Introduce Yourself

Hey maha fam! I go by the name Bob Sacamano on telegram (Cosmo Kramer’s often mentioned, but never actually seen best friend from the tv show, Seinfeld). He is by far, the most popular, yet simultaneously anonymous star character of a tv show that you’ve never actually met. I thought the anonymity factor of this name was fitting for a crypto moniker. Everyone knows him, but no one has ever seen him (well, that is except for our dear friend Joey) who I attended university with. We are great friends who chat often. He is like a brother to me. He is not joking about his connections in Vegas either! He’s hooked up me and many of our friends with numerous VIP treatments and poolside cabanas at some of the best clubs on the strip. That being said, we’ve always shared a passion for investments and cryptocurrency. It was early January when he first told me about maha. I didn’t need much convincing after learning about the goals of the project. I started buying maha around $17, and have been adding to my bag for the last 10 months consistently. I locked 80% of my maha for 4yrs without thinking twice about it. I’ve spoken with Steven several times and he is by far one of the most innovative, yet humble creators in the space, hands down. His willingness to chat with me, really anyone for that matter, was one of the main reasons I was so enamored by this project. Not to mention the potential world changing goals he has set forth. I can’t imagine the amount of DMs he has! I am a massive supporter of NFTs and own a few hundred. I would love to see some sort of NFT platform incubated by Mahastarter, however I know this is nowhere near the overarching goal of the project. I think it would be fun though, and you better believe I’d mint the heck out of any NFTs put forth by my beloved Maha. I also hold a good amount of ARTH and Arthx. I love this ecosystem and the people in this group are amazing. Thank you Michael for putting this discussion out there. I’ve had a fantastic time getting to know the people behind their telegram handles today. I read everyone’s bio and honestly feel like I know you guys on a bit more of a personal level now. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this project. I was always in it for the long haul, so I put my maha where my mouth is and locked it in for the ride. LFG!!!


Hello MahaDAO community!

My name is David , a community member since early this year.

Got introduced into MahaDAO community by a good friend and also a fellow crypto enthusiast which ended up being a spiral effect as I introduced a lot of my other friends who were interested in seeing what the DAO platform has to offer generally.

I am a Nigerian but based in Aberdeen, Scotland UK were I work as a Technical Expert with Apple.

My interest in dates back to early 2017 when I invested my little earning back then into Bitcoin and Ethereum and the rest is history as I have been heavily into crypto investment since then coupled with also being a community moderator and other roles for a couple of crypto projects in the past.

I have my Bachelors degree is in Computer Science and Masters degree in project Management: I believe with my enthusiasm for crypto at large, my experience in IT, operations and management and also my dedication with following through with the upcoming projects MahaDAO has to offer, I am more than willing to be part of this great project as I really enjoy the community, the foresight and the prospective achievements upcoming in the nearest future.

Looking forward to an awesome connection with everyone as MAhaDAO advances and waxes stronger.


Hello MahaDao Community,

My name is Gustavo Gonzalez, from Venezuela, you can find me on telegram or discord has “Ghustanov” and i have been with the MahaDao community, since a month ago (yes very early), i found out about MahaDao thru Joshua who i meet thru a Twitter Space, we inmediatly connect and he told me about the project, and what they want to do to change the world.

My beginings comes from 2018 when i started has a forex trader, and later as a crypto miner, when i lost money from trading and the unfourtunatly situation with Bitmex… when i entered with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies my life changed forever, because my country had several lockdowns to reach outside market, and political goverments apply diferent directives on local banks and foreign currencies.

So i started to learn more about cryptos, the ecosystems, learn about tools and even spread my knowledge to the people.

After Joshua introduce me to MahaDao, he speak to me about the opportunity to use ARTH token has a valuable asset to the people, for their personal use and commercial use, without being expose to the hyper inflation we are having in Venezuela, i decided to jump in the project.

I don´t have the skills of developer, programmer, but i have studied Business Administration, and i worked for several goverments institutions, so i understand how work with teams, and hold work´s pressure, i´m very curious and i speak 2 languages, so i would like to be part of this team, to approach people from different countries, break barriers of language, and be part of how we can find a solution to my country and others who have same situations, find the way to make MahaDao one of the best cryptocurrency and platform to the people who needs to improve their ways to do personal and commercial transactions.

Greetings to everybody


Hey All,

My Name is Rahul Kumar chourasia from India, and i am associated with this projecr from day 1.

I really admire the vision and hard work of our boss Steven, never seen such a hard working guy and that lead me to fall in love with MahaDAO.

