Monthly Contribution Report - November

This month Patrons have been working on quite a lot behind the scenes, while continuing to provide supportive information to community members across our various channels. Lets have a look at what was worked on.

  • Following on from last months ideation, MIP 21 went to vote an passed with 98% approval. This outlined the breakdown of fee distribution for the debtpool, including a Maha supplement.
    MIP21: Fee Allocations
    Vote Approved - MIP21

  • As we progress with new ideas, two more suggestions have been submitted for community feedback;
    Replacing linear for logarithmic/curve ratio for Maha/MahaX
    Increase ARTH peg to $2.20

  • In addition to product ideation, Patrons have been working closely with the teams Marketing lead on formulating several campaign ideas that aim to increase adoption, reach, and leverage a novel approach to ‘airdrops’. More info on this to come.

  • To help facilitate better organization, we have completely restructured both the Maha forum, and Discord to accommodate key focus points that help members engage in a more effective and constructive manner. Over 50 new topics and threads have been published, and registration has since increased by 26%, continuing on from a increase of 56% the month prior.

  • Engagement is growing too, in addition to more content, the forum has seen +108 new posts - an increase of +48% on previous month. Content delivered has varied from education resources, user guides, skills resources, ideation and further interest in DAO Patron applications.

  • We welcome 7 new Patron members - Ivan Ivanov, Sebastian, Dizzle, Doreann, Gustavo, ‘fat_batman’, and Fisayo. Both new and old faces to the community, they come with exceptional backgrounds and experience to help us continue to work towards achieving our goals. As evident in this report, output has significantly increased and will continue to see greater developments in the near future.

  • With the help of Fisayo, Sebastian, Gustavo, Marian, and Immortal, I’m pleased to announce that Maha has expanded into multiple new chapters across the globe. These Patrons are in the early stages of managing and growing our presence in Venezuela, Nigeria, Poland, and Italy with more to come. Both Nigeria and Venezuela are key focus areas where we will soon see ARTH making an important step in adoption and use - effectively empowering and changing peoples lives where solutions are desperately needed.

  • We have organized and established a working group for video production and graphic content - during this month Patrons have completed scripting and audio for over 10 tutorial videos that will help bridge the learning curve of MahaDAO’s ecosystem to the masses. Currently 3 of which are completed and of high quality with professional grade input. We aim to finalize all of these for release during December as a completed tutorial series.

  • On the growth side, MahaDAO Patrons have been engaging the wider crypto community on social media platforms and privately, resulting in several significantly large investors coming onboard and joining our community. In addition, a campaign is being prepared for an even greater network reach across a multitude of telegram networks.

  • We can not finish the month without highlighting once more the success of MahaStarter and our very first incubated project - Scallop. Here to, our patrons are actively supporting the Scallop community with attending enquiries and channel moderation. Essentially the Scallop community and Maha community is one and the same - success is shared, and therefor so is our support.

This concludes the Monthly Contribution Report for November. Whilst things may seem calm and quiet on the surface during November, there is a thriving and busy hive of enthusiastic and passionate people that are working hard to make MahaDAO the greatest DAO there is. I am thoroughly honored to work with such great individuals, which reassures my confidence in the success of MahaDAO. We look forward to rounding up 2021 with a strong finish, but the work does not stop there - we’re only just beginning to warm up.


Great month! Welcome Venezuela and Nigeria :pray:t2: