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Hi, my name is Tomasz :slight_smile: I come from Poland. I love the world of Defi and everything about it. I’ve been in crypto since 2020. I work in an IT company, I manage a 7-person FAQ writing department.

I invested in the project in November last year, I really liked the community that supports the project so much. I was very fascinated by ARTH and its foundation. The world follows money and its value decreases over time, and with the help of ARTH, we can solve this problem. Best regards to the entire MAHA community!


Hello MahaDao Community

My Name is Damilola, I am from Nigeria. I joined the mahadao community back in February 2021 after I was introduced to the project by a friend who happens to be a firm believer of the MAHADao project and what it stands for. I first got involved with crypto in June 2020 and after researching and studying for a while I began actively interacting with crypto currency in January 2021.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and I am a registered/certified Civil Engineer here in Nigeria. I recently decided to fully focus on crypto because I believe in the endless opportunities it offers and I would love to start this journey by actively contributing to the amazing Maha community.

I possess a very sound knowledge of crypto currency in general (Defi, NFTs) while being very acquainted with the maha programs and road maps for the future. I once had an interaction with the CEO Steven Enamakel on my private telegram during my early days in the community where he assisted me with some technicalities while staking. I am also experienced in project and people management by virtue of my construction experience.

I believe with my passion and enthusiasm for research and my love for the MahaDao community, I would be able to contribute to the organic growth of the Maha Community and I am more than willing to assist the team in whatever way I can to achieve its objectives.

Thank you.

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Hello MahaDao family,

My name is Carter, and I am from the United States. I’ve just joined the MahaDao today! I first heard about the project last fall on Twitter. Throughout the past months I’ve been doing some research from afar, and while the project always intrigued me, I never really took the time to do my due diligence until very recently. My first introduction to crypto was in the winter of 2017 when I bought the top of LTC at about $380. My second introduction was selling it for $120 sometime in 2019. My third and more formal introduction was in March of 2021 - I discovered Terra and became very excited as I learned about what Blockchain tech actually was, and what DeFi was. This is when I started to do real research and start to truly understand what crypto is going to do for the world.

Firstly a fiance and dog lover, I’m also an engineer, artist, crypto enthusiast, and optimist. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Ohio State University in the Winter of 2019, and currently work as a Software Engineer in the higher education domain, with the goal to increase student success and retention. I haven’t really opened the door to blockchain development because I spend so much time outside of work on art and crypto (the research and user side of things). I’m a music producer working to build a reputation in my city and online under the artist name Charter Beatz. My favorite part of being an artist is meeting diverse groups of people, and creating different sounds with different artists as my relationship grows with them. On Twitter, I’m most active as @crypto_charter. There, I try to find new projects and solid advice from people further along in the space than myself. I feel very fortunate to have found Terra in early 2021, as that ecosystem introduced me and taught me so much about DeFi and NFTs, as well as provide me an opportunity to invest in other projects. Lastly, I call myself an optimist because I am excited for the future. I have always been fascinated by technology and how it’s been able to advance humanity and solve problems. As I get older, I become more fascinated by humanity itself; how adaptable we are and our capability to overcome. This excitement about the future is what motivates me to push myself to be the best person I can be with the time I have alive.

I love the approach with Arth - eliminating inflation and helping those financially (on a systematic level) who need it most. I’d be very proud to say I contributed to a project with a mission like MahaDao. I’m also very interested myself in using the products; farming, earning, governing - I’d love to be handling most of my financials through Maha and Scallop in the future.

I’m here to be a user that provides feedback, a DAO participant, and a learner with a curious mind and technical background, ready to help however I can.