Scallop IBO Whitelisting Results

"As the monumental Scallop IBO on MahaStarter nears, we are super excited to announce the whitelisting results :zap::zap::zap:

We are overwhelmed by the outstanding response from both communities :pray:

Over the course of the last 3 days, MahaStarter received more than 15,000+ submissions by authentic people. And because of the high demand, Scallop will be extending the raise & lowering the minimum cap to accommodate as many users as they can.

Updated pools:
:small_blue_diamond: Public pool: 140,000$
:small_blue_diamond: MAHAX pool 60,000$
:large_blue_diamond: Total Raise: 200,000$

Updated max allocations:
:small_blue_diamond: Public pool: 300$
:small_blue_diamond: MAHAX pool: 750$

Checkout the whitelisting results here: MahaStarter / Scallop Whitelist Results - Google Sheets

For all those who could not get whitelisted or complete the KYC, hang tight! $SCLP has a Kucoin & PancakeSwap listing happening soon!

Hail The Community!"

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