DAO Leaderboard System

MahaPeeps Leaderboard System

As a member, you gain access to compete in our monthly leaderboard to win your share of the Prize Pool. The rules are simple;

After submitting an activity post:

  1. Use the :+1: to allocate +1 point, or :-1: to subtract a point.
  2. Votes can change until the end of Month
  3. Edited posts will be removed

Activity Post example;

:+1: = +1 point
:-1: = -1 point

Posts with a negative tally do not earn points.

In the example test below, we use a Prize pool of 2500 Maha to demonstrate how point totals are automated into distributed rewards.

The total prize pool is divided by total points, this gives us the β€˜Maha Rate’,

2500 / 209 = 11.96

The Maha rate is the value of each point, which updates dynamically based on prize pool and participation changes throughout the epoch.

Volunteer Integration
Contributors can also opt to donate their rewards back into the follow months prize pool. This will be indicated on the leaderboard with the :recycle: symbol next to the contributor (as indicated in the above image).

The system essentially applies governance to contributions, and gamification elements to further encourage participation. What is also important, is that both value determination and distribution is democratically achieved -- and therefor self-regulating. In addition, it can be automated and decentralized on chain as a dapp.

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