Monthly Contribution Report - December 2021

Monthly Contribution Report - December 2021

As we move into the new year, we carry with us an increasing build up of momentum. December was indeed a jam packed month for both the MahaDAO team and patrons. Such a time of year also comes with a celebration of the holiday season - whilst sharing time with family and loved ones, much was delivered and worked on throughout

  • First, the somewhat boring stuff. We refined the DAO Patron processes for both facilitating rewards and recruitment. This we put forth our first set of amendments to the DAO Charter that saw a majority vote for admission. With these changes we’re well prepared to start scaling up membership while further improving the integrity of the DAO.

  • This month also highlighted the growing hype and interest carried on from our Scallop IBO, as we launched our second incubated project - Forward Protocol. Patrons stepped up to help provide community support for thousands of enquiries within a short timeframe. It was challenging - foregoing sleep, but in doing so presented a great opportunity to get to know more of the community, and valuable connections were made from this - two of which, later joined the DAO Patrons group. A big thank you here to @Dor3ann @ultra219 @Jakepp @Marian and @Farhad. And of course the Team members @enamakel @gafoor Urvesh @pranay and Sanchez (my apologies if I missed anyone). 20,000 applications to process in 2-3 days was nothing short of difficult, but we did it.

  • For the month on December, we would like to welcome @jennyczya (Zhenya) to the DAO Patrons group. She will be heading the MahaDao Russian chapter, along with assistance in translations and applying her accredited ACCA qualifications for accounting. In addition, the Patrons group established its ‘DAO Council’ while exercising our election process to appoint two ‘Senators’ @Javaughn91 (Java) and @Farhad (Farhad). The responsibilities of this council is outlined in section 4.1 of the DAO Charter.

  • Moving on, we are pleased to announce that MahaDAO will soon launch an official Merchandise store where you can purchase customized apparel, jewelry, and accessories. No spoilers yet, but I’ve had a look at some of the gear and it is top quality and great value. This has been possible with the contributions of DAO Patrons - @Joe (Joey), @LongWay (Signal) and @CryptoMedic. Further works are being made as we speak with the help of our graphics design team @geniusmillennial and @rahul

  • Along with the startup of our Russian chapter, @Ghustanov has been helping grow our much needed footprint in Venezuela - making vital connections on the ground and applying his background in business development. In a similar vein, @Fisayo6 pushes ahead with growth in Nigeria as one of the MahaDAO team members establishing the support and presence of MahaDAO. Maha is Global, and we continue to make strides with additional chapters starting up in Italy, Poland, France, Brazil, and Turkey. This has all been possible with the help of fellow Patrons mentioned above, and also @Marian, @Sebastian, @eldonte. We have some new recruits as well for the new year that will be highlighted in Januarys report.

  • Whilst Patrons provide extensive support in our telegram channels, we are also assisting members on our official discord channel - most notably, @Immortal, @nonoobs and @Dor3ann. In addition, Patrons are active in our partner incubated project channels with a few working in a moderator capacity for scallops price channel - @Javaughn91 @Moonriddim and @Farhad. It is fantastic to see this collective and proactive effort arising from the community, and I personally would like to give a special thanks to @ultra219 and @Dor3ann for their outstanding community support.

  • Supporting the community is not all, but growing the community is vital too. With the help of @Oluwadizzle (Dizzle) @CryptoMedic, Mahadao has continued to increase in quality membership, These guys have been proactively marketing and recruiting long term investors which is invaluable for network effect.

  • Lastly, it has been a great month for new content. We mentioned during last monthly report that the DAO Patrons have been working on several videos to help educate and showcase the MahaDAO ecosystem products. I understand well how much time these guys put in and they worked hard. I encourage you to CLICK HERE and view the 8 new tutorial videos created by @FatBatman007 @Joe and @eldonte. As the ‘youtubers’ say - please like, subscribe, share and turn on that notification bell for MahaDAO.

So this wraps it all up for the monthly DAO Patrons report. As you can see it was a pretty busy month, We strongly encourage more community members to dive into MahaDao and reach out with your interest and support to join us. It is a passionate and incredible group to be a part of. If you’re interested, head over to the community introduction thread and then submit an application here > Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership

As difficult and challenging the last two years have been for everyone worldwide, MahaDAO is one of the few things that is going right and creating that sense of hope and belief in a brighter future. In light of this, we recognize our achievements but do not nest in them - there is work to be done and a new year to carry this momentum forward. Cheers to a productive year - it has been an honor and pleasure.


And a big thanks to you @Michael, we are really lucky to have someone like you as a governance coordinator, the work you done until now is simply…amazing!!!

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This is brilliant Mike.
Thanks very much for sharing this

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2022

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Pranay Sanghavi


Thanks for taking the time to write these monthly reports! Keep up the great work!

Very detailed report. Pleased to see all the developments ongoing.