Graphic Design Resources

Please submit below any tutorial guides, software, or tips for getting started in graphic design.

Hi guys, I did a while back a sophisticated info graphic for the Maha Community, that got great feedback. See below in the images.

Here is a quick guide on what tools to use. You can text me anytime when you have more questions regarding color schemes and styling guidelines.


  • Sketch - only on Mac and what I use
  • Adobe Illustrator - advanced software but great to create very custom designs and vector graphics
  • - Online platform to design simple but great looking illustrations


  • First of all, make sure to use the right marketing materials that you can download here ARTH - World's First Valuecoin - A Timeless DeFi Revolution (it includes logos suitable for different backgrounds, fonts etc.)
  • Understand for what audience the illustration is and for what purpose e.g. a simple announcement should be low in text and provide a bold message easy to understand. On the other hand, if you are creating an info graphic, you want to structure it well and have more detailed information. Generally speaking, less is more.
  • Flaticon and Freepik website provides a lot of material and vector graphics that can be used for the infographic. Some of them are for personal use only so make sure you check for that

Text me anytime on Telegram. You will find me under Geniusmillennial.