More Use Case for Maha token (staking/fee)

The Maha token needs more use cases and a more direct relation to ARTH rather than a simple buy and burn model.

The current model is too passive and holding it just feels that it serves no function. Some of the ideas that could work are:

  • Staking: a portion of fees (1% is too small) is distributed to stakers
  • Bond tax/bonus: the bonds that give ARTH distribute an additional percent to Maha hodlers/stakers
  • Premium functions: Maha hodlers get priority/access to certain actions ie. buying bonds requires Maha

Just want to explore ideas so please suggest more!

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I think these ideas are great; one of the main thing to note is that we want to avoid MAHA being considered as a security token which means we need it to fail the Howey test.

However Howey tests are very hard to justify when it comes to crypto; however you’d want MAHA to stay as far as a utility token only and not a security.

Which is why the third function of being a token for premium functions like getting access to certain actions etc… is a great idea which can be explored.

Expanding on the third idea, it seems like the bonding function is the most direct way that the token can interact with.

I’m thinking:

  1. Gated bond access for wallets holding MAHA
  2. Priority queue for bonding based on MAHA holdings
  3. Discount for Dai cost when holding MAHA
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How about we offer a bonus discount to bond buyers who also hold X amount of MAHA? A tiered approach would incentive hoarding of MAHA for maximum bonus when buying bonds.

If the previous proposal for bond redemption doesn’t work out, we could use MAHA as a way to gain priority redemption status. For every MAHA, you can can redeem X amount of ARTHB. Without any MAHA, you would be placed in the general queue, which will take longer to redeem.