MIP.C2-0004: Option for re-staking rewards / Vested expansion rewards to reduce dumps

It would be great if one could right away bond the rewards to compound it during expansion rather than claiming and again bonding it.

Certainly could save up on gas by making it just one transaction instead of two.

Same goes for the staking rewards too need to settle and withdraw and again add them.

Only a certain percentage of the rewards can be claimed and the remaining are vested for certain number of epochs. This would reduce the significant dumps that happen as soon as the seigniorage rewards are claimed.


I absolutely agree on having vested expansion rewards; Because pump and dumps is not a sign of a healthy market. We have seen that in the early days of the protocol, many people simply dumped their ARTH rewards. However ARTH rewards were given out to with the expectations that the price will be taken back down.

We can maybe have expansion rewards vested linearly across 8hrs; Since every epoch is 12-24hrs, this would give enough time to those who’d like to cash out and not cause a market panic.

Wrt to having compounding rewards, this is a good idea too because it’ll incentivise more people to hodl $ARTH long term.


Compounding is a pretty good idea. Planning to hodl ARTH for a long time. This will help a lot and ofcourse will save a lot of gas fees too.

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