Migration Plan for Arth and LP Stakers on arthcoin.com distribution platform?

I have a question about the Arth 2.0 Migration plan. I have Arth and LP still staked on the arthcoin[dot]com distribution portal from earlier this year. Earlier communication said people did NOT need to unstake their Arth and LP from that portal because the new tokens would be airdropped to the accounts. Users were told we could just leave the Arth and LP staked so that we would not have to incur the high gas fees to unstake them.

But the Migration plan posted on medium today (May 28) is confusing, because it says that “this migration plan is only applicable to users who have staked their tokens in the ARTH v1 platform,” but then it goes on to talk about removing Arth from exchanges. The plan does not say anything about what Arth and LP stakers on arthcoin[dot]com are supposed to do. What are users who have Arth still staked on the arthcoin[dot]com distribution platform supposed to do? In order to unstake Arth from the distribution platform, you still have to wait five days, so even if users incur the gas fees to unstake, they still would not have their Arth in their wallet by the snapshot date. Please clarify what we should do. Thanks for your help.

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I share the sentiment - seeking additional clarity on this point - as it was not clear to me from the medium post and confused me