Community AMA July 12th 2022 (Brief Notes)

7/12/22 MahaDAO YouTube AMA (MahaDAO Product Update & AMA - 12th July 2022 - YouTube)

Community Update

• Maha is nothing without the people.
• MahaDAO is live on Meetup! We have plans to conduct meet ups with people all around the world!
• Maha 4 year stakers get a free t-shirt! If you’ve staked your Maha for 4 years, send us a message in telegram or discord and we will get you a t-shirt!
• Our discord has been completely updated! Please come and hang out there. If you staked Maha, you will have access to exclusive channels.

Roadmap & Vision

• We want to creat a decentralized economy.
• We are outlining our vision for the next 10 years! We are creating something larger than life!
• Phase 1 The Clan: We are just getting started and this phase focuses on the successful launch of the updated version of $ARRTH and Maha governance. 1-2 months
• Phase 2 The Kingdom: We launch the farming and lending protocol to grow $ARTH. 2 -6 months
• Phase 3 The Kingdom: Participation in the curve wars and other governance to boost liquidity. 6-12 months.
• Phase 4 The Sovereign: We launch MahaChain and start to grow decentralized economy. 1-2 years.
• Phase 5: The Planet: We have a strong economy within crypto; now we move outside of crypto by providing people with access to banking and debit/credit cards. 5-10 years
• Phase 6 The Universe: We have conquered the planet and there is no telling where we can go! No timeline!

Venezuela Updates

• There is a lot of work being done on the ground in Venezuela to fight inflation!
• There is a physical company for MahaDAO office in Venezuela!
• We will soon accept Bolivars inside the ARTH wallet!
• We’ve hired a team of specialist UI and UX designers to continue improving the ARTH wallet so the Venezuelan people are excite to use it!
• The first physical meet up will be conducted in Venezuela!
• The Venezuelan team is constantly reaching out to merchants to help expand the adoption of ARTH.

Governance Portal

• This will be a massive update for Maha holders by providing them with additional utility!
• The first is the creation of NFTs! If you have at least 100 Maha, you can get an NFT!
• You can stake your NFT in order to earn in Maha, ARTH and ETH.
• You will also be able to participate in governance! You will be able to create governance proposals.
• The team will handing over rights to the community to make adjustments to the protocol.
• Maha is integrating with Messari and Tally!
• We are migrating to the ETH chain for better security.
• All users on polygon will get airdropped rewards and compensated for ETH gas frees for bridging.

Lending Protocol

• This is a simple way to invest your ARTH and earn a passive yield!
• This will be the first lending protocol that allows you to use LP tokens as collateral.
• ARTH will have the cheapest borrowing rates than any other lending protocol.
• The protocol is secured by Maha holders!
• This is a great way to advertise ARTH to the average person.
• This is set to launch Phase 2 of the roadmap.

NFT Updates

• NFTs are one of the most innovative marketing tools on the market!
• Once the lending protocol is live, we are going to launch the NFT.
• We are focused on utility first. We want to have voting, staking, rewards live before we launch the artwork.
• Having utility first will allow us to bring more excitement to the community.
• To mint and NFT, you will need at least 100 Maha.
• We are taking 100K Maha and use it to creat 1000 NFTs! These NFTs will be given to the community!!!
• The more Maha you lock, the rarer the NFT becomes!


• We were the top gainer on KuCoin yesterday!
• The Maha supply on exchanges is starting to decrease! It has decreased from 30% to 23%.
• Out goal is to have this down to 8%
• We have brought back $80k Maha from KuCoin and moved it to the treasury!
• We have enough funds for up to 2 years! This does NOT require us to sell any Maha Tokens.
• We will be able to survive and even grow during this bear market!
• Just relax and enjoy while the team is continuing to work!
• There are no more private sale investors!

Important Updates

• Working on a debt pool UI that will be completed soon.
• Polygon Maha stakers will be airdropped rewards before ETH migration.
• Maha has expanded the team by hiring a content writer, brand managers, and business dev operators. We are one of the projects that have expanded the team in a bear market.
• Forward IBO participants will be dropped some MAHA before the NFT launch!
• It is not looking optimistic for UMB. However, we still follow up with them every week and we have ways of generating revenue our various platforms to compensate people.