Small Thread on How to Lock and Stake MAHA using Ledger

Hey Everyone , it seems many are unfamiliar with Lock/Stake-in MAHA Using their Ledger Nano S or X so i have decided to make a step by step guide how to do that.

Before we start i would like to give a head up for everyone looking to buy a hardware from ledger and Properly Configure ur ledger :

  • Buy only from company directly thro their website. do not buy from 3rd party like amazon or ebay

  • If u are not sure what to buy : Ledger Nano S or X , basically the only Advantage X has over S is a large screen size , Bluetooth Option which can be used on Ledger Live in Mobile without a cable ( only in mobile u cant do that on laptop ) , and up to 100 Apps compared to 5 Apps on the S version which means if you only hold ERC20 tokens like MAHA and others and maybe just few bitcoins and some cardano the S version is enough for you – ETH app let you store all ERC20 Tokens and you have 4 extra apps which is plenty for an average investor.

  • One you recieve ur ledger it should come with clean and blank papers to write down the 24 words seed ur about to generate it should also come with default startup which says hello welcome to ledger ones u plug-in using USB cable.

  • Setup ur ledger properly and Setup 8 Pins lock for maximum security : Guide from Official Ledger
    Ledger Nano X — Configure a new device - YouTube for ledger nano X
    Ledger Nano S — Configure a new device - YouTube for ledger nano S

Please Note : You Should never ever expose ur 24 words seed by typing it online or any where else Except in the device itself ( basically that 24 words you use it Only in the device incase for a restore and NO WHERE ELSE )
after u done the setup you are almost ready to configure and install Applications on it.

easy task should’nt take more then 2 min to update ur firmware ( make sure u dont unplug or poweroff the desktop during the update process or else u break it ) after update simply unplug / power off ur ledger.

Congratz ! Now we are Ready.

Step 1 : Application Installation.

  • Plug/Power on your ledger and open Ledger Live on laptop/desktop head to manager a window will appear saying ‘’ allow ledger manager on your device ‘’ simply click on both buttom and done

  • Install Ethereum App ( ETH ) wait few secs and done , you should see ETH icon in the ledger screen double click both buttom and Enable ‘‘blind signing’’ , Note : for each app update or any firmware update the blind signing switch to disabled which mean do not forget to re enable it after updates or else when u make tx’s they will fail.

Step 2 : Generating Wallet - Public Address

  • On Ledger Live head to ‘‘Accounts’’ Click on ‘+’ Add Account and ur ledger will generate ur public address key verify & confirm with your ledger device display the address should match the one displaying in the ledger live on desktop/laptop ones done click on Confirm and simply now you have ur public key ready to recieve ETH and any ERC20 tokens to it. Note : you can generate multiple public keys fine which is useful for having multiple wallets using one ledger - basically one seed 24 words control all the wallets generated from it.

  • Now that you do have the public key simply any ERC20 token sent to that address you can control , view and manage with ur ledger in ‘‘Account’’ Tab , now if you hold MAHA in exchange like Kucoin simply withdraw using ERC20 to that public key generated from ur ledger. in case u do have MAHA in metamask ‘’ ETH-Chain’’ simply either transfer that MAHA to ur public key generated from ur ledger or bridge ur maha from eth to polygon and then transfer to ledger since polygon and ETH use the same ERC20 address u also save few dollars of fee’s , and if u do have MAHA in metamask ‘’ Polygon-Chain ‘’ simply transfer that MAHA to ur public generated from ur ledger , Note : to manage ur tokens on polygon network simply install polygon app just like we did with ETH on step 1 and add polygon account just like we did in step 1 too and u see ur MAHA tokens after u done. ‘’ Notice How the polygon version is just the same like ETH version and when u add account in polygon it does generate the same 0x… wallet this is because polygon is on top of ETH and basically they use same ERC20 address just like ETH it the network which is different thats all , which mean if u do have tokens in polygon chain in ur metamask simply transfer it to ur public address generated from ETH 0x…

Another Note : u could simply ignore to install Polygon app and no need to add account for it in ‘‘Accounts’’ it is not necessary : basically u only do that if u want to manage , view and send MAHA using ledger live and not from the browser which most people do.

