Introduce Yourself

Hello MahaDao community :wave:

It would be great to get to know more about each of you, so I’ve created this thread to do just that - introduce yourself to the community.

So my name is Michael, and I have been with the MahaDao community since late 2020 as an early adopter. I first stumbled upon the project when it was first covered by 'Ivan on tech', and essentially came to the community as a speculator. I quickly established myself as "the charts guy" while sharing my trade ideas and analysis. Prior to this I have spent several years as a trader with a focus on technical analysis methods. I landed in the crypto world roughly around mid 2017 (upgraded from the forex and commodities world) and have been wonderfully consumed by it all.

Over the several months, I grew more and more familiar with the project, goals and vision. Soon enough the penny dropped and I realized this was something much more than a speculative interest or “typical crypto project”. MahaDao has the biggest of big ambitions, and that boldness really captivated me in a different way. I started to get more involved in the governance side of things, and was greatly encouraged by the teams founders - Steven and Pranay. These guys I immediately felt were genuine and noble at heart - they really want to change the world and make it a better place, and that was humbling to encounter. This is a team and vision that I was compelled to support as best I can.

I’m not a developer, designer, very little to offer in those areas - but I do have a background in Psychology, Trading, Retail, and Construction. It was not the ideal experience in my opinion that could provide a great deal of value. Yet only recently, I joined MahaDao officially as the ‘Governance Coordinator’ - I guess I was wrong about myself. You can be of value just by applying yourself and learning more as you go along.

I am someone who utterly thrives on learning - sociology, economics, biology, history, anthropology, politics, religion, culture and traditions, arts and music, you name it. Much of this made it easier to grasp the problem that MahaDao is aiming to solve, and I realized that for me personally - this was no longer a speculative interest, but a purpose that was more than worthy of my time.

It is a privilege and honor to work towards such a noble and ambitious vision, and I am driven and motivated by every person on the planet that is suffering from a broken monetary system - that we have an opportunity here to fix that, make something great, and change so many lives. For someone that came to MahaDao as an investor, what I found instead is truly priceless.

Aside from everything above, the community is amazing - I can see overtime that many are taking a similar flight as they realize the greater potential of MahaDao. If there is any words of wisdom that I’d like to pass on to everyone, it is this;

You don’t have to be great in order to do great things. It doesn’t matter where you came from or what you already know or don’t know - if you want to work on something, just do it, just get started, you will learn along the way because the learning is in the doing.

Have a great day, and I look forward to hearing from you all :slight_smile:


Hey my Fellow Maharajas :grin:

My Name is Simon and im a Community Member since like January or february cant remember to be honest xD

I actually found my way to maha through ascendex (bitmax) i saw it and then i read myself through the Project and i got addicted rly fast by its awesome community, the absolute best CEO i ever saw and of course the Vison of the Project.

Im based in Switzerland and my Background is CAD Engineer for Chemical and Pharmazeutical Plants.
My Hobbys are Creating Music (mostly Psytrance but i find my self always creating other stuff) xD
Im also about to learn Unity and a bit of Coding when i find the time.
What actually lead to my possible Contributions for the Project. I could make some music and art for Videos or where ever sounds are needed like oneshot sounds for swaps and so on.
I could create Memes with Photoshop and NFTs. And i thought about creating a little game for mahadao like an endless runner with highscore n stuff but thats actually a long way to go since i just started to learn :grin:

If you have any questions or requests feel free to text me :grin:

Kind Regards


Hey Everyone,

My name is Doreann! I’ve only been in the crypto space since late 2020; however, upon discovering cryptocurrency I quickly realized the potential of this industry. I understood that cryptocurrency was my opportunity to change my life and build generational wealth. I began to dedicate all my time to reading books such as *Block Chain Basics and The Bitcoin Standard *, reading the whitepaper of prominent cryptocurrencies, and engaging with different communities on Twitter and Discord.

I discovered MahaDAO from a YouTuber named Craig Percoco owner of Inevitrade. Furthermore, Steven was gracious enough to have an AMA on his discord. After hearing Steven and Craig discuss this project, I knew the potential that this project had! I immediately began conducting further research and realized that Maha could become a major player in cryptocurrency. For that reason, I decided to contribute in the MahaDAO community because I wanted to use my knowledge and research skills to help integrate people into the MahaDAO community.

When I am not helping out people on Telegram or Discord I am either doing Crossfit or conducting more research on cryptocurrency. I am extremely excited to be a part of this community and please reach out to me if you have any questions! I will be more than willing to help! :slight_smile:


Hi all! Welcome to the MahaDAO family!!

You may recognize me from Twitter, I post about research and FA on microcap gems. You also may see me working together with a few other notable influencers to help support our best microcaps! MahaDAO is special to me, from day 1 the community has been welcoming and we have been preparing together for the inevitable growth of Maha and Arth. I’m happy to be here surrounded by people who are always willing to answer any questions and help others learn about the ecosystem of MahaDAO. Maha has enabled me to be a part of something bigger than myself, a movement perhaps. One that will empower regular people across the world and help improve lives, I’m honored to support that. If anyone has questions on ARTH or MahaDAO ecosystem, I am available nearly 24/7 on Telegram, Twitter, Discord; If I don’t know the answer I always know a guy who can help!

Networking is my strong suit, you can find me out on the frontlines hopping in DMs and building connections. (and shilling maha XD)

About me: I was a paramedic for many years before going full time crypto! I currently live in Minneapolis, MN but I am building a plan to relocate to EU. In my time off you can find me Scuba diving or flying in an airplane. My motto: “Answer always with love”

Be kind, and the world will be better for it :pray:

I look forward to the future of MahaDAO! Not long ago it seems Maha was unknown, now with our first IBO it’s clear the future for MahaDAO is bright :slight_smile: Let’s change some lives for the better!!

To the moon,



Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I’ve been forunate to meet and engage with many of you since I joined the Maha community back in ~January 2021.

My background is in finance, real estate, commodities, the capital markets and startups. I’ve done everything from running a commodity group on Wall Street, to leading sales, growth and revenue for VC backed startups (one unicorn) to starting a couple non-profits and being the primary caretaker for my mom (for 7 years) while she was terminally ill. Today I run a startup incubator and coworking space I started 8 years ago, that has had some unexpected early success and have seen startups in the space funded well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s not to say I had a hand in the startups, but rather I am the founder, leader and community builder. I’m not a theoretical genius, I’m the son of an immigrant (grandparents are both from Yemen) and I’m a gritty AF grinder and hustler (with a big heart).

I’ve been passively in crypto since a friend turned me on to it back in 2015, when I scooped up some BTC, ETH and LTC which I regrettably sold at a 3-5x profit. In 2017-2019 I took a more serious dive into crypto as I started to see the marco environment setting crypto up to be the “trade of a lifetime” but beyond that, believe web 3 will rebuild the world as we know it with a renewed sense of equity, competition in virtually every industry. The legacy models that have dominated business, art, music and finance are in the midst of a change that I believe in hindsight will seem inevitable but looking forward, many of the brightest minds I know in tradfi still don’t grasp the magnitude of change we are entering. Think of the internet. Multiple it by a multiple somewhere between 5-1000 and that is what I believe we are at the very beginning of right now.

In my free time, I’m into athletics/fitness, travel, food, NFTs, and am a voracious reader. I’m also daily gratitude journaler and a recovering optimist :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me to say hello or let me know if I can be a sounding board for anyone’s ideas.



It’s a great day to be Alive!

My name is Joey, some may know me as Joey2021. I live In Pennsylvania, near Philly. My wife and I have two children, a 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl. My family is my Life!

Prior to having children, I lived in Las Vegas and worked in nightclubs as a VIP host. Hit me up if you head that way:)

I entered the crypto space in 2017. I took a $20,000 loan out at 0% interest credit card and turned that into 140k! We used that cash to fund a business and have opened a few more locations since then.

I came across MahaDao on Twitter this Dec. I instantly joined the telegram and noticed how accessible Steven was. This led me to do further research. I truly believe that this project will change the world. I am ALL in and have locked my Maha for 4 years.

As you can see from my writing abilities, I am not intellectually as gifted as most people here. However, I hope to contribute in many other ways. I have worked along with Xof and Fatbatman to develop two promotional videos for Maha. I have also brought 15-20 people into the project (roughly 65k Maha). I believe with 100% certainty that this project will impact many many people in a life changing dynamic. #Maha4Life


Hi companions,

I am Xof (read in same way as you would pronounce Xmas). I receive the monthly report of Lark who mentioned Maha late 2020, which made me study the project and made me participate in the IDO mid december.

I was mainly involved in private sales past year, so Maha was an exception for me. I usually approach projects I get involved with quite rationally. Maha is a project that grows on you, you look beyond the figures and start to understand the magnitude of the difference it can make. When you start to bond with like minded people, you start to live the mission.

I studied economy at university and have mainly experience in corporate functions. In my last function I was director for 10 countries (Northern Europe) for the company Dyson, mainly responsible for the strategy and leading teams of sales, marketing and finance in these countries. I get excited by brainstorms on how to grow a business and love to travel to experience different cultures, which I was able to do in this role.
I decided after many years of service to take some sabbatical, which leaves me time for things that passionate me. Like family, travel, humanitarian projects and art.

I am also a musician and an actor, which is a perfect yang to my business yin. I was lucky to be playing on big festivals and some tv series. I love travelling to see concerts of the bands I admire.

There are many projects with great concepts, but its people that makes the difference and makes it worth to invest your time in. People like Steven and his team, people you connect with in the governance group. I like to achieve goals which makes me determined, but its crucial to enjoy the road taken to get there, and if possible make friends along the way.

Maha is an exciting journey, and I am looking forward to meet you guys in person when we get this project going.


Hello MahaDao family and patrons,

My name is Jonathan also known as Jake Paul by the community. I actually don’t remember how I stumbled across MahaDao but I do remember how I felt about it when I did. I was instantly taken in by the vision of a value coin and its importance in the world today, especially after the year of 2020 and the spike of inflation. I bought into Maha on the morning of December 25th Christmas day as I had spent Christmas eve researching and woke up with it on my mind. I’ve been buying the dips ever since admittedly quite obsessively and have never been committed to a project as much as I have with Maha after being in crypto from mid 2017.

I have spent many of my years running a window cleaning company both for domestic and commercial clients. My company started to run at a loss with the arrival of Covid 19 so I had to close it and let my employees go. However this gave me the time to go full time into crypto which I have a passion for. Its had its ups and downs as you can imagine since I’ve committed myself greatly to mahadao regardless of price action but I’m extremely confident that I will be rewarded for my faith and commitment in due time.

I am not a very social person in general and have no social media apart from twitter which I use strictly for crypto but as many have probably noticed this community has brought me out of my shell as it feels more like a family than a social group. I have got a lot of time for everyone of you guys in the patrons as it feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime in crypto years. I’m a passionate person and like cryptohutch said in the patrons group it can be confused as aggression much of the time but I try my best to keep away from conflict as I want to do everything in my power to keep this community united. After all we are all here and passionate about this project for the same reason.

I have spent a lot of time understanding economics since being in crypto which has helped me understand the importance of arth. I have to say that I love this project and the vision. They say don’t marry your bags but I don’t just see Maha as a bag, I see it as a revolution, an essential tool in a world full of financial corruption and I believe that its success will have a great impact on financial systems around the world as we know it.

My commitment to this project is strong and I will do everything in my power to help to push it and keep the community strong. My strong point is moral and motivation and I’ll be using that at every possible chance in this community.

It is both an honour and pleasure to be along side you guys in this community and after reading your introductions it reassures me that I am in the right place. Many great minds, great histories and great people and maybe most importantly great visions or we wouldn’t be here. To all of the Maha family old and new I solute you all for your work in the community and so on, I look forward to the $100 dollar meet up to meet you all face to face and celebrate the success of this project.

