in your position (everything is decentralized and secure).

You get an account that is assigned to you, please make sure you understood all the risks and you’ve read the documentation on how leverage works, do not invest more than what you’re willing to lose, and you acknowledge that you will take responsibility for any losses.

Okay. If you select fine and get started, the next bit has 3 easy steps all in one page (i.e. supply collateral, choose Leverage, and confirm). In this sample, am taking leverage against WMATIC. So the collateral I would supply is WMATIC. I would supply 200 WMATIC though I have 255 tokens.

After, the next slider shows you how much leverage you can take using a built-in calculator. Now, more documentation on what slippage is and how these buttons and UI interfaces work, will be created in the coming week. That’s why our alpha net launch is a week after, because one week for testing with the community and documentation and videos on how to use this platform. As you can see here, you can choose how much leverage you want. So I’m supplying 200 and I’m going to borrow 200. So my leverage is effectively 2X, right. So a little nice slider that lets you figure out how much you want to work upon. And then you click on borrow where the next section is just a confirmation page. It shows all the details on collateral ratio, total leverage, principal, borrowed collateral.

The next step is actually the leverage actually being open. There’re quite a few interesting things to note when looking at the transaction. You have flash loan being taken, the token being swapped for Matic and ARTH, and essentially in the end the user is getting a leverage exposure on the asset.

Going back to the leverage screen, you will see that you have opened the position. You will see it over here where you could close your exposure as well. The recommendation is to not close the position immediately to enjoy the upside which is WMATIC in this case.

Let me share another position where we closed the loan as well.

Here, for example, I opened a loan with 175 Matic and my exposure became 420 Matic which looks like 3X leverage position on Matic and essentially over here I am closing my loan and getting my actual collateral plus profits back. So this is an example of how the close functionality works as well.

So, um, moving back this is the timeline starting from a closed test net for one week then alpha net for another week before the main net 3 weeks from now. By then we would have a sturdy and usable product.

Tokenization and ARTH

The next bit is also another innovation that we are bringing into the protocol and I wanted to share with you because I think it’s so beautiful in the way it works and we are calling it tokenization right now. Tokenization essentially is us creating different kinds of tokens, that are based on ARTH or that are based on staking pools. What is the meaning of that? Let me show you a typical quick swap staking pool, right? So over here we have quick swap, right? We go to LP mining section, were you have all these different yield farms that you can stake your tokens and, and own rewards against. For example, I want to stake my USDT stable coin in the staking pool. It is giving me an APR of 4% (i.e. fees and rewards). What we have done here is that we figured out a way in using this staking pool as collateral for our ARTH stable coin. How do you do that?


The process of tokenization begins from the new ARTH website, in the tokenized section you will find various staking pools listed over here. For demonstration, we have shown how it looks like with USDT/USDC pair on, quick swap. This tokenizes the staking pool of quick swap, and you can come with the LP tokens and enter an amount and hit deposit. The moment you hit deposit, the LP tokens are then staked onto quick swap i.e after depositing tour Quick swap LP tokens on the ARTH platform, you will get the staked variation of them.

Yeah. So this is a very nice way for me make a staking pool like this fungible. And I think that’s amazing because now the real magic happens. We can then take the quick swap LP tokens over here and then use them in one of the leverage pools. Effectively, we are then able to leverage ourselves on these yield farms. And I think that’s an exciting bit of innovation, that we have sort of worked on. We will be sharing with you guys a demo, a Testnet, by the coming week. So you guys will be able to actually test the entire flow. And I’m excited to see how this fares out.

I believe a lot of demand will come from the fact that we are able to tokenize uh, a stable coin LP farm, use it for collateral for our stable coin ARTH and then effectively allow people to leverage themselves in some cases up to 20 times. Let me show you also the new landing page that we are launching alongside with the, the leverage and the Testnet. As you can see when you land on the ARTH website, the first pic is the 20X leverage on yield farms.


The way it works is that people come in, and stake their LP tokens, tokenize them and those tokens are then used to mint ARTH. The ARTH is then used to leverage themselves over and over and over again. Let me show you a couple of things that we are have on the landing page as well. We have a countdown for the Alpha Testnet launch in days, sliding down the page you can see the documentation on ARTH “never lose buying power of your money”. Next you have a nice computation and slider of how ARTH appreciates over time for one cup of coffee as compared with the Fiat currency. Today it cost you 5$ but overtime it would cost you less if you use the ARTH token as your currency as opposed to fiat currency which loses value overtime. This is sort of like how this landing page works.

Converting ARTH into a stable coin

This is the 3rd innovation of the day, we are calling it ARTH.USD token. If you recall, the ARTH token is not pegged to the dollar but to use most application, you need a stable coin. Our dilemma was converting a token not egged to the dollar to a token that is pegged to a dollar. That’s were the ARTH.USD solution comes in. It is a positive rebate token that allows you to value your tokens at $1. So how it works is really cool. Let me show you how this works. The first step is to visit here on tokenize.

You will see the section where you can sort the different pools or assets you can convert your tokens into. For example, after selecting the pool, you click on deposit and you should have a screen that talks about how much ARTH you would like to supply. For the sake of this example I would deposit 1 ARTH, what this transaction is gonna do is convert my ARTH, which right now is valued at $2 into a $1 token.

How cool is that? I think that’s amazing that we can convert our ARTH into a $1 stable coin token. Now let’s just wait for this transaction to confirm. Oh, and there we go. I have successfully converted the my 1 ARTH into ARTH.USD worth $2.

Integration with Curve Finance

We are integrating with curve finance, and that is amazing because that allows for very high liquidity trading for ARTH. You can effectively trade ARTH with lesser liquidity than quick swap, and convert them to USDT, USDC or DAI at very minimal slippage. So I think this is exciting because, you know, We have been able to partner with Curve finance, partner with Ellipses and all the other stable coin walls and stable coin Dexes, to make ARTH incredibly efficient.

Important to note as well that the LP tokens, for example the quick swap LP farm is earning yield or rewards from the form of quick swap protocol. And this applies for not just quick swap, it would include PancakeSwap, Curve, SushiSwap and many other farms that we would add there. There are commission on the rewards, when people withdraw their tokens, these commissions that are charged go specifically to two groups of people, one is the Maha token holder and the other is the debt pool holders. The proper documentation will be shared with the community very soon.

Algorithmic Target price for ARTH

This is something we have been working on with a bunch of economists to make ARTH so innovative that it sets a precedence on value bearing asset. The old version of ARTH was basically that ARTH was to be pegged to a basket of assets, which is 80% fiat 15% gold and 5% Bitcoin.

But the issue is that it’s difficult to define the global standard. it’s not a global standard unless every person or most people agree that this composition or this basket represents fairly what is a global standard. So essentially a few of the economists that have been working with us have come up with the idea that if ARTH appreciates no matter to what, people will not have an issue with the target price of art, as long as the there’s an appreciation of its value,

The issue arises when ARTH value falls in value. This can happen through this example of gold and Bitcoin today. Today, Bitcoin is at the same price as it was last year. This really questions, the effectiveness of the basket and the effectiveness of trying to be something that protects you against inflation. So our economists have been working on a new model, which I think is, is really innovative. Let me share with you guys the first algorithmic target price for ARTH, and the real reason why I say it’s algorithmic is because it’s essentially going to target peg ARTH to the basket of assets, but it’ll only appreciate the asset, the target price of ARTH when we are in a bull market.

So here, for example, what you see here in this simulation on the right hand side, the orange line is the target price of ARTH and the blue line is the net value of all the collateral combined behind ARTH. So let’s assume ARTH was backed by a hundred percent Bitcoin. So this year Bitcoin chart has goes up and down, right. What you will see in a bull market is ARTH appreciates. If let’s say Bitcoin appreciates by a hundred percent, ARTH would appreciate by a fraction of that, maybe 10%. Essentially it appreciates in a bull market, but in a bear market, it suddenly becomes stable. Yeah. So, uh, in a bear market, as you see over here, it stops appreciating it becomes stable. So essentially, in a bull market, holders who are using ARTH are sort of like paying insurance for the appreciation of ARTH so that when the market becomes bearish, their value is protected by the appreciation they paid over here.

