Delegate Template

Registration for Delegates – Important Information.

If you would like to become a MahaDAO Delegate, please follow these steps;

  1. First make sure you have a secure wallet with your MahaDAO NFT held in it. We recommend using a hardware (cold wallet) device.

  2. Visit
    Search for ‘MahaDAO’ and join the DAO.

  3. Preview the Delegate Template below, and once you’re ready create a new thread in this topic; the template below will popup, simply replace with your details and add a statement.

Delegate Announcement Form

Tally Profile: (post your tally profile link)
Wallet ID: Ox…123abc
NFT ID: OpenSea Link
ENS: Yes / No [example.eth]

Delegate Statement

Let the community know more about you, tell us why you have become a MahaDAO Delegate and what you hope to achieve. You can format and present this section however you wish to do so :slight_smile:


  • Tell us about yourself?
  • Why have you chosen to become a MahaDAO Delegate?
  • Do you have any personal goals or ambitions that you would like to see MahaDAO work towards?

Delegate Agreement

I [insert-ENS/Wallet ID] on this day [00-Month-Year] do declare and assert my status as a MahaDAO Delegate. I will uphold and abide by the MahaDAO Constitution as it pertains to the rules of Delegates – more specifically;

  • Delegates must act in good faith of the community in which they represent; by no means shall they engage in any malicious behavior or exercise their power arbitrarily.

This agreement is binding to the original wallet ID.

Further amendments to the DA directly or via the MahaDAO Constitution, are assumed to have the Delegates consent; providing there has been prior notification of 7-days minimum to the Delegate.

To finalize the agreement, please attach proof of your registration fee below.

Registration Fee Payment
Send 10 MAHA to;
This will be used to help reward community activities.
Copy and paste the transaction link

To support this Delegate, visit the tally profile link provided above and follow the prompts to nominate your voting power.