Arthx Pirates NFT idea

arthx needs a use case and some attention - eyeballs from outside the community.

Building on the original thought by Shanian within the maha price forum.

What about the idea of the arthx pirates? with pirate based NFTs? @enamakel said they have artists within the team now… BitBoy was mocking maha and arth on his live stream making out that arth and maha sounded like pirate phrases - it was pretty funny, we could take that theme and run with it - get some additional attention

Something like if you hold a certain number of arthx you get a pirate NFT with some random rare traits - which you can build an ecosystem around, arthx pirate community with merchandise , special forum - something fun.


We should definitely have some kind of activity done in place with NFTs for the MAHA communities. Similar to how we did the NFTs for the ARTH Genesis.

However, if we are looking at creating a use case for ARTHX there already is one and my belief is that it’ll slowly start to get more and more prominence as the protocol and ecosystem grows.

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Yes NFTs can create additional value add. I understand the use case of arthx, but as an additional incentive it would add even further value - which in turn would bring in the eyeballs in. Launching on BSC as you are planning in the future, they love nfts etc over there - just something additional in the mix.

What kind of usage does Arthx have? You say you will only earn 25-50% of fee. When fee for Arthx ?But 1 person could not win it. You are telling how they will win. How will people buy Arthx. It is very difficult to buy. Why is this so disimportant for you. Genesis investors are at 75% damage. First you need to be happy with this.