So, the first coin that appreciates in bull, but remains stable in bear. I think that is a fascinating and a much more evolved target prize for ARTH. Now, where we are is that we are currently in research hase of this target price. We will be releasing a white paper with various economists to sort of document in detail and prove that this is a better peg than all the other pegs out there. And I think the golive for this is when we hit the hundred million TVL, because at hundred million TL, that’s when the protocol is big enough to make these sorts of changes. So I’m excited to have ARTH be the first coin that appreciates in bull but remain stable in bear market.

So yeah, this is the last innovative bit that we wanted to sort showcase.

We will share links for people who want to join the DAO, right. Yeah join the Patrons. It is my objective to make sure that the contributors, no matter how big or small they are, are rewarded in Maha for their contribution. I realized one thing is that if we must make something that really changes the world, it cannot be a one man show, you know, it cannot be just one fantastic brain rather a team that does things that change the world.

I strongly believe that if we have to change the world, then we have to do it collectively as, individuals, as people that can help contribute to the growth and success of the DAO, which is why there’s a strong importance in people in this community, in this protocol/project. So, please join us, contribute in whatever small way you can.


So guys, thank you for your questions and comments on the YouTube chat. I am going through them all right now. And, we’re gonna take them one step at a time, Uh, oh man. There are so many comments. Okay. All right, guys. Let’s, let’s get started.

Q1. Any timeline for the first a 100 Million TVL? – Jitesh Parmar

Steven: Basically the objective is that the TVL will increase in three ways. One is farming and the other is through integrations and partnerships and the third is leverage. If you look right now, we are attracting people into our stable coin farm and this will grow the TVL up to a certain extent. I imagine at least we should see you know a TVL growth. Right now we are at 4 million and should increase at least two or 3 million more by the farming.

And of course, it has a lot to do with the price of Maha. So if Maha doubles in price, which is very much possible, The APR for the yield farming will increases from 70% to one 140%, right. So essentially the higher, the APR, the more the people that listen into the protocol and start increasing and adding liquidity, (I don’t know who these people are, who are adding liquidity, but those of you who are adding, we are very grateful, and thankful and I hope that you are enjoying the juicy rewards in Maha that you’re getting) because Maha has the potential to 2X, 3X very easily in terms of price. So, so thank you so much for your contribution in the TVL in that regard.

Um, we are also working on partnerships. We have partnerships with a couple of dexs in binance smart chain right now. I think post the alpha-net, we would be going live with those partnerships. That’s gonna be one of the second strategy sort of moving forward. And the third strategy is, of course, we are in touch with influencers and we’ll be getting them to talk about, you know, the leverage farms and so on. And these are defi influencers, influencers that are speaking about yield farming and leverage, and want to cover interesting stuff.

Q2. Is Maha also going to get a Face lift? – Jitesh Parmar

Steven: No, I think Maha, Maha logo is fantastic. It’s a work of art, right. I think this logo sort of embodies monumental enormity, right and greater than life. When you look at logo, it sort of feels like it’s expanding out, so Maha logo is not gonna change. It’s a work of art. The ARTH logo had to be changed. But no more changes beyond that.

Q3. When can we expect more chain? Are there any particular difference from other chains? - Rahul Kuhad Jain

Steven: Okay, the initial plan for MahaChain was set to launch sometime in Q1 of this year, but there are two things that, we want to do before we launch Maha chain.

One is we want to build an innovative feature that directly integrates into the chain itself, which incentivizes every user that uses the chain with Maha tokens. So we want this little feature to be added into the chain natively at every transaction. The reason why is because this sort of makes a clear differentiating factor between MahaChain and other blockchains out there, especially tera. That being the fact that there is an economic incentive for participating in the Maha chain. The second bit is we want the community to grow a bit more. Which means that once ARTH and Maha hit milestones of let’s say a 100 Million TVL and market cap, and the community numbers grow to at least 50,000 or 20 TO 50,000 holders. Once the community grows, that’s when it makes sense to launch something like MahaChain because I don’t want us to do something that is halfbaked, I don’t want us to waste an opportunity in doing something big and making a change by doing it very quickly, right. I believe that MahaChain can become so big, disruptive and monumental for Maha that we should not waste the opportunity by launching very poorly.

