Community AMA December 28th 2021 (Brief Notes)

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Here is a brief list of key topics that were discussed during the December 28, 2021 AMA. Furthermore, there is also a recording of the AMA if you would like to watch it. As always, if have any questions regarding the topics that were discussed during the AMA, please feel free to contact me!

Key Discussion Points

  • MahaChain is launching and it is the first DAO Powered Blockchain! This is the first blockchain with a built in central bank! Introducing MahaChain, the DAO-powered blockchain
  • MahaChain is and Ethereal Virtual Machine (EVM) that uses proof of stake and is set to launch in Q1 2022!
  • MahaChain will focus in countries with high inflation such as Venezuela, Turkey and other countries.
  • Arth will be the primary coin used in all transactions on MahaChain. This ensures that transaction fees remain low and stable over time.
  • There will be bridges that allow you to interact with Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Scallop, etc.
  • 2500 Minimum MahaX to run a node and you will receive fees from being a node.
  • Validators will be selected by the people to ensure that the network remains decentralized.
  • The whitepaper for MahaChain will be released in Q1 2022.
  • Private sale investors are fully out of MahaDAO! This means no more dumping of Maha! This is due to MahaDAO’s aggressive buy back of 100,000 MahaDAO tokens.
  • Maha Staking will be completed this week! They APY/R should be around 100%. Early Maha stakers will receive additional rewards for staking Maha early.
  • 20% of Maha has been staked and is out of circulation!
  • FMFW and LBank are two major exchange listings that have occurred this month. The team has more funds for Tier 1 exchange listings, but we are waiting for bigger growth
  • Arth will launch Petro in Venezuela in the upcoming months!
  • If you have Arth V1 or ArthX, please submit a ticket and your wallet will be uploaded to the debt pool.
  • Quickswap dex will be receiving more liquidity soon. Also, Binance will be receiving liquidity for Maha.
  • Have recently closed a deal with a major exchange listing in India! This exchange will be revealed when the time is right.
  • MahaDAO is a community ran by the people! So, please consider on applying to become a MahaDAO Patron! Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership - #8 by jennyczya

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