MahaDAO is now in Venezuela

Hola, Venezuela! :pray:

:busts_in_silhouette: Glad to extend $MAHA’s reach & enter the Venezuelan community. This is a major step for us.

:earth_asia:MahaDAO is now in Venezuela
:earth_asia:MahaDAO is Global – & for all

:arrow_right: Join the MahaDAO Venezuelan community: Telegram: Contact @mahadao_venezeula

This month comes with many highly anticipated updates, one in particular that is going to have a major impact on places like Venezuela - The MahaDao Mobile application. Soon the people of Venezuela will have at their disposal two very powerful tools to help support their community - ARTH, helping to preserve buying power against inflation, and the MahaDao mobile app to facilitate transactions and custody.

We look forward to seeing the change this will bring to the people of Venezuela, as we begin to realize the purpose of MahaDao come to life - to empower people and communities all over the World.

Gracias al pueblo de Venezuela, estamos contigo.

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