Q4. Is there any KYC requirement for leverage? - Rahul Kuhad Jain

Steven: N o KYC, it is totally decentralized.

Q5. Can one use leverage on loaned funds? – Salman Abbah

Steven: There is a very tight integration of the loan and leverage. It is one and the same. So essentially the way the leverage system works is that you take a loan, you mint ARTH, you sell the ARTH for more collateral, and you do it repeatedly. So, that’s how it works.

Q6. You have got a CR of 160% for around 2- 3X leverage. Will it not risk being liquidated/redeemed.Farhad Dawood

Steven: So, Farhad’s question comes to the point where you have a CR of 160% for 2 to 3X on the leverage.

This does put a person at risk of being liquidated. But the minimum parameters we are going to be setting for leverage is that the minimum collateral ratio will be 105%. Which means instead of, checking the minimum collateral ratio always, we’ve kept it so low such that it’s not a risk to the platform, but at the same time it lets you move freely as well. So the minimum collateral ratio to maintain a leverage positions is 105%. The answer to your questions is that we would reduce the CR from what is currently on the test net to a % that allows more movement.

Q7. What is tokenization in simple words? – Salman Abbah

Steven: The word tokenization in simple words is basically making a staking pool fungible. Today, if you go to a staking pool, like pancake swap and move over to the farming pool and pick the USDT-BUSD farm which is a stable coin farm. This stable coin farm is earning cake rewards, at an APR of roughly 3.8%. Now if I deposit my LP tokens in this farm, I am not getting any kind of token back that represents my share in the LP farm.

Tokenization is basically solving that; you can use the LP tokens in other places. Documentation, videos and tutorials will be made available in the next one week. So, it’s not too long before, you can get a clear idea of things.

Q8. Are these rewards blockchain specific?Jitesh Parmar

Steven: Yes. In quickswap, you are earning quick on polygon. In Pancake Swap you are earning Cake on BSC, also ellipses tokens and so on. So, uh, yeah, they are blockchain specific.

Q9. Have you traveled to Venezuela yet? – Gordon Andrew

Steven: Okay. So thank, great context gorden. Um, so basically guys, our ARTH wallet, which is the wallet we are working on for especially the country and people of Venezuela is very much in its final stages. And we are speaking to officials to get this approved. One of the things that I wanted to do was actually travel to Venezuela and see the situation there because I want to understand the country, I want to speak to the people, I want to open a bank account, I want to see what it is to live and breathe in Venezuela where you know, the inflation is so high that people can’t depend on their own currency. The issue now is that I, I have not been able to travel because of visa rated issues, but I’m hoping to get that resolved over the next couple of months. So the moment I get this sorted then you know, we are right away there, but, there’s one thing to note that a lot of the people in Venezuela are hearing what Maha is doing. They are hearing the innovation, the ambition to change the world, to change the inflation crisis in Venezuela and there’s a lot more influence in getting us there than I think a month ago.

Q10 . What marketing to get to a hundred million? - Gordon Andrew

Steven: So there are influencers, uh, that we will be tackling to get to 10 million and the influencers that we’ll be tackling to get from 10 million to 25, uh, once you cross 50 million, I think a 100 million is nothing. At the same time, we are working on partnerships with curve, with ellipses. So working with these partners, collaborating, you know, getting more into defi is the way forward.

Q11. Imagine we are in 2032, how do you see MahaDAO? and which goals we achieved?Matin Bahreini

Steven: This has to be a people driven project. It cannot be a one man show. If we thrive to make this so big, then this has to be a people driven project with people behind the scenes owning fully of it, which is why I made it a point to get rid of the VCs that were initially invested into MahaDAO, because I want this to be a project without the crypto VCs. I mean, not that VCs are bad, but there are some crypto VCs that are just greedy, you know, in my opinion, right. They will not care about the project besides their own pocket, right. So by 2032, We want this to still be giving value to the people, to the stakers, to the holders, so much that the activity they generate is what is driving the project.