God bless you all


Hey everyone my name is lyes known as UL in maha community feel free to call me Ultra :smiley:

I Found my way to Crypto World through a friend of mine IRL. i have known Bitcoin since late 2016 but did’nt think much of it at the time until September 2019 after i graduated from University i have stared to dive in. As most of you know im very active in telegram u might think im retired or so haha i wish i also have a day time job — i have diploma in telecommunication engineering but my work is not exactly related to the exact section i have studied for ( for now ) i work with a small group and i do stuff like camera installation and mounting , setup alarm system , and most of day time i work on site working on electric stuff which i can use the smartphone easly during work :grin:

I became very active and learned so much from crypto up to now. I discovered maha back in january 18th during the hype in twitter and back then i wanted to do a quick flip — unfortunately i aped at the wrong time durng token unlock the price dumped by 20% i sold immediately few days later i came across an article from coindesk i think explaining ARTH and after i saw the team behind it are indians based i had the same vibes when i was a true believer in matic which unfortuanately i did’nt hold up due lack of experience i have decided to dig and do my own research and found out what the team is trying to achieve here in the industry solving a problem or just hype. the thing i liked the most about ARTH is not only it pegged to GMU and fight inflation it came at the right moment during the highest inflation period we are seeing right now. i bacame an investor in the project and for the first few months i was’nt that active in the groups until late april begining of may around v2 arth which i liked the mechanism alot i decided to step up and contribute the way i can to bring/help new investors with query i also started to become more active day by day my activity grow exponentially until i became all time active user in mahadao community and i aint stopping until we mature. :100:

Before i moved to crypto before graduation i used to do gaming most of my free time : i was a very good player in Counter Strike Global Offensive —- Level 10 Face-it / Global Elite in MM’s and i had 4000 hours+ gameplay. :gun:

Looking forward meeting all of you Patrons when MAHA goes mainstream :v:

Cheers !


Hi I’m Javaughn or jJava the of maha maxi🤣,

I ve been with this project from the very beginning after learning about it through Polakstarter. I originally came for the quick flip but the ama got me interested enough to do a deep dive into the project and boom I broke the golden rule and married a project😂. My background and skills consist of law, anti money laundering and trust management, these are skills that I hold qualifications for and have a bit of experience in, however I’m actually a site superintendent currently working in construction. I’ve only gotten really involved with crypto early in 2020 where I was mostly being a degen, however after stumbling into the maha community I’ve begun to appreciate fundamentally strong projects more which is why I’ve stayed here, because I truly believe this project can change lives.

As far as my role in the community goes I’m a moderator of the price channel, an original patron before it was a thing, helping community member where I can and trying to maintain order. With all of this being said it’s a pleasure to take this next step with you all!


Hey guys,

I am Riz and also known as Geniusmillennial on the chats. I am based in Zurich - Switzerland. I have joined the Maha Community very early, I think around February 2021. I have been following this project all the way through its up and downs but in the grand scheme of things I am very impressed with how the team keeps at it and this also keeps me active in the community.

A bit on who I am and what skills I bring to the table. I have an engineering background and studied at the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. I continued then to work as a graduate researcher at the Harvard Engineering School in Boston for a while (Microrobotics) and then moved back to Switzerland to work as a digital strategy consultant at one of the Big Swiss banks. There I was involved in digital assets and asset tokenization projects. In the former role, I worked at a high-growth InsurTech where I lead the Blockchain Strategy for the business all the way to launching a crypto payment interface for the customers. In my current role I am working as a product manager for the biggest crypto bank in Switzerland in the Crypto Valley Zug.

I got into crypto in 2016 where I developed together with a friend a Monero Crypto Wallet. I continued to launch other project in the space e.g. a crypto market app. At the moment beside of my day job I am working on an NFT collectible that will launch in November on Opensea. PM if you want to know more.

I enjoy being at the interface of Tech & Business and I can add value to Maha by making great infographics and other marketing material (I worked as a freelancer for UI / UX design next to my studies). I can also support on CX design and/or other strategic topics. I am also skilled at web development but I think there is sufficient care already.

Great to be here with you guys.

Stay safe and let’s keep hustling


Hello mahadao family, my name is Marian

I have known crypto since Bitcoin was born but unfortunately I never took a very serious approach until the pandemic arrived.
Investing in Mahadao was pure instinct, I remember seeing the logo on polkastarter and thinking…this is the righ one, then once I met the team and the project I was fascinated
About me … is the first time I try to describe myself and I realize how difficult it is, I believe that a person is the sum of his experiences and personally I have had so many ups and downs in life
I was born under the sign of pisces so my mind is quite twisted :exploding_head::sweat_smile:, but I believe that creativity is my strong point, I like to look for solutions, do analysis and sometimes make healthy opposition.
Currently work as an exhibition builder in the most important museums in Italy

It is an honor for me to be part of this community, and I hope that one day we will be able to have a first meeting


Hello everyone,

like some other patrons, I come from a small country in the heart of Europe. I keep myself mostly inconspicuous in the background, but maybe you recognise me as S. (Siganl2o). I have been in this project since at least the beginning of February 2021 and have experienced all the hurdles up to here with interest (and where possible also actively helped to overcome them.). Mostly, however, I try to prevent foreseeable problems ahead of time. Looking at the long distance rather than a short one.

