Monthly Contribution Report - October

Another active month for the MahaDao community, here is a quick breakdown of what was done.

  • Several members have been working on new video content to promote and highlight the project which can be viewed here>
    Another video is in the works and will be released very soon :+1:

  • AIP 20 was submitted for voting, which seen unanimous support for it’s approval. Details can be viewed here> Vote Approved - AIP20

  • As always, the continued support for community enquiries and moderation has seen a significant increase with participation. This has improved overall sentiment and encouraged interest in onboarding more DAO Patrons - welcoming ‘Dor3ann’ and ‘Fat Batman’ :+1:

  • Ideation and collaboration helped to finalize the first draft of the DAO Patrons Charter, along with formulating strategies and procedures around ensuring integrity of the network and workflow.

  • User Guides now have a place here on the forum of easier reference. In addition, the forum structure and layout itself has now undergone a complete overhaul for an improved user experience.

  • Further Ideation has commenced around marketing partnerships, and a draft is underway for AIP 21 regrading the distribution of fees.

This concludes the monthly DAO Patron Report for OCT 2021.