MIP.C2-0014: Adjusting the Distribution Percentages

Hello Community!

Now that the first epoch of expansion has completed, I would like to share an observation:

MAHA and ARTH holders are dumping their holding for DAI to join the lucrative ARTH/DAI Liquidity Pool

This has been happening more and more over the past few days and is counterproductive. I feel this is occurring due to an imbalance of incentives between the three Distribution options.

AIP-14: I propose a re-balancing of the three distribution pools to the following values:


ARTH only: 25%

MAHA only: 15%

I believe this tweaking of the distribution percentages will alleviate much of the excessive dumping of MAHA and ARTH for DAI, while maintaining excellent returns for our Liquidity Pool. The idea is not to make a huge change to this system, but to introduce a minor tweak that would be beneficial to the MahaDao ecosystem.

Looking forward to your thoughts!


I think we can also use this opportunity to get an ETH-ARTH pool also going out; In a way, i’d suggest still keeping the incentives high for LPs because liquidity is one of the most important things in any protocol. So it’s okay if people are selling for DAI to add liquidity. This is a good thing inf fact.

So would recommend keeping the ARTH & MAHA only pool the same, but possibly add an ETH-ARTH pool instead. So make it like so

  • ARTH/DAI LP - 60%
  • ARTH/ETH LP - 10%
  • ARTH only - 15%
  • MAHA only - 15%

You know best boss. I like the idea of an ARTH/ETH LP, so it should be a nice addition :slight_smile:

So does this go to vote or can the team implement it automatically?

We should put it up for a vote since it’s not an urgent fix :slight_smile: And I think many will be in support of this

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Also I think we should give more to the MAHA token holders temporarily

So keep it around:

  • ARTH/DAI LP - 50%
  • ARTH/ETH LP - 10%
  • ARTH only - 20%
  • MAHA only - 20%

This looks quite balanced to me. Glad Maha got bumped to 20% and we maintained ARTH at 20%.

I dig it.


This looks nice - just curious if the previous AIP 9, 10, 12 will also be in effect for Arth/Eth pairing if this LP will required Mahaswap LP tokens or Uniswap?

I like the ideas being generated around mahaswap. We should take into consideration how the team’s time and efforts are spent.

It is a little too soon to be changing the pool percentages at this point after just launching. Constant changes can be frustrating to people who are already challenged trying to understand the Maha ecosystem. We need to let this ride out and then evaluate once Arth is at $20M mcap. We may find that the changes are not necessary. The people who may be swapping Maha for Arth-Dai LP would really just be existing holders and these actions have a temporary effect. Few extra percent is nice for the community however adoption will have a stronger impact.

We should be allowing the team to concentrate on growing the ecosystem to a broader audience to increase utility and exposure of Arth and Maha. An announcement was made about Fire Protocol and Lendefi; we have yet to actually use our tokens in these protocols and see how it works. The sooner these avenues are accessible for people to use, the more stability we’ll see in price action across the board.


Maha price is starting to show some life from the pending announcements! I think Arth is what needs the most help at the moment…

Really need the ARTH side markets to raise to meet MahaSwap price.

Maha price will continue to drop and there are many reason we don’t need that to happen. Put this to vote ASAP !

THis is a great one, is this proposal up for vote already?

4 pools and the distribution is pretty nice. A cherry on the top of this would be to provide an option to send all the ARTH and/or MAHA at once either to ARTH Pool and/or MAHA pool in one shot from all these pools. For example, currently I have a share in all these pools - if I get ARTH during expansion period in all these pools, currently you got to go to each pools separately claim ARTH and then put it back into ARTH pool staking again. Same holds for MAHA in contraction period. But if can do one of the below:

  1. Auto move the ARTH/MAHA from all the pools to ARTH/MAHA pools without any gas fees (vest amount after the vesting period, if vesting period is implemented), it will be great.
  2. Even if you can do something that provides an option to move all the ARTH/MAHA from different pools into ARTH/MAHA pool in one shot paying gas only once, it will help a lot and also will save a lot of gas.

The above might also help in retaining ARTH and MAHA in the respective pools for a longer period than in today’s case.

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