Since English is not my national language, I rarely reveal much about myself and I do not like small talk, therefore I rarely comment in brief. However, I am always present in the background and am happy when I can contribute to the success of Maha and Arth.

I have been a (social) entrepreneur on the World Wide Web since my childhood and started conceptualising and building large online platforms, content and communication platforms and networks a decade before FB & Co. which were often ahead of their time, but never with the intention of making big money. A salaried job was therefore never something for me, and so today I still enjoy the advantages of being an entrepreneur with a own company, especially in terms of independence and time management.

I am an enormously inquisitive person and have always wanted to see the maximum big picture. Accordingly, among other things, I love to read specialist books on every conceivable subject in order to get the most accurate picture possible from all the available pieces of the puzzle. From geopolitics to exopolitics, from quantum physics to the psychology of the masses.

In the field of economy and money, these are e.g. topics such as the monetary system, the interest system, the distribution of money and wealth, the common good economy, the happiness economy, the circular economy (cradle to cradle), the barter economy, money projects such as “WIR” in Switzerland or Shrink Money in Wörgl (Tirol/Austria), the full-money system, crowdfunding or the unconditional basic income etc.

I try to use my accumulated knowledge, my experience, my ethical values and my time for good projects. For example, against food waste, to support independent journalism or here at MahaDAO, for a fairer and better monetary system.

I think MahaDAO has a good vision, ambitious goals and great potential to make a positive difference in the world. The team, the blockchain technology and the help of many dedicated people around the world can help Maha and Arth become an integral part of the financial world. This won’t happen overnight, but we are all working on it - step by step - day by day, to make this vision a reality. I am happy to be a small part of this group, this team and the realisation of this vision.

PS: If you speak German, you are welcome to communicate with me in German.


Hey guys!

My name is Sebastian (@SebGme) and I’ve stumbled upon MAHA project in early January this year when one of my friends brought it up in our TG group - I was simply mesmerized by the goal this project aims to resolve, so I started to read into it. Time passed and I’m here with you trying to make it all work,

I’m not an architect nor a scientist, actually I’ve never studied anything officially. I started at the bottom making my way up as I come from a rather poor family. After some time I saved a little money, but was quite exhausted with work. I pushed off a vision to study as I’m not a fan of our education system and my experiences were very negative. I decided to immigrate to Scotland and I have spent there 5 years learning the language, having a good time with new people and of course - working my ass off.

During that time I always took a 2-3 months off each year - and each year I chose to travel. I’ve visited some countries including Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and more. Those were really meaningful journeys to me as I believe it built me to be a better man - there’s a long way to go though :sweat_smile:

Except travelling I decided to study our financial system by myself by reading many books and articles, having an argument with other people and confronting views with each other - I was educating myself how to invest money and why most people lose money. Now I invest my money with success and hopefully MAHA will be another successful piece in my crypto portfolio. If not the time travelling and studying this I probably would never be aware of the horrible financial crimes (I’m not afraid to name it like this) our system has caused to people’s lives.

Now, me and my girlfriend are running an online shop in Poland, sending our products all over the world, mostly US. In the meantime I spend my time in the crypto world! :wink:

I also play guitar and piano as I love music very much :heart_eyes: I love to discover our world and nature, I love to read about every aspect of Earth’s life, universe and beyond, but I guess it’s not really crypto related. OK, I think that’s it, another “cool story bro” :joy:

I am open-minded, so hit me hard with what you’ve got if you need anything, cheers guys! :v:


Hi lads!
This is Fatbatman, not the crime-fighting vigilante (I’m a little out of shape for that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)… But… I’m a decent video editor. In fact, you guys might know me from my previous work, the Arth hype video.
My story is a little funny… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I never had any experience with Crypto and if you told me a month ago that I’d be right here not just doing videos for the community but also being part of that very community, I would’ve just said that you’re out of your mind. that was until few weeks ago when I met Joey. He stumbled upon my profile on Fiverr. I was doing freelance as a side hustle. Nothing too big, I worked on some projects here and there, sharpened my skills, and improved my taste.
Then, one day, I was checking my inbox when I found this message from Joey. He liked a sample I posted on my seller profile and asked if we could do something similar for Arth. And then… this is where my story actually begins, everything went smooth as butter. The community liked my work and soon enough, we were already working on the second video.
The short period I spent among you guys, taught me a lot of stuff. I learned about Crypto, how communities work, and especially how teamwork can make wonders. Speaking from my own experience, all the videos I’ve been doing for Maha are results of combined efforts; without your guidance it would’ve never been as good as it is now.
With that being said, I’d like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity, especially those who have been with me since the beginning :pray: . You guys are serving a cause worth fighting for. I believe in the power of this community and its role in re-shaping this world to a better place.
I’ll do my best to rise the bar with every piece of work I deliver. Wishing you all the best :v: :v:
Let’s keep on pushing and shining! :star2: :star2:


Hi guys!
I am Ivan, not Ivan on Tech, but I still like my coffee - no milk, no sugar involved :smiley: . I am ETL programmer and I am in crypto since 2017 and DeFi in particular. I am in Maha community since mid Dec 2020. I was really impressed of Maha desire to improve the stable coin space and introduce a very innovative stable coin. Since then, until today and after today, I am trying to help and support the project.

Some more information about me. I have bachelor degree of Finance and Master in Statistics. I am from Bulgaria, small and beautiful country. I do sport and I am very interested in football, the real one. I have a fiancé, my partner in crime. She is very good web designer. She is very familiar in MahaDao project too, because of me :smiley: . Sometimes she is mad at me because of the crypto, but now she got used to it.

Really pleasure to be part of this community and looking forward meeting you all, guys.

Stay safe and Maha to the :full_moon: !


Hey guys,

This is so amazing to get to know all of you and hear your stories :smiley: For many (almost all) the people here and in the various groups, I know them very clearly by their username and avatar.

I don’t like to talk too much about myself than letting my work speak for itself, however I’ll give a small intro for the purpose of this thread and thanks mike for starting this up :slight_smile:

A brief about myself

I’m a computer nerd and I’ve been glued to one since I was 6. I’ve been an odd child since my early days and that carried out through my high school and even till today. I love math, I am an introvert and I like to spend my time finding problems to things.

In University I’d spend most of my time going through other lectures rather than the ones I was assigned to. I was always curious to learn new things and that carries forward even today to myself. I’ve always had an emotional mind in that I find satisfaction in helping others.

I’ve also been exposed to many hardships about life. My grandfather ran a small pesticide service in India and we’ve come from a very poor background. My father worked hard and sacrificed a lot to find wealth and stabilize our family.

I’ve been living in middle east as a foreigner and so I have seen racism, terrorism, religious inequality and uneven economies. With that background, I’ve come to develop a perspective about the world which I still try to develop and mature even today.

At a very young age I had to drop out of University of Toronto, because I got involved with computer hacking. So in my early 20s itself I found myself without a job, in a new country and having to build a career from scratch. Fortunately many entrepreneurs found that I was gifted with coding and computers, and so I had short stints with a couple of startups in Mumbai, India.

I kept building a small fortune for myself, working day and night, over the weekends and sometimes sleeping on the floor.

I started my first startup and acquired my first competitor at the age of 22. But I was very much still running my ship paycheck to paycheck. A few years later only did I realize the importance of economics when it came to being an entrepreneur and that where I started building products around cryptocurrencies because of the economical impact a lot of cryptocurrencies had, especially bitcoin.

I’ve seen both sides of being rich and poor. I’m not interested in making money and that does not motivate me at all. I’d just like to do something that could change the world and just be remembered for that. That’s all.

Why I’ve started MAHA?

It hurts me deeply when I see family members or the people I care for struggle with financial, mental, medical, societal issues simply because they live in a system that does not favors them by choice. I’ve seen both ends of society, being both poor and rich, lived in different democracies, seen different economies, to understand how flawed and corrupt most systems are.

