D'cent hardware wallet

I decided to buy this device because I am 99% a smartphone user…and because I don’t like so much ledger live app

So, the device is really cool!! have an oled screen and a fingerprint sensor (necessary to login and to confirm transactions) and of course Bluetooth

Step 1. like in any other wallet you have to create a new wallet, write your seeds on the paper …etc
Step 2. you need a pc first time, because the firmware can be updated only from pc. You have to download d’cent Bridge from the official website and then follow the procedure for the update
Step 3. Download the app from the playstore
This is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kr.iotrust.dcent.wallet

And here’s come the nice part, the app is …
like Trustwallet but allows you to choose what wallet you want to use

You can select the hardware wallet or the card wallet (this is really cool :sunglasses:) or you can create a hot wallet (of course with another set of seeds)
Have the internal browser, with something like 17 chain, I connected with no problem in both maha and scallop app

In the menu you can find a lot of tokens, unfortunately for maha I have to do the manual adding (but already send the request to add maha to the team)
This is the screenshot from the main page