Community Tasks

I’d like to give a suggestion about some cost-free marketing we might push forward in our groups. This includes:

  1. To use our community power to upvote, like and retweet MAHA tweets, posts etc. That would be something like a pinned message in the price discussion and instructions what to do.

  2. I will be spamming with this, but you have to excuse me - our team should register on and give updates and create events happening in the near future like coming staking campaign, mahalend implementaion, Arth Loans etc. - again that would be pinned in MAHA chat so people can easily see the post and make those two or three clicks to upvote these events.

In return that would give us more exposure to wider audience and more people would recognize the project. Oh, and it’s cost-free. Steven mentioned couple days back that he would forward this suggestion to the marketing team, but hey, I’m just pushing it :slight_smile: :wink:

I will be more than happy if someone else have any other ideas that are easy to implement and to use in TG group (Discord too?)

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