There seemed to be a common denominator and that was having an incorruptible form of governance which worked for the people.

MahaDAO started out simply as a project creating a currency that did not erode the wealth of the people. But now it is turning itself into creating a society or an economy that is decentralized and works for the people. Which is a much bigger picture than just a simple currency.

I’d like to think that by creating a well structured economy, we can find the answers to some global issues such as terrorism, poverty, world-hunger and so on.

In the end, I’d just like to make the world a better and more happier place and I hope to do that with my work and with all of you together. I’m eternally grateful to the contributions of the various people in this journey :pray:


Hello Everybody!

So I’m Marzook and go as immortal. You may find me under “Maharaja (a.k.a King of kings)server role in Discord. I mostly restrict myself to Discord because I just fancy that platform and its very methodical with sub-channels for various topics and options to host , many types of community events. Also this is the go-to community platform of the crypto projects which I invested back in 2017 through my brother who was developer and big time into crypto related stuff. It was in fact he who introduced MahaDAO to me. The investments I made in 2017/18 period didn’t go particularly well for me though, so I took a grace period and started relook at crypto and Defi in late 2020.

This time around my strategy was strictly to focus on ICO’s and IDO’s , this is where MahaDAO
came to picture and I joined the band wagon and despite my strategy to exit with profit , I decided to hang around maha because from the onset I knew the project had strong fundamentals and being spearheaded by some visionary leaders has the potential to be one of the top Defi projects. I particular admired the charisma of Steven who I felt even inspired and instilled a sense confidence upon the community. I also made sure then I participated in the multiple AMA’s and other community events held by Maha, in addition to being a great source to earn rewards , it was treasure cove of insights into the project and team. I honestly believed Maha would have listed in Binance in matter of weeks from TGE based on the vibe I initially got from the team and the community. To this extent I was holding my bag even after Maha started descending from its ATH. I saw this as an opportunity to accumulate more from February onwards as this was my longest holding bag at that time. But what matters for me the most is the Journey and the ups and downs we all faced as a community which was headstrong and gave the team the support it deserved throughout the year, needless to say it was though considering the Arth V1 although being technically sound didn’t go as planned inevitability delayed the scaling of the project. I’m glad that it is all behind us and that we are back on track in achieving the project milestone of solving the underline issues pertaining to wealth inequality.

Good Luck Team Maha and may god bless us all!


Hey maha fam! I go by the name Bob Sacamano on telegram (Cosmo Kramer’s often mentioned, but never actually seen best friend from the tv show, Seinfeld). He is by far, the most popular, yet simultaneously anonymous star character of a tv show that you’ve never actually met. I thought the anonymity factor of this name was fitting for a crypto moniker. Everyone knows him, but no one has ever seen him (well, that is except for our dear friend Joey) who I attended university with. We are great friends who chat often. He is like a brother to me. He is not joking about his connections in Vegas either! He’s hooked up me and many of our friends with numerous VIP treatments and poolside cabanas at some of the best clubs on the strip. That being said, we’ve always shared a passion for investments and cryptocurrency. It was early January when he first told me about maha. I didn’t need much convincing after learning about the goals of the project. I started buying maha around $17, and have been adding to my bag for the last 10 months consistently. I locked 80% of my maha for 4yrs without thinking twice about it. I’ve spoken with Steven several times and he is by far one of the most innovative, yet humble creators in the space, hands down. His willingness to chat with me, really anyone for that matter, was one of the main reasons I was so enamored by this project. Not to mention the potential world changing goals he has set forth. I can’t imagine the amount of DMs he has! I am a massive supporter of NFTs and own a few hundred. I would love to see some sort of NFT platform incubated by Mahastarter, however I know this is nowhere near the overarching goal of the project. I think it would be fun though, and you better believe I’d mint the heck out of any NFTs put forth by my beloved Maha. I also hold a good amount of ARTH and Arthx. I love this ecosystem and the people in this group are amazing. Thank you Michael for putting this discussion out there. I’ve had a fantastic time getting to know the people behind their telegram handles today. I read everyone’s bio and honestly feel like I know you guys on a bit more of a personal level now. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this project. I was always in it for the long haul, so I put my maha where my mouth is and locked it in for the ride. LFG!!!