Mass liquidity migration from uniswap to mahaswap

Currently there are a lot of small liquidity providers not willing to migrate to the new maha LP. This is because of the high transaction fees. What I propose is that the team organises a mass migration.

I’v experience this during the sushi swap/uniswap liquidity transfer. They managed to transfer all the staked liquidity on uniswap to sushiswap in one transfer without lp providers doing it individually. The announced that people that leave the liquidity in the pool after a certain date will automatically be transferred to the sushiswap pool. People that did not want to migrate could take the provided liquidity back form the uniswap pool before the announced date.

I think this has 2 big benefits 1) LP providers don’t have to pay all those transaction fees. 2) All the Liquidity would be on MAHA swap, this will help getting the arth price above 1 dollar quicker.

I see a win-win situation.


Nice idea mate :smiley: Will upvote it.

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Very nice, great idea :+1: