MIP.C2-0021: Fee Allocations

MIP 21

This Proposal will serve to set out, identify and establish the allocations of fees designated for repayment of the debt pool. This proposal will only deal with the parameters of the debt pool and the fees generated from the protocol, which are allocated thereto, and to be adjusted by the community from time to time.

  1. For the next quarter (3 months), beginning from the date this proposal is passed, the designated allocation of protocol generated fees to be paid to the debt pool shall be 35%, no more and no less;
    a. The minimum period shall be no less than 3 months for a vote to adjust the allocation of protocol fees designated to servicing the debt pool,
    b. The minimum percentage allocation for the protocol generated fees cannot be lowered below the minimum 30% established in the voting for AIP 20 which by vote or any other means,
    c. Three (3) days prior to the ending of each quarter a proposal shall be b put forth to vote on the protocol generated fee allocation for the following quarter,
  2. The currency of all repayments to the debt pool shall be paid out in USDC except for a sum of five thousand 5000 MAHA (Mahadao) tokens furnished from the Mahadao project, to be snapshotted at the start of each month and to be disbursed to all ARTHX debt holders, who have deposited tokens into the debt pool, in proportions equal to their share of the debt pool.
    a. For all intents and purposes the protocol generated fees may consist of but are not limited to fees that are generated via, Mahalend, ARTH loans, leveraged ARTH loans, ARTH minting, ARTH burning, liquidations, or any other platform fees or penalty that may be incurred by using one of the services or products offered by the Mahadao project, whether directly or a through a third-party protocol using one of the products offered by the mahadao,
    b. All protocol generated fees are to be paid into the Debt pool in USDC,
    c. This does not prevent the Mahadao project from adding additional currencies or crypto currencies to further supplement the debt pool.
  3. The debt, which will be reopened because of the approved vote on AIP20 shall continue in perpetuity until such time as it is repaid in full and shall remain immune from any votes to dissolve it, whether now or in the future.
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I would add here that if for any reason a voting cannot or does not take place, repayments will continue unchanged without interruption.


I like the proposal, agree with the LongWay suggestion

I think we can put this up for vote and simplify it down to;

  1. Fee distribution of 35/55/10 for DP/MahaX/Eco
  2. No change of debt pool allocation of 35% for 3 months
  3. Continuation of 35% after 3 months until such a time a vote is called to adjust.
  4. Adjustments can not nominate lower than 30% for debt pool - in alignment with AIP 20.
  5. Debt pool fees are paid in USDC + Maha supplement

The other points mentioned are already voted in under AIP 20 - immunity clause, repayment type, 5000 mahax ect.