Community AMA March 7th 2022 (Brief Notes)

Hey Everyone,

Here is a brief list of key topics that were discussed during the March 7, 2022 AMA. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

3/7/22 AMA (Defi, Yield Farming, Leverage, Product demo & more with MahaDAO - YouTube)

  • The current total value locked (TVL) in MahaDAO is $3.9 million!
  • MahaDAO will be focusing on raising total value locked (TVL) over the next several months to $10 million.
  • Once we hit $100 million TVL, we will seek listing on a tier 1 exchange.
  • You can check Maha’s TVL on MahaDAO: TVL and stats - DefiLlama
  • ARTH has a new logo! New logo was created to be cleaner and to the point.
  • The Arth Loan site has a new interface to make it more streamlined and understandable.
  • Security is very important to MahaDAO. However, there are always risk to using platform. Please read over the potential risk that are involved in using this platform. Risks & Security - ARTH Guidebook
  • If you feel that you have skills to grow MahaDAO, please consider applying to become a MahaDAO Patron! Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership

Flash Loans

  • Leverage and lending is one of the most sought after sectors in DEFI.
  • Being in this space will allow us to attract whales and increase demand for Arth.
  • There is always a charge for using flash loans. However, MahaDAO’s flash loan will charge 0%!
  • This will be the first 0% flash loan in crypto!!!

Leverage/ Leverage Farming

  • Closed testnet for Arth Leverage will begin next week (March 14th) where MahaDAO Patrons and community members can test it and give feed back.
  • During the week of March 20th the alphanet will go live but with limited leverage.
  • During the week of March 27th. The leverage platform will be fully live!
  • Please be mindful that this is a tentative timeline and adjustments can occur to ensure that the platform is bug free before launch.
  • If you would like to see additional cryptos added to the leverage platform, there will be a google doc on the site that you can submit.
  • We are expecting the leverage platform to significantly increase TVL
  • To view a demo of the leverage platform please watch the AMA!

Tokenization of Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens

  • Tokenizing liquidity pool (LP) tokens allows you to use these tokens as collateral to take ARTH loans!
  • Furthermore, you will still be earning yield from providing liquidity while also being able to take an ARTH loan!
  • The community will be able to test this lp leverage platform in the coming weeks!
  • You will be able to take leverage up to 20x!

Arth.USD Token

  • Arth is not pegged to the dollar. So, you will be able to take your Arth and deposit it to receive Arth.USD.
  • Arth.USD will be used to integrate into Curve finance and other stable coin DEXs!
  • 10-15% of the rewards will be given back to the Maha token holders and used to pay off the debt pool!
  • MahaDAO holders will be earning cake, curve, quick, and other DEX farm rewards through this!

Algorithmic Target Price of Arth

  • Old version of Arth was pegged to a basket of assets such as gold, BTC, and fiat. However, the issue was actually defining what a global standard should be. Seeing there was no consensus.
  • People do not mind having ARTH appreciate in value, they care about it falling below the peg.
  • The adjustment to Arth will enable it to appreciate in a bull market and remain stable in a bear market!
  • We are currently in the research phase of this new peg and will be releasing the Whitepaper about this new ARTH in the coming months.
  • Furthermore, this version will be released when the TVL grows to a substantial amount.


  • Initial plan for the chain was to launch in Q1 2022, but has been postponed to launch in Q3 2022.
  • The MahaDAO team is working with Tendermint. This is the company that helped build Cosmos and Terra Luna blockchain.
  • We are seeking to build an innovative feature in the chain that incentivizes people to use the chain by rewarding them with Maha tokens. This will differentiate it from other existing layer 1s.
  • We have decided to push the launch of MahaChain because we want to launch the chain properly and grow the community more. If we launch it now, it would not be that successful and we don’t want to waste this opportunity.


  • We have partnerships with DEFI influencers.
  • We believe that these partnerships will help significantly with increasing TVL.
  • We will focus on pushing these partnerships after the leverage platform is fully live.


  • The airdrop to early Maha stakers has been sent out.
  • Rewards to compensate people for staking issues will occur soon.
  • We have just hired a team to solely focus on handling support tickets.
  • We topped off the debt pool with 5k Maha last week.
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