Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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MAHA Common Questions - Google Docs

1. Where is ARTH listed?

Arth is listed on DFYN exchange and PolyDEX (CNT Network)

2. Where is MAHA listed?

MAHA is listed on the following exchanges:

Uniswap ( DEX on Ethereum )

Kucoin ( CEX ) ( CEX )

Dfyn (DEX on Polygon )

3. Why is my MahaX balance slowly reducing?

The MahaX ratio calculates from present day to expiry date. As time nears closer to the nominated expiry date, MahaX balance will decrease at a rate of 0.00068 MahaX per Maha Locked per day. To maintain your initial MahaX balance, update and extend the lock period, or lock more maha for the same period.

4. How do I get MAHAX?

  • 1- configure polygon network — Setting up MetaMask for Matic mainnet (custom RPC/Mapping mainnet)

If you’re wondering which wallet you should use, consider downloading MetaMask.

  • Click on the network selection button on the top of the app.

Click on the “Custom RPC” to add the Matic mainnet information.

Select “Custom RPC”.

Enter in the Matic mainnet details as follows:

  • Network Name: Matic Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

Guide on how to use the bridge : Guide to using the Matic Bridge to bridge tokens from Ethereum to Polygon (Matic Network) | by Stakingbits | Stakingbits | Medium

MAHA(Polygon) Contract add: 0xedd6ca8a4202d4a36611e2fff109648c4863ae19

  • lock > 300 maha on for 4 years or > 1200 maha for 1 year.

Very detailed instructions can also be found here: (credit to @P3aceLilly)

5. Marketing Proposal

Hello! Kindly reach out via with your detailed proposal :slightly_smiling_face:

6. What are the benefits of locking up Maha for MahaX?

-Earning Platform Fees

-Voting Rights and Control of distribution of maha emissions

-Proposal Submission (Exclusive to those with min 2,500 MahaX)

-Presale allocations for Incubated projects

-Airdrops and Staking rewards including IBO’s Tokens, ARTH, USDC and MAHA

7. Locking MAHAX

Assuming 1000 MAHA is vote-locked:

MahaX vote-locked

1000 4 years

250 1 year

127.4 6 month

63.7 3 month

21.23 1 month

4.79 1 week

If you are locking 300 maha for 4 years to try get 300 mahaX - this will return 299 mahaX, because the calculation is based on present day to expire of lock, so it gradually decays.

If you want to do minimum maha to lock for the pool, recommended to lock 310 maha for 4 years, to get roughly 309 mahaX, which after some time will still hold above 300 mahax.
Lock here:

Maha needs to be on Polygon Network

8. Hello!
Hello, Welcome to MahaDAO :wave:

Kindly visit the official website to know more about MahaDAO:

Check out the World’s First Valuecoin $ARTH:
Give it a read:

9. Where can I learn more about MahaDAO?
See this thread →

Also see the documentation here →

10. What are the use cases for ARTH?

  • Value/stable coin pegged To GMU ( 80% Fiat , 15% Gold , 5% Bitcoin ) right now the GMU is at 2$ means 1 ARTH = 2$ — Ideally the GMU Should increase at not more than 10% and not less than 5% APY
  • Backed With 110% Collateral — Each ARTH on circulation is at least 110% Backed by MATIC , ETH , BTC , USDT , USDC
  • Medium of Exchange & Store of Value ( Protector of Wealth : designed to protect a user its purchasing power )
  • Performing Arbitrage Across Multiple Volatile Currencies
  • Taking Leverage positions on ETH/BTC

11. Where’s my ARTH v1 ?

Arth V2 was Airdropped in Polygon Network (Matic Network). In order to view your tokens you need to add Matic Mainnet in Custom RPC in Metamask & Add Custom Token with the following contract address:

ARTH (Polygon) Contract: 0xe52509181feb30eb4979e29ec70d50fd5c44d590

You can also view if you have been airdropped the ARTH V2 tokens by checking & double check with the final snapshot if something is missing.

*snapshot : MahaDAO ARTH v2 Snapshot - Google Sheets

12. When is the next IBO?

The team has not released any information on the next IBO. However, I’m sure they will announce it once they are ready!

Please follow Telegram: Contact @MahadaoAnnouncements to stay up to date on all the new announcements!

13. What is MAHA tokenomics?

Here’s all the info about MAHA tokenomics →

14. Is there any roadmap?

You can check the live roadmap here →

15. What is the distribution of MAHA tokens?

You can see all the details in this distribution chart → MAHA Token Distribution - Google Sheets

16. Where can I find MAHA on social media?



Telegram ANN channel:


Discord -

Reddit -

Github -

Medium -

17. What are the addresses of MAHA ecosystem tokens?

ARTH (Polygon): 0xe52509181feb30eb4979e29ec70d50fd5c44d590

MAHA (ETH): 0xb4d930279552397bba2ee473229f89ec245bc365

ARTHX (Polygon): 0xd354d56dae3588f1145dd664bc5094437b889d6f

MAHA (Polygon): 0xedd6ca8a4202d4a36611e2fff109648c4863ae19

You can find the same on

*Please abstain from interacting with or buying addresses that are not the official ones or clones of the official address.

18. I staked my MAHA tokens, where can I find it?

Please find below the links of staking pools exclusively for MAHA holders:

MAHA April Staking Pool:

MAHA December Staking Pool:

You can find all previous, current and future MAHA staking pools on our website here -

19. What’s the total supply of MAHA token?

$MAHA has a total supply of: 9,997,846 MAHA tokens

20. What’s the total supply of ARTH?

ARTH is a supply/demand token. New ARTH tokens are minted only when a user puts collateral into the system.