I am a professional Chartered Accountant here in Indian. I am also a trader.
My Hobbys are creating graphics, cooking foods which i do in my free times.
I will contribute as a patron with my heart out.
Rahul Kumar chourasia



I’m Chuks Nnabuenyi Jr from Nigeria. With a background in Architecture in College, and then some in-depth experience in Marketing.

Just surfing the net and for to see this project. And I’m so excited about it especially with a plan to expand into my country, Nigeria, where we love crypto projects.

I got introduced to the crypto space in the later part of 2020. And since then, I’ve been involved in some local projects basically directed at educating people on what Blockchain is.

My experience with building and managing online communities is coming handy because I’ve seen the need of communities in the crypto space.

The technical aspect is still a path I’m coming into and it’s fun because I’m learning not just each day but each second and minutes.

I hope to do more here. Be a source of help and expand this project to affect humanity.

Nigeria wants to have a feel of this and it’ll be great honour to do it.


Hey everyone,

My name is Evgeniya (but I prefer when people call me by the short version of my name, which is Zhenya). It would be fair to say that I just joined the community and the main reason for that was that I saw how MahaDAO’s team is excited about the project and how the team believes in it.

I am currently based in Moscow, Russia, I work as a Head of accounting for the US branch of my company. I’ve spent 1,5 years working in the Silicon valley (roughly in the same capacity that I’m in now, nothing tech, unfortunately). My native language in Russian, I also speak English and some Spanish.

I came to the crypto world in the beginning of 2021, and at first it didn’t win my heart over, but somewhere along the way I grew on it, because I got to appreciate the opportunities that crypto can give in terms of security and anonymity. Moreover, it’s been a while since I met so many intelligent and ambitious people in one place :slight_smile:

I’m not a developer or designer (which I got to regret a lot of times along the way), but I have 2 professional qualifications in accountancy (ACCA and US CPA), know how to write tutorials and get the point across (or at least I’d like to think so :slight_smile:). I am a quick learner, I like to find inefficiencies and eliminate them. Once I am done with something, I rarely can sit tight doing nothing and usually try to find something new to work on.

In my spare time, I do some sports, learn Spanish, learn how to play piano, and go out with my friends.

I am looking forward to meeting the community!


Hi All,

My name is Kolt! I am from the Detroit Michigan area and have spent a majority of my life there. I am happily married and my wife and I have two children. We are currently traveling around the United States and I am currently writing this post just outside of Salt Lake City. We wanted to take some time to detach from the “American Dream” and give our family a chance to experience diversity in nature and American culture. We have been having a blast discovering the beauty of nature and people.

I have been in and out of Crypto since 2017. Gratefully, I was made aware of Maha through my brother @Joe in January of 2021. I was instantly attracted to the vision of the project and was excited to be an early adopter. Additionally, I was excited to be apart of a community that was being driven by an exceptional leader in @enamakel.

For the last decade I have used my skills as a professional recruiter and have been in a variety of roles. Additionally, I started an executive search firm and have helped my client find exactly what they are looking for to help them staff their talent needs. I believe that my recruiting background can greatly benefit the team and the community at large.

Thanks for reading!


Hi Dear Community

I started Crypto a year ago and invest with my small amount of savings and after that my detail seeker Brain identify that this thing is gonna be a my thing and in love with the research of new projects with extreme details soon i understand the fact that first come first serve and start looking for different Launchpad then i met with the new born Maha ecosystem as i like to work with new projects to grow together, in start i only interested in Maha’s IDOs, after Scallop sale on Maha i sit back and research more about this ecosystem and found that launchpad is just tiny part of Maha ecosystem as there’s a Alpha ARTH is eagerly waiting for the crypto community to show his true inflation hedge power in the peck of fake stable coins like we see today, i really impress by the approach by Maha team and yeah there’s more to come as every project needs time to Buildup and i am with them in that time and put my max effort to show the world Maha’s Useability and the Future :muscle:


Hello everyone!

My name is Tobi, a community member and a part of this project since at least the beginning of March 2021 and have experienced all the hurdles up to here. Got introduced into MahaDAO community by a good friend. I am a Nigerian based in Lagos where I live and work.
My interest in crypto got triggered in 2020 during the lockdown period.

I have my degree in Management and Accounting and I have experience in both the commercial and investment banking sectors, so I understand the commodities market, how to work in teams, bank operations and also manage work pressure well. I would love to be part of this team, I believe with my enthusiasm for crypto, my banking operations experience and my dedication with following through with whatever I am in would be of use to this great project as I do enjoy the community, I look forward to the future of MahaDAO!"

Thank you.


Greeting MahaDaoists!

Thrilled to be here and I look forward to sharing what I am able, and learning from all of you.

My name is Caleb, and I’ve been engaged in the crypto world for the past few years. I’m engaged in the Stark and ZKSync communities as well as the Polygon DAO. Im keen to lend a hand in projects that are working to solve fundamental problems within the space, because I see the potential for this technology in shifting the global financial stranglehold on the people. I’m in it both with my heart and my mind.

Balance is key, Daniel san.

Professionally I am CEO of an AI-driven therapeutics discovery startup. We’re working to reinvent drug discovery and improve the way individuals can gain access to natural/alternative medicine by creating a ecosystem that empowers users through evidence based products and insights.

I’ve built the company from the ground up based on hypotheses and methods that I’ve developed over a 25 year span of obsessive research, a battle with Crohn’s disease, and a deeply rooted desire to help the many people who suffer from health conditions of all kinds. I’m blessed to be able to, along with some of the most talented and good natured people I’ve ever met, build something that provides a beacon of hope in a world where people have become subordinate to technology - this is also why I was attracted to the DAO organizational structure and recently finding my way to MAHADAO. Thrilled to have found another community who are also working to build tools to empower the people.

Needless to say I have little time, but am willing to lend a hand wherever possible and equipped with many superpowers to maximize the time that I am able to contribute. I’m highly skilled in finding and onboarding the right talent for high level positions, including programming, UX design, applied math (my business partner is a NSF career award winner, so if you ever have a tricky situation let me know) as well as running global/remote tech development teams, I have a fundamental understanding of machine and deep learning, I recently learned Python to assist in our cheminformatics needs so I can get by but far from professional, game theory, systems dynamics, adoption dynamics, lean strategy, and my first love was graphic design so I’m able to put together pro design projects or logos or presentations, I could go on but I think that will suffice for now. I look forward to sharing more and lending a hand wherever I can.




Hello MahaDao community,
My name is Lee and I have been following this project from early March of 2021. I was actually introduced by my cousin who is also a fellow Mahadao patron. I came into the project looking for a quick flip via the arth stablecoin however at the time it was around .25 cent and based on my knowledge all stablecoins are $1.00 so this would’ve been an easy 3x for me. Overtime from being in Telegram chats I fell in love with the project because of its ultimate vision and from there I began to research mahadao in depth. While digging in, I found myself on a few AMA’s. I was impressed not only to see how supportive the community is but also how the information was delivered.
A little about myself, I have been involved in the digital money space since January of 2019. My journey started with trading in the foreign exchange market (Forex), since then I have created a following within the space where I personally mentor and teach individuals how to become not only successful forex traders but also profitable day traders. I stumbled upon cryptocurrency after a year of learning the skill due to the fact I started to do tremendously well and I wanted to diversify my income.Other than that I have a background in Finance, Accounting and Human Resource.
I truly believe that this project is going to change the world and I am all in 100%. As far as a role in the community I don’t exactly have one yet but I definitely would love to help and continue to grow the community out in any way possible.


Hello All!

My name is Joel, I have been in crypto since April 2017 but stumbled across MAHA in around August 2020 and I find myself feeling very fortunate to be here with you all. As mentioned, I’ve been investing in cryptocurrency since early 2017, I have been and am a member of many communities within this space, but I must say that MAHA’s community is the most refreshing, welcoming and professional.
A little about me, I’m from Cardiff, Wales, UK. I have worked within the Tradfi space most of my career as an IT Infrastructure Engineer & SQL DBA - I do still work part time, however most of my time is spent investing and researching into new projects within this space.
Again, grateful to be here, super excited for the future of MAHA - and would be happy to assist in any way possible.


Hello MahaDAO Community!

My name is Anıl and i am currenctly working as Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at Big 4. I have been with the MahaDao community since Sept 2021. My first encounter with this project started with SCLP IBO. After that i wanted to learn more about MahaDAO and i realized this project will become one of biggest project in crypto and finance industry. As a person who lives in Turkey, i’ve seen real face of inflation… I’ve been in crypto industry for around two and half years and my goal is want to be part in project which promising better future!

I spend most of my time on internet and i will continue to do. My hobbies are finding basic security vulnerabilties, reading a book, do research for future technologies and space. I’m working almost 12-13 hours a day because my job is actually my hobby and being DAO Patron will be big part of it!
Cause of the covid-19 and Turkey’s financial situation, i can’t do anything except to these things :slight_smile: . My main goal is being good person and remembered as a good man, that’s why i always try to work, being kind to all people and do some charity. I love to help people!

I want to say thank you for your time, please take care yourself.



Greetings fellow Maha members,

They call me Mr. Wonderful. (@mrwonderfill on telegram). You may recognize me from the tv show, Shark Tank. Just kidding :joy: I may not be the real Kevin O’Leary, however I am here at the behest of the goodness, talent and energy that I have felt and seen from all of you in the maha community, from the top down as I have watched, waited and learned about the project this past year. Long story short, I was introduced to Maha by a friend, and I just kept coming back. The mission was clear. If we want crypto to truly succeed in this world, it takes visionaries and forward thinkers to shape the future of how we democratize modern financial solutions that impact and reshape global markets, and it starts in projects like MahaDAO. Stability and prosperity are the enemy of control and corrupt financial systems that threaten peace and economic dysfunction. I say this not for fear, but for the reason that brought me here to all of you, the community. The belief that we share, where we stand on the bleeding edge of a much needed solution to one of the greatest problems in modern history. How lucky am I to be here with all of you?

I spent the last decade in various senior roles at international banks in private wealth management, commercial, and middle market divisions. I got my start in retail banking, within a year I was managing banks and then became a registered investment advisor and built a $120 million book of business. They didn’t allow us to own crypto. Sometimes they would threaten to fire us. I dabbled here and there, I guess you could say I came in with a chip on my shoulder. I wanted more. It had nothing to do with money. I just didn’t feel like I was making a difference anymore. Suddenly, I had lost self-gratification in my work. I was burning. I knew it - it was over. That sinking feeling. It was like waking up from the Matrix. There was no going back. I had no idea what I was going to do but suddenly it didn’t matter - I quit, giving up a huge bonus. I traveled the world, I visited friends, family. I returned home to reflect on everything. Then suddenly the pandemic hit. I had managed to ditch the golden handcuffs, but the stock market had suddenly tanked, store shelves were empty, and I was searching for something that money couldn’t buy. My purpose. I decided to explore what I had a passion for, I was burned out on traditional banking but I always believed crypto and blockchain tech would be the future. DeFi fascinated me, and that was what eventually led to my involvement, as I ventured into and became involved with several early stage projects. I would find myself interacting with the communities and project teams, suddenly I was spending hours every day on telegram, eventually becoming an admin for several projects. It was a very rewarding experience for me. Now, I am proud to say that I am working on my own project developing new use cases for NFTs. For I too share in the same vision for the future. Stability and prosperity. Pleasure to be here, and to be introduced to all of you. Cheers.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Temi (short for Temitope). I have been active in the crypto space for roughly a year now. Prior to this, I have been passively following up on crypto space for about 4 years. My experience as an investments banker at an investment firm made it important to pay attention to digital assets considering the decentralized structure, significant returns, disruption, and flexibility they offered compared to the traditional assets like bonds, shares, Tbills and CPs.

I have been in the Mahadao community for about 7 months now and was introduced by one of the community leaders. Overtime, I have grown familiar with the project, having done deep research using my Financial Analyst experience into the various aspects of the business. I have also come to appreciate the visionary leadership, innovative ideas from the leaders and the impressive community engagement that Maha offers.

Having heard the Maha strategic thrust for 2022 and Mahachains adoption plans in countries like Venezuela, Turkey and my country Nigeria. I know this project has more potential. For this reason, I believe I could contribute to the community using my strong analysis skills and business development skills having worked on different projects implementation over the years. My strong work ethic, communications skill, teamwork, dedication as well as proven track record of extreme ownership and ability to go above and beyond are skills I believe I can bring on.

I look forward to the continued growth of Maha and would appreciate been given the opportunity to help as much as possible.

Thank you,


Hello, MahaDao family members.

My name is Vincent, and I am from Germany. I got involved in crypto after a few years of investing in equity markets and was overwhelmed from the start. The endless possibilities and the fact that we, the people, are in control of our own money really fascinated me.

I discovered MahaDao through the SCLP IBO and, as it was my second IBO/IDO ever, I was later pleased at how well and smoothly everything from the WL to the communication and the buying process worked compared to most of the platforms out there. The next thing I did was to read everything about Maha I could find and was even more surprised. A launchpad with its own Valuecoin? What do you want more? Then recently, the introduction of MahaChain was the last fact from which I knew I wanted to be a part of the MahaDao family. I want to contribute.

As my family has connections to Turkey and we spend a few months there every year, I am more than happy that MahaDao is trying to change things there for the better. Seeing people being left alone by their government is heartbreaking.

Feel free to reach out and we can talk about how to grow the MahaDao community and make the world a better place. I will look forward to building a German MahaDao community and getting the word out.



Hello Maha Fam!

My name is Michael (@VR_crypto) and Maha was my first introduction to the crypto world. I’ve been an enthusiast of this project from the moment I caught wind of the scope and revolutionary approach in its efforts to mitigate the inflation crisis since March of 2021.

