MahaStarter Guide for Scallop IDO

The past few weeks have been an amazing story for MahaDAO & we are more than overwhelmed by the tremendous response received from the community. It only strengthens our belief that community is everything. Everything, there ever can be.

Following a successful launch of the MahaStarter platform, we are looking forward to the first-ever IBO raise on the platform for the $SCLP token.

In this brief article, we share with you a step-by-step guide for all whitelisted participants before the sale tomorrow.

:closed_book: Guidebook

Please note: The following screens will only be visible for whitelisted addresses. To check if you are whitelisted for the SCLP sale, click here.

Whitelisted addresses will se the Invest Now button, once the sale is live.

Step 1: Click on the Invest Now button

NOTE: Users can only invest amounts based on the minimum and maximum cap set per user.
Step 2: You can input an amount from the range of min-mix cap in the ‘Your investiment’ section. You can see the amount of tokens you will receive against your investment.

NOTE: The SCLP sale is on the BSC chain & will take investments in BNB only.

Step 3: After entering the desired amount, click on invest now.

Once the transaction goes through, a confirmation pop-up will be displayed. This confirms your allocation in the token sale.

NOTE: If you have not used up your maximum allocation amount & if the pool is not 100% filled, you have the option to invest more.

Claim your allocation

Once you have successfully participated in the sale. You can start claiming your tokens.

Simply, click on the claim $token_name button & claim your tokens.

NOTE: If the token sale has a vesting period (which is mentioned on the project description page), you will receive the first batch of tokens as per the vesting schedule & the consequent tokens at consequent vesting times.


How many pools are available for the SCLP token & what is the total raise?
The SCLP token has 2 pools. The total raise for both pools is 200,000$. The two pools are:

  1. SCLP Public pool: 140,000$
  2. SCLP-MAHAX pool: 60,000$

What is the max cap per user for both the pools?
The max cap for every user is:

  1. SCLP Public pool: 300$
  2. SCLP-MAHAX pool: 750$

What is date/time of the SCLP public pool & SCLP-MAHAX pool? Where will the sale happen?
Both pools will go live on Oct 27, 3 pm GMT on the MahaStarter platform. The links to the sale are:

  1. SCLP Public Sale — MahaStarter | A Launchpad For The Decentralized Economy
  2. SCLP-MAHAX Sale — MahaStarter | A Launchpad For The Decentralized Economy

If I hold 300 MAHAX, do I get guaranteed allocation in the sale?

I hold more than 300 MAHAX. Do I get further priority or allocation?

What is the vesting schedule for the SCLP token if I particpate in its public sale?
The SCLP token has a 40% upfront token release, with the reminder vested across 3 months with a 3 months cliff. Hence, taking the total to 6 months.

How can I see if I am whitelisted?
You can see the whitelisting results on this spreadsheet. Simply, look for your wallet address & check columns ‘C’ & ‘D’ for whitelist status for both pools.

Which chain should I connect to when participating in the SCLP sale?
Binance Smart Chain

Will there be more IDOs going forward?
MahaStarter will host high quality projects that have deeper synergies with the MahaDAO ecosystem and the overall DeFi world. MahaDAO has a pipeline of incubated projects that will see the day of light via the MahaStarter platform.