MIP.C1-0004 Create a MAHA/ETH Uniswap V3 Gauge

Proposal Details

This proposal seeks to approve the integration of $ETH with $MAHA as an additional gauge for the MahaDAO ecosystem. The specifics are as below;

  1. Add MAHA/ETH to MahaDAO Gauges for MahaX voters to decide on allocated rewards to the LP.

  2. Add MAHA/ETH to the MahaDAO Farming Portal for liquidity providers to earn yield on staked v3-uniswap LP tokens.

  3. Nominated trading fee of 1%

Rationale for Proposal

  1. Attract more Maha supply from CEX to DEX, thereby further reducing centralization vulnerabilities that may impact the protocol in the possible event of CEX insolvency.

  2. Help mitigate potential risk of inappropriate use of customer supply on CEX’s – for example, price manipulation with crediting counterfeit assets and/or misreporting of reserves and custody management.

  3. Provide for decentralized pairing of two speculative assets that observe volatility – this allows for asset exposure whilst presumably reducing potential Impermanent Loss if market performance moves in tandem with each other. In combination with Uniswaps V3 features, users can set customized spreads/ranges to cover short/mid-term divergence.

  4. Stakers can use their Maha and Eth rewards to help boost liquidity with additional and direct participation. This presents a broader participation interest for those that wish to farm and earn yield, but may prefer to opt-out of holding or minting Arth via troves.

Reference Links

FTX uses notional/counterfeit credit balances - SBF Reveals FTX Was Selling Assets That Didn't Exist - The Defiant
Maha Dune Analytics - $MAHA Token (WIP)

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This is a wonderful proposal, will help to move the liquidity from cex to dex and a step further to decentralisation

This proposal is too good to see the liquidity from cex to dex and more towards decentralisation

I am new at blockchain and don’t know too much about technical issues, but I am so happy and feel confident when I read this type of proposal that improve the project.
In technical manner I also want to add one thing from the side of investor/citizen;

  • the rewards from different pools, staking rewards that comesnfrom different NFT’s, could they be claimed from one uniqe pool? This would nice to pay one time gas fee to collect rewards.
    I hope i didn’t write me offer to the wrong place.

Nice proposal. It makes definitely sense. Always good to move liquidity from cex to dex.

Especially for the development of $Maha, I think it will be better to be in this pool.

Thanks Mike for this. I do agree that having some better liquidity for MAHA is definitely needed. So if the community itself can contribute to this then we can start to get possibly some more people invovled.

Also MAHA/ETH will probably the easiest pool to enter into once this goes live.

This will go live for a vote this weekend.

Tally | MahaDAO Proposal we are live!