DAO Leaderboard System

MahaPeeps Leaderboard System

As a member, you gain access to compete in our monthly leaderboard to earn your share of the Prize Pool. The rules are simple;

:one: - Participants must be registered.
:two: - Bot/Multi-accounts is Prohibited.
:three: - Only posts with a Positive :white_check_mark: tally are counted.
:four: - Editing posts is Prohibited; delete and repost instead.
:five: - React to your own post with :white_check_mark: after submitting an activity for voting.
:six: - To subtract a point, react to posts with :x:

Activity Post example;

:white_check_mark: = +1 point

:x: = -1 point

Posts with a negative tally do not earn points.

In the example test below, we use a Prize pool of 2500 Maha to demonstrate how point totals are automated into distributed rewards.

The total prize pool is divided by total points, this gives us the ‘Maha Rate’,

2600 / 796 = 3.26

The Maha rate is the value of each point, which updates dynamically based on prize pool and participation changes throughout the epoch.

Prize Pool and Donations
Each month we have a designated budget for the prize pool – in future this can be determined by gauge vote. In addition to the base prize, people may donate Maha if they wish. This can help distributed supply and encourage more activities.

The donation address is: eth:0x516bd18Ba17f70f08C8C91fE7F9Ee2105DC275d2

Referral Bonus
Members can also earn bonus points for referring another leaderboard participant. The referral bonus is relative to overall engagement, using a multiplier of the arithmetic mean.
(a/b) * 3
a = total points
b = total activities
Example: (796/93) *3 = 25.67 points
This ensures that the referral bonus maintains a greater reward value relative to all other activity and voting.

Disclaimer: This is an on-going program that is subject to change in the future. As a DAO, we will further aim to improve the opportunities and value for our community.

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