I was brought into the fold thanks to my longtime friend @Joe . He explained the magnitude and ambition that MAHA aimed to take on and I believed in this concept straight away. This is the first crypto I began following/investing and quickly realized the potential of this industry. Ever since, I have been addicted to learning/reading about the different use cases crypto can bring to the world as a whole and believe Maha can be a difference maker in this space.

I am a very quiet/laid back person who loves his family and friends. I worked in Public Accounting for 6-7 years at a large CPA firm in the United States and have since moved on to a large non-profit working in finance/accounting in the healthcare space.

When I’m not surfing through the telegram feed, I can be found researching/learning about crypto currency, spending time with my Family (Wife, Daughter – 4, and Son – 2), playing sports/coaching soccer, or leisurely reading (rarely happens anymore with 2 kids).

I am extremely excited to be a part of this community!


Hello there, Victor is my name, and I’ve been a Mahadao member since late 2021. Following a conversation with Fisayo, the Nigerian community’s administrator, I decided to join this fantastic group. I’ve been involved in the crypto space since late 2020, and I’m fascinated by the industry’s potential to change the world.

I’ve dabbled in a number of crypto projects, either through investing my money or spending time reading up on different projects in order to gain a better understanding of the crypto space. Over the last months, I’ve been reading up on what this community is all about, and I can see the huge impact Mahadao can have, especially in a country like Nigeria.

A little bit about myself, I am a university student studying agricultural economics. I am fascinated by human behavior, which is why I am interested in economics. I’m a curious person, thereby I could perhaps contribute my limited knowledge to debates. I also have limited web development skills. When I’m not studying or exploring new knowledge, I enjoy watching football and movies.

It will be a tremendous honor to assist Maha in reaching the frontline of crypto acceptance, and I would be delighted to do so by assisting the community’s development and advertisement.I could tell from Steven’s member introductions that this is not a project motivated by greed or a desire to make a lot of money, but by a burning desire to make the world a better place than it was yesterday, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Very happy to be here, cheers guys!!!


Hi guys I would like to apply to be DAO Patron.
My name is Gordon and seem to have held MAHA forever (even though it is just over a year), basically I am an early adopter. I was fairly active in community but less so for a while. Been through a tricky divorce, selling home and moving to a different area. So been a tricky year but now settled and back in the game.

My career was an FX trader at major banks for over 30 years, I was an MD at RBS running the trading desk for 9 years then moved to JP Morgan for my final years.

I am retired but trading is in my blood and I spend as many hours (maybe more) in front of screens as I did working full time in London.

When I’m not in front of the screens I love walking my 2 Weimaraners and playing golf.

I have 15k MAHA staked for 4 years as I truly believe in the project and the team.

My telegram handle is @gordoa

Hopefully my years of trading experience will benefit the community and the team. I now have more time and believe I can help clear up some fud and explain the benefits of the project to new members of the community.

My motivation would be to help the project to be a huge success and know that (hopefully) I was in some way helpful in building it.

I believe describing MahaDao is going to change a lot over the months/years, this is a good thing. Remember Amazon started as a book seller !!! MahaDao is building so many layers, successful launch pad so far, great low inflation tokenomics, Mahachain coming soon with ARTH acting as an inflation fighting currency, mahalend to propel us into Defi and much more to come, oh and not to forget the most hands on CEO I have come across in cryptoland.

My availabiltly to help out is daily from 8am-5pm UTC and more if needed.

My only criticism would be that at times the team go very quiet especially around major events (e.g. staking), I completely undestand that thsi is because they are extremely busy…but use the patrons here…pin some messages.


Hello MahaDao Community,
My name is Kaissar Moussa, im from Venezuela, you can find me on telegram or discord has @kaissartrader , i have been in the MahaDao community from 3 month ago.

Ive been a professional trader and investor in the crypto and forex markets for more than 6 years with a 7 figures portfolio, I’m the founder of Up Trading Academy, an academy positioned in more than 10 countries and the the founder and CEO of Moussa Capital Fund.

I came to this project by Gustavo Gonzalez who currently works directly on the project and is part of my academy focused on cryptocurrencies and forex.

I have studies in civil engineering and financial analysis, I speak two languages (Spanish and English), my beginnings in the cryptocurrency market date back to early 2016 when I made my first bitcoin purchase, since then my main focus has been the crypto market because Im fascinated by the potential of the blockchain technology that has the potential to change the world economy.

My strong suit is the technical and fundamental analysis, i have a strong community in my social medias, i use that for networking and marketing, i will love to work with the team and take MahaDao to everyone.

Greetings to everybody