Step 3 : Linking Ledger with Metamask

  • Open your browser ( Mozilla Firefox is highely recommended for optimal performance when using Ledger Hardware wallets ) connect ur metamask which should have 0 funds since you did transfer everything from it to the ledger – if u dont have wallet simply create new wallet and u dont even need to remember ur 12 words since the funds are stored in the ledger and metamask is just a gateway to view and manage ur funds

  • After u connect simply click on that big circle icon on the top right next to ‘’ Ethereum Mainnet for exemple ‘’ click on connect your hardware wallet a window will keep flashing wait 10-15 sec until u you see alot of public keys appear simply look for the one u generated back in step 1 and select it and click on unlock and done now u have imported that public address of yours and ready to view and manage ur tokens , Note : if u dont see ur tokens simply add their contract address like u used to before depend if ur in ETH mainnet or Polygon mainnet

  • Now …

1* in the case of : Kucoin withdraw using ERC20 to ledger ===> you gonna need to configure polygon network in metamask first and then bridge MAHA from ETH to polygon ( because the staking is on polygon network )
– to configure polygon Setting up Metamask for Polygon (Matic Network) | by Stakingbits | Stakingbits | Medium
– to Bridge MAHA from ETH to polygon use the official bridge : Polygon Web Wallet v2
– Bridge tutorial : Guide to using the Matic Bridge to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon (Matic Network) | by Stakingbits | Stakingbits | Medium
– MAHA(Polygon) Contract add: 0xedd6ca8a4202d4a36611e2fff109648c4863ae19

2* in the case of withdraw MAHA from Metamask Polygon chain to ledger : Your ready to stake.

3* in the case of having MAHA in Metamask Ethereum Chain and looking to transfer to ledger like i said before just bridge and then transfer to ur public address to save the fee’s why ? because to send from ETH chain to ur ledger u need ETH fee’s and then u will need to bridge from ledger anyway so just bridge from ur wallet ones all done transfer funds to ledger ( since transfers from polygon network require matic and fee’s are Ultra cheap )

Step 4 : Stake and Lock MAHA

  • now that you have MAHA in ur ledger in polygon network using metamask to view and manage ur funds. simply head to and make sure u are in polygon network on metamask , Click “Open Governance” then Click “Lock Maha” and select the amount of Maha you would like to lock and then select the time period that you would like to lock.

  • finally click “Lock Maha” tx approval will appear in ur ledger screen verify the contract address is right and click both buttom to confirms and done , u made it ! congratz you have locked ur MAHA from ur ledger now make sure u protect that 24 words and dont expose it , if ur seed is exposed basically u are in big big trouble because MahaX is not tradeable or transferable and stuck in that seed phrase tied with it.


  • Do i really need a hardware wallet like a ledger ?

hardware wallets basically offer the highest level of security because the private keys is stored offline and will never leave the outside the device , the 24 words control all the private keys of the coins which is why it is critical and never expose it outside the device it self , hardware wallets also protect you from many attacks basically even if ur desktop/laptop has a virus or malware ur tokens are safe basically hackers can grab the 12 words for the metamask but wont find anything. the funds are in ledger :slight_smile: it also protect you from man-in-middle-attake like when u about to transfer tokens from wallet to another the hacker replace the recieving address when u past it basically with ledger u have to verify and confirm if the address match the one ur sending to unlike without hardware wallet u click send and tx will go thro directly :slight_smile: now to close in thro, If you do have couple hundreds dollars probably u dont need one but if u you do have high amount it is worth it and highely req.

Note even for exemple u do have smaller amount of MAHA and ur wailling to lock for 4 years u gonna need a hardware wallet because in 4 years MAHA will become truely big ( hopefuly) and that small amount u have right now might turn very big so u want to pay attention to security here.

  • i forget my pin code to unlock my ledger what should i do ?

you will need to reset ur ledger by typing the pin code 3 times incorrectly and it will auto reset make sure u have the 24 words in hand to re configure the ledger.

  • I accidentally lost my ledger some where in the road , bus , car , subway whatever , should i be worried ?

dont panic if ur pin is 8 digit there is no way someone guess it beside they got 3 tries before ledger reset it self , simply if u ever lost ur ledger buy a new one and re configure it with the 24 words u saved – again all roads leads to that 24 words it is extremely important to keep secure and in safe place.

  • i accidentally lost my 24 seed !!

in that case if u do have access to ur ledger transfer all funds to new wallet ( which is why extra ledger in hand is required ) or if dont have extra hardwallet simply transfer to hot wallet like metamask for the timebeign to buy new ledger and generate new 24 words and new public address etc…


Thanks ultra, perfect step by step guide for someone who newer use a hardware wallet

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How i add a custom contract in ledger live?

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