Q12. which marketing measures are you planning to introduce? – Etlam94

We are going to focus on defi influencers, partnerships with dexes and focus on briving token holders to work for LP farms. So a huge focus on farming, a huge focus on defi influencers, and a focus on partnerships because that’s where we get more traffic and more utility for the protocol.

Q13. The new algorithm pricing looks complicated, as in how will the protocol know if it is a bull or a bear? Farhad Dawood

Steven: It’s very simple. The protocol uses moving averages to understand whether it’s a bull or bear and uses that to sort of understand if you are an up-trend or down-trend, if you’re an up-trend, it’s a bull market. If you’re in downtrend, it’s a bear market.

Q14. What are your first plans for DApps on MahaChain?

Steven: Hi, first, I recognize your name and, its so great to have you in this AMA speaking to us and communicating with us on the YouTube. Secondly, to answer your question, our first step is to grow this to such an extent that when MahaChain is launched there are waves and noise in the crypto sphere that, this has been launched.

Then of course there’s the regular hackathons and grants that you do to sort of incentivize the developers, to build on the MahaChain.

Q15. Any plans to introduce any insurance related services or feature in the near future?

Steven: Yes. Security is paramount. In fact, I have staked in most of my capital as well in the protocol. So a risk to the protocol is also an direct risk to us as well. So yes, we have partnered with insurance projects, but they have not gone live .

I think the focus moving forward is to get those guys back on board. So, that’s what we want to do moving forward.

Q16. Is it possible to accept high liquidity tokens as collateral? like cake Shiba, et cetera. I believe this will involve new people’s into the protocol and will grow TVL a lot. – Marian Munteanu

Marion. You have just read, like, I think point number one of the marketing strategy, was to accept new people into the protocol by accepting their token as collateral.

Q17. The rewards in staking have come down significantly, however the stakers have not increased in the same proportion – Jitesh Parmar

Steven: The maha staking rewards is determined by two things. One is the tokens that are locked and the other is the price of the various tokens. Now, if you recall, a lot of the APR came from scallop, right, which was massively. Right now, the scallop team are making really good progress. Like I think I have the bank installed in my Android phone over here. So scallop was one of the main factors for driving the high APR, which is with the price factored into. T he other point is that we would have forward and when forward launches, then the APR starts to increase as well.

Q18. The target market cap for ARTH is a 100 Million, what is the target market Cap for Maha? – Shafiq Razali

Steven: At least 30 million. I mean, if you’re a 100 million for ARTH, then Maha has to be at least 30 mil, which is, you know 3X to 5x from where we are today. So, uh, I would imagine that, but at the same time, once we hit a 100 million TVL, we are going to start tickling some of the tier one exchanges. I can’t name which ones, but we are in touch with most of them. Once you get a listing on the tier one exchanges, it’s a simple demand scarcity problem because of the high demand for Maha. So the price should reflect accordingly.

Q19. Will the commission from the tokenization and leverage go to the Maha stakers or drop directly to the wallet? – Vincent Thie

Yes,n they will go to the Maha stakers on the platform. The more Maha token you stake and the longer you stake, the more rewards you earn.

Q20. Is it possible to stake my Maha right now for four years? I’ll definitely do it – Dilon P

Steven - Welcome to the family, it’s a journey that I hope you will not regret at the same time. The yields are quite good. A lot of the people that stake Maha for four years have actually made quite a bit of their principle back in the rewards itself. So welcome to the adventure. I hope you find it as entertaining as some of the other crypto projects out there. And at the same time, uh, you know, I would like to thank the community for showing the support throughout this year. I think we are more than a year old, and we are now starting to show results, and I’m excited to be showing these results even during a bear market. You know, I think it just goes to show that in a bull market, which I think is not that far, maybe by September, we should see things starting to pick up.

That’s it guys, thank you so much for your time. I want to use this opportunity to thank you so much for joining with us in this journey. It’s been a real pleasure.

Thank you so much.

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