MIP.C1-0001 Create a ARTH/ETH Uniswap V3 Gauge

I’d like to propose for a ARTH/ETH Uniswap V3 Gauge that will be eligible for MAHA incentives. Currently we have two gauges ARTH/USDC and ARTH/MAHA.

While ARTH/MAHA is great for the ecosystem there needs to be way for external liquidity to enter into the ecosystem. Currently this is via the ARTH/USDC pool.

However a common criticism with USDC is that it is often centralized and can blacklist addresses at will (this includes the liquidity in the ARTH/USDC pool as well).

(see Circle 'blacklists' all Tornado Cash ETH addresses effectively freezing USDC)

The benefit of ARTH/USDC is that the risk of impermanent loss is minimal, hence very attractive for LPs unlike ARTH/ETH. So we would attract whales with low risk appetite farm MAHA in the ARTH/USDC pool. However for the decentralization aspect we’d need a ARTH/ETH farm as well.

Furthermore ETH is a very liquid collateral to use.

Uniswap Info page: Uniswap Info
ARTH/ETH 0.3% Uniswap Gauge: 0xf64AD0bbEa29D54159264d8a077BF0590bA05564
ARTH/ETH 0.3% Uniswap Bribe: 0xCe017c8e3807678AdfDA61613be6114afE95590f

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Makes a lot of sense to add this, will also make it easier to service loans. :+1:


I voted yes, expecially because $arth is backed by $eth.
We already know that sometimes people are redeeming arth against someone else loan… probably a liquid arth/eth pool will make the people to swap arth instead of redeem and this will fix this "problem "


Yes, also a ARTH/ETH pool will make it easier for users looking to leverage long on ETH.


  • Use ETH to mint ARTH
  • Sell ARTH on ARTH/ETH pool
  • Use newly bought ETH to mint more ARTH
  • Sell again for more ETH exposure
  • Rinse and Repeat

Keeping this on hold until the audits for the gauge contracts complete