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What is a DAO Patron?
A ‘DAO Patron’ is a member of the MahaDao community who demonstrates and provides exceptional value with their contributions and support to the project and community. In turn, each Patron is rewarded by one another with the Maha token. This allocation is provided monthly by the MahaDao ecofund.

If you’re passionate about MahaDao, and want to apply your skills with driving growth, awareness, and adoption, then we encourage you to reach out :slight_smile:

Application Template and Questionnaire
a) Please link your member introduction thread (Community Members Introduction)
b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?
c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?
d) What is your Telegram handle?
e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).
f) What motivates you?
g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?
h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?
i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?
j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?
k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

If there is anything else you would like to share or add to you application, please do.

For additional information please read our DAO Patron Charter. This is required and will need to be read agreed upon prior to joining.

Applicates for consideration will be Approved or Rejected by vote, with successful applicants formally appointed as a DAO Patron.

We also reserve the right to commence identity verification measures to ensure that each individual member is unique.

Thank you for your expression of interest.

Hey people! I actually didn’t think to apply for such a role, however after having a conversation with Doreann I’d like to give it a go as he somehow convinced me to apply (thanks for that!) I would support our MAHA team anyway, but I believe being a patron is something to be more serious with.

a) My little introduction can be found here: Community Members Introduction - #15 by Sebastian

b) It was sometime in early January when I dived in

c) I currently hold 310 MAHA locked for a duration of 4 years which equals 307.6 MAHAX at the moment (4th of November, 2021). Can increase the amount anytime :slight_smile:

d) @SebGme


  • I think I know our ecosystem well enough to explain most of the complexities to confused members, I keep looking in when there’s no one around to answer questions in the main chat.
  • I try to keep pushing with some of my ideas regarding marketing as this deserves more visibility
  • Me along with another member of our group (@gregsikora) run a Polish MahaDAO group on Telegram. It has started just recently and we aim to reach to many more people in coming weeks, that’s what I focus on as of now.

f) A main factor that motivates me the most is MahaDAO’s vision of infation-proof coin as on many occasions through my journeys I’ve encountered huge money-related problems (Inflation crisis in Iran 2018 or Turkey 2019). It comes back every now and then and the problem still persists. We can actually change it though, and that’s amazing.

g) I think at least 20 hours a week

h) That’s a tricky one - for crypto guys I would say: MahaDAO is a solid project with extremely good fundamentals, one of the fairest tokenomics I’ve seen and enormous benefits of locking MAHA which in return rewards you with all high quality incubated projects launching from MAHAstater, platform fees, MAHA tokens and all this is just a start, gentlemen.

i) All of my feedback and opinions are shared on MahaDAO telegram groups when something crosses my mind

j) Imagine a coin that lets you pay for everything just as regular money, but this increases in value and you can save your money almost effortless - you break out of the system and damaging effects of its actions - all this is a decentralized community from all over the world experiencing very similar financial obstacles along the way and here comes MahaDAO with ready solution. How huge is it?

k) I think that’s it :v:


Hello guys! After a conversation with Michael, I decided to apply for DAO Patron, thanks for that Mike. I am a supporter of MahaDao anyway, but as a Patron is different. Lets start with the points:

a) My intro: Community Members Introduction - #17 by nonoobs
b) Around mid Dec 2020.
c) I have 300 MahaX, however I am top 50 holder on ETH and top 20 on polygon. This can be changed to 2500 MAHAX at any time.
d) @nonoobs91

  • I know the protocol very well and I am willing to contribute in improving the discord channel
  • I can help and improve the forum
  • Can help with designing stuffs, as my fiancée is very good at design

f) I am very interested in the idea of inflation-proof coin and the MahaStarter. As I am investor too, I have skin in the game, which is the most important factor.
g) around 20-30h.
h) The MahaDao is a very innovative project with solid fundamentals, the tokenomics is great as after Nov there won’t be any private and seed investors and the inflation of the token will drop from 2% to 0.5%/mo. MahaStarted is great launchpad, that not only gives you tokens on IDO price, but also as a rewards if you stake MahaX. MahaLend is a product in the pipeline that will increase the TVL as the people will use it to increase their exposure to crypto. As with every year Maha becoming more and more decentralize with this tokenomics, this will be our best selling point.
i) marketing, marketing, marketing, I am known that I share openly my feedback, but only criticizing ideas, not people
j) I see ARTH as a way of payment in the everyday life. Simply as it is :slight_smile: .
k) That’s all folks, great to be part of that community and stay safe :crossed_fingers:.



Thanks for this opportunity to be able to show interest in being a little more part of this awesome project. Below are the answers to the questionnaire from above:

a) Community Members Introduction - #21 by Oluwadizzle

b) Between January and February this year.

c) Yes. 509 MahaX locked for 4years. Would be adding more subsequently.

d) @oluwadizzle

e) Having had experience in supporting a couple of crypto projects in the past as well as my personal work experience in management, IT, operations, to mention a few: coupled with the fact that I am an avid believer and investor in the project, I believe I would be able to handle any tasks I am put in care of, dilligently!

f) My enthusiasm for crypto as a whole and how much I like to be involved in projects with great foresight.

g) 20hrs a week

h) MahaDAO is a very different project in the sense of its innovation and what it is trying to do in the crypto world, especially in the DAO aspect. The different products we have under MahaDAO and their benefits e.g Mahastarter; a good example of the benefits of holding Maha is it gives you access to participating in IBO’s, MahaX; staking your Maha to have voting power in the governance of the DAO, earning, airdrops… the list goes on.

i) Personally I don’t, I love the fact that there is always a moderator available to answer to my queries. I have even spoken to Steven a couple of times on my feedback and received responses, this is something I hardly see in other projects or communities.

j) The fact that Arth is on the path to increasing purchasing power and maintaining a stable value ensuring a fair wealth distribution governed by you.

k) Nothing for now

a) *Please link your member introduction thread ([Community Members Introduction] Community Members Introduction - #22 by Ghustanov

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?
I have been on this Community from 1 month ago

c) Do you hold any MahaX? - (Amount and Lock duration)
Recently i had to sell my 500MAHA due a financial issue, but when i get recovered i wiil buy again.

d) What is your Telegram handle?
My Telegram handle is @ghustanov

e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).
I have a business administrator degree, so i can contribute with the organization with my knowledge of business model, i work with teams, i know 2 languages (spanish and english), i have experience in crypto currencies from 3 years until now, and i like to do research, being like a sort of advisor, looking the problems and work with solutions. I can help with hispanic people, do the traslation of the information related to the project, and spread the word.
f) What motivates you?
Steven motivates me, how a person with his spirit is looking for people´s welbeing, specially in countries like Venezuela with a hyperinflated economy, a very volatile local currency, and difficult access to global markets. MahaDao could potencially opens a lot of opportunities to the people, retailers and commercial enviroments, with an inflation proof coin.
g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?
At least 12hours a day , every day because this type of projects needs a lot of effort and dedication.
h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?
MahaDao it is a potencially Project focus on develop a crypto token who really offers stability of a currency, thru governance have possibilities to be part of the DAO , offering rewards every time you do staking, gas lees fee on transactions in near future, access to lending, DeFi Banks, so there is a lot about MahaDao to explore.

i) *Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?
From the moment, use more resources to marketing. I know you are waiting for the devs to achieve the goals, but all the effort could be vanished if the people can comunicates,

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?
A positive impact on the intraday trasactions , fast, clean, reliable and stable. MahaLends, and MahaStarted are the funding stones of all of this, just imagine forget about devaluation, obtain benefits from staking.
k) Is there anything else you would like to share?
Yes, everybody needs to know MahaDao project for everything their offers.

A ) Introduction : Community Members Introduction - #23 by rahul
B) From Day 1
C) 310 Mahax locked for 4 years
D) rahulkrchourasia
E) I will contribute through memes, gifs , graphics and so on.
F) The hard work of Steven motivates me to work for this project and attach my name with this project in some way.
G) 20+ Hours
H) I have already influenced many peoples in my circle about MahaDao, the vision of the project, the products coming in and everything.
I) No Critcism on my part as i understand every project goes through some bad phases, V1 was the that phase imo.
J) Inflation will speak for MahaDao, no need to speak more let the product do the talking.
K) I am also a top 15 Holder on Polygon and i feel this is my retirement bag.

Hi everyone!

I decided to apply after a conversation with Michael.

a) My introduction post: Community Members Introduction - #25 by jennyczya

b) I can’t boast with something big here, I’ve just joined the community, because I saw how dedicated each member is and that the community is really working to improve the project. A lot of people are mentioning how impressed they are with Steven and I can see from the forum posts that patrons are really doing their best.

c) I have a small deposit, which is why I haven’t really thought about locking a big percentage of it just yet. So I don’t hold any tokens for now, but I would gladly buy and lock some once (and if :slight_smile:) my deposit grows.

d) @echuchina

e) I speak Russian, English and some Spanish, I am good at writing and explaining stuff, I love Excel (except for VBA), I am good at accounting (I am an ACCA and a US CPA), I like to work on puzzles and improve the processes. I also work with people from Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania as a part of my job, so I had some time to learn how to find common language with people from all over the world. So, I’ll try to bring value anywhere you’ll have me :slight_smile:)

f) I am very motivated by ambitious, smart and self-driven people around me, especially in high tech industries like crypto. I’ve seen how the community interacts and how the ideas are discussed on the forum and this is a sight for sore eyes.

g) 10 hours a week. I try to keep it real and not to overcommit, since I have my main job and some other real life responsibilities.

h) I would describe MahaDAO as a long haul solid project which aims to both preserve the value and be decentralized and fair to the community. MahaStarter is also a great launchpad with the projects launched on it being fundamental and creating value.

i) The launch process could have been a bit smoother (but that comes with the territory). And, as it was said before me, marketing, marketing and marketing :slight_smile:)

j) Inflation is a problem that is not solved even nowadays, which ruined a lot of economies. I think that ARTH has a potential to solve that problem.

k) Thank you for having me, I am both nervous and excited about this great opportunity!


Hello Fellow Maha Believers,

Reaching out to apply after having a discussion with @Joe.

A - Post 26 :slight_smile:
b) December 2020 or January 2021
c) About 4000 MahaX - 4 years
d) Kolt Tines
e) I have several years of start up experience and have successfully launched an executive search firm where I staff complex roles with very specific requirements in a very niche market. I believe that my recruiting skills can be leveraged by the team in their efforts to find top talent as the project grows. I would be happy to engage with leadership and meet with them to see if there are specific roles that I can help source candidates for. I have 10 years of recruitment experience and I know how to find passive talent and I am an expert at targeting competitor talent (watch out MKR!)
f) I have always been motivated by people. Recruiting is so fulfilling to me because I get to play a small part in making a huge impact on the personal lives of the candidates I recruit. I also love being able to help an organization/team find exactly the type of candidates they are looking for. Additionally, I get super motivated when someone gives me responsibility and empowers me to deliver.
g) 10-15 hours per week.
h) Maha is a revolutionary solution to the ongoing problem of global economic deflation.
i) *Not at the moment. There have been bumps in the road, but that is expected with a new project such as this.
j) Like I said above, I believe that Maha can truly be revolutionary to the inflation problem on a global scale.
k) Just note that I am serious about offering my recruiting capabilities to the team. I would love to connect with leadership and lead a discovery session where I can get a detailed understanding of current or future staffing needs. I would be available to do this ASAP.

Thank you all!


Hi, when i first join Maha before Scallop launch I don’t know about this ecosystem as like others, i have a lot of questions as i am detail seeker too and then i connected with the very kind guy Farhad on Maha’s telegram, he guide me almost everything i asked for and now after Forward Protocol launch i decided to work like him as i got more into this ecosystem and really like the Approach like ARTH, Launchpad and yeah more to come for sure

a) My Intro : Community Members Introduction - #27 by Ahsani

b) Before the Scallop launch

c) Not yet, missed the opportunity when MahaX was on sale but soon be a Big holder

d) @iamAhsani

e) Because i got ‘Research it Nature’ i can learn quick and expand it in my mind and explain it to others well, so i think i am good fit for community mod and any role that need researching, thinking of new ways to do it and what future looks like

f) Innovation motivates me and i get bored when their is no improvement

g) i am full time available and can expand it to critical level when needed but casual is 20 Hours +

h) When i found Maha i only saw their launchpad but when comeback to their website and found that real future stable coin ARTH and really impressed by the approach by team Maha because they know even in the beginning of Maha that without Actual stable coin their is no real growth of any ecosystem ( See Terra for example against other Protocols ) even though Maha is in just beginning stages and future is yet to come my recommendation is to join with Maha as their’s huge potential

i) Honestly i like what they did ARTH, Staking , Launchpad, Eth/Polygon maybe few knows why they did that, if i was there i do the same but healthy criticism should be there and I’ll critisize whenever i need it

j) Ahh that’s my type of question, well first of all Innovation i mean a lot one by one and non stop as crypto get more community over time we should prepare to give them Trust, Security, Useability, Scalability, easy to access and for all not for few and by doing this we give them true nature of decentralization that’s what DAO stand for

k) Yeah a lot, way before the crypto i always thought about is there any way to make decision by community not by some centralized government/organizations to truly protect the community interest, but no such thing available that time but now we are growing rapidly as this new era is all about community decisions and interest and who do not follow will get out the race

Thanks everyone for reading my thing :point_up_2::cowboy_hat_face:

[quote=“Michael, post:1, topic:235”]
a) My intro - Community Members Introduction - #28 by Johhnmarshal

b) February 2021

c) I currently do not hold any MahaX

d) Johhnmarshal

e) I can help manage teams and educate the community, I am a quick study and will bring value wherever you’ll have me

f) I am self driven and love to see things through. I love the opportunity this project offers and will love to grow with it.

g) An average of 28 hours and will put in more whenever needed.

h) MahaDao is a project which aims to tackle inflation with the ARTH coin and offers exclusive benefits of locking it’s governance Maha which gives MahaX This gives access to be a part of projects being launched/ incubated on MAHAstater and also gives voting power in the DAO governance.

i) I do not have any at the moment. I love the fact that the team is active and always respond timely to the community.

j) MahaDao offers a solution to inflation which is a global problem through the ARTH coin and I believe that the Dao governance style can be adopted by other systems as well

k) Nothing to share presently.

l) I introduced a lot of my friends who are crypto enthusiasts to the community. Some of them are diamond hands now!

a) Community Members Introduction - #31 by nero
b) Since August 2020
c) Yes - Time lock is 4 years which is extended weekly to ensure maximum MAHAX - currently hold around 2900 which will be added to when possible.
d) @stacksatoshii
e) I would be happy to become a moderator within your community, answering any technical or general questions our members may have.
f) To be completely honest, financial freedom does motivate me and I strive to become more financially independent per day. But what motivates me more is helping others to either become more financially independent, or a better version of themselves. I truly thrive on helping those close to me, or someone online that I’ve never met before that has an PFP of an ape!!
g) At least 10hrs per week, if not more - in fact, I would love to work at MAHADAO if you’d have me!
h) MahaDAO has many fundamentals that might entice someone to invest, for example the MahaStarter launchpad that launches only a select number of projects, that must incorporate ARTH into their ecosystems, or the ARTH token itself - the worlds non inflationary money, or it’s incredible tokenomics and staking features. MahaDAO has many bullish fundamentals - but the most bullish for me is it’s goal to relieve countries such as Venezuela, Turkey, Nigeria and so on from highly inflatable fiat currencies, and give more buying power to people from those countries to create a more fair world where people may flourish themselves, rather than suffer from the geo-politics that supresses them.
i) My one suggestion/ criticism is that, Maha seems to have a number of different domains such as arthcoin, mahastarter etc. I would suggest having one domain or one platform to make it less fragmented and more cohesive. I do also feel that our websites (if you choose to keep the many websites) including could do with an design update.
j) Hopefully ground-breaking impact. If we truly make a good dent in Venezuela and ARTH adopted widely and is a great success, then I think that would give us a great platform to take on other countries with high inflationary currencies such as Nigeria and Turkey. If those goals are met and those countries are adopting ARTH, and ARTH remains stable with its buying power staying put, then this could truly change the lives of many.
k) I try to answer as many questions as I can within the TG and Discord community. Of course I am almost reluctant to at times because I don’t want to be seen as possibly giving incorrect information to someone and be seen as some type of scammer. But honestly, I would love to do more of that.

I just want to add. If the DAO has a list of needs or tasks that need to be completed which would benefit the team or the project, maybe even make someone’s life a bit easier, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to help if I can, of course!


After talking with a fellow patron I was more than interested in helping the community grow in anyway possible and he suggested this was one of the ways.

a) Community Members Introduction - #30 by LeeTheLegend

b) I have been a part of the Mahadao community since late March of 2021.

c) Yes I do hold the minimum of 300 MahaX locked for 4years.

d) @LeeTheLegend

e) I love to do research and be a helping hand in any way possible. I acquired a bunch of interpersonal skills but I thrive with communication and answering questions, however I adapt easily so wherever you guys see fit would be a pleasure.

f) My enthusiasm for helping individuals and putting them in the position to win is something that keeps me going everyday. Seeing how hands-on the leaders of the community are is also something that really motivates me about the Mahadao ecosystem. The project beliefs are similar to my personal beliefs.

g) 15 to 20 hours a week (however I’m willing to be accessible whenever needed)

h) I see Mahadao as the future of the world. When diving in and looking at the fundamentals this project is really solid. Mahadao is not only aiming to be a top cryptocurrency but the currency of the world. As we know inflation rates are killing economies as we speak! This project is aiming to not only offer capital preservation but also protect purchasing power with arth coins which are pegged to a basket of currencies ( including crypto). When looking into the cryptocurrency space it’s difficult to find good projects with solid use cases, this Mahadao offers. In addition, there are tons of benefits of holding MAHA such as ; guarantee allocations in future IBO’s via Mahastarter Launchpad, staking rewards, platform fees, voting power, and airdrops.Finally, with Mahadao having a fairly low market cap and looking at the tokenomics there is a ton of room for growth for this well-versed project.

i) The only concern is the Marketing, however I also understand we have a lot of products in the pipeline and there isn’t much to promote at the moment. Maybe finding ways to create awareness about the project, drawing in new investors.

j) Like stated above I believe Mahadao is the currency of the future. With Arth fighting inflation rates and increasing purchasing power, this can truly revolutionize the world forever.

k) So far every now and again I answer questions but I’m more reserved because I don’t wanna pass on incorrect information.
Thank you guys for the opportunity to share with you guys and looking forward on being apart of the team.

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Hello Team,

You can see answers which i provided.

a) Community Members Introduction - #32 by aniloz
b) From October 2021.
c) I’m currently holding 586 Mahax and these coins are staked for 4 years.
d) My telegram username is: anilloz
e) As a Turkish person, i see great opportunity for being a bridge person MahaDAO community and Turkish people. I want to provide better financial condition.
f) Successfully doing everything I do.
g) At least 20 hours each week. (It could be more my regular job status)
h) I define it as a way out of today’s financial situation.
i) As i think, all things are going so good. Only thing i can say, you can Update MahaDAO website Made by community section.
j) MahaDAO have a potential to change everything…
k) I’ve helped lots of Turkish person in general group and i always mentioned MahaDAO to my friends and colleagues who have interest in crypto and finance.


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a) Please link your member introduction thread- Community Members Introduction - #35 by Temi

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

I have been following up on MahaDao for about 7 months now but an active member in my local community for about 3 Months now

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and what is your locking duration?

I Currently hold 377 MahaX locked up for 4 years. I have more Maha and should be locking them soon as well.

d) What is your Telegram handle?

My Telegram handle is @MajorTemi

e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

-The community has provided a lot of materials and videos to aid the understanding of the different aspects however I believe I can assist with more information dissemination for further adoption and success.

  • Strong business development skills and experience means I can discuss strategy as well as assist with implementation with admins and community leaders when needed.

  • My excellent writing skills (from experience writing research reports) can also be of use to the community and leaders.

  • Finally, the Mahachain and ARTH application targeted at hyperinflationary countries really hits home. I understand that the implementation for the Venezuelan community would begin soon. I would appreciate an opportunity to study the adoption up close in preparation of its adoption to Nigeria my home country. I have also held discussions with the community leader on how ARTH can be easily adopted into Nigeria. With my entrepreneurial mindset, understanding of the Nigerian financial and regulatory market, I believe I am well suited to assist in this regard.

f) What motivates you?

Doing what others consider impossible, taking up difficult challenges and overcoming them is what motivates me the most. These ensures that whatever task or situation I find myself in, I am always prepared to fight, work hard to ensure that I can achieve the satisfactory results I want.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?

Minimum of 20hrs a week. Maximum is as much as required.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

The MahaDao is a decentralized organization that is aimed at preserving wealth using the ARTH Valuecoin. The MahaDao community is governed by a DAO to ensure decentralization and fair wealth distribution. MahaDao has 3 token system. They are:

  • The ARTH Token
  • The Maha Token
  • The MahaX Token

The ARTH token is a Valuecoin that tackles the issue of inflation common to fiat currencies. It can be simplified as a stable coin that combats inflationary pressures. The Maha Token is the MahaDao governance and utility token which allows users to vote on policies that affects the MahaDao community. The Maha Token can be staked to get MahaX token. The MahaX token gives members access to projects launched on Mahastarter as well as APYs, rewards from the projects launched on Mahastarter and a percentage of platform fees as yield.

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regard to MahaDao?

The MahaDao community has checked all the right boxes from my point of view. There is the passionate leader, disruptive innovation, the engaging community leaders as well as a friendly ecosystem. The only issue I could have pointed out is the delay in roll out of projects from the development team. But I understand that whatever is worth doing is worth doing best. MahaDao is sited at being the best

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

MahaDao through its various activities and tokens would have an impact on the world.

Firstly, the Mahachain dubbed the first Dao-powered blockchain. This would have a significant impact on Defi, with its reward system it is expected to see a mass adoption by DAPPS. Also, the built-in economic policies aimed at assisting the Dapps to be launched on the blockchain is set to revolutionize the space.

Secondly, the integration of crypto currencies from hyperinflationary countries (e.g., Petro) and the implementation of the ARTH stable coin along with these currencies to combat inflation is revolutionary to me. Inflation is an economic problem faced by all counties of the world, while the rewards from crypto can be argued to fight inflation, the underlying fiat currency of most which is US$ has been severely impacted by Inflation (the US dollar (USD) has lost more than 90% of its purchasing power in the last century). This is far worse in countries like Nigeria and Venezuela where inflation is in the 100s or even 1000s. The ability to fight inflation one of the greatest erode of economic value is expected to make the world a better place.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

I use all the opportunities I have, to answer as much questions as I can on the community group. I also make out suggestions when possible. Currently on the group statistics I am ranked as the second most active individual just after one of the community leaders. I firmly believe based on my commitment; I would retain this position as I continue to be an active member of the community.


Continuing the discussion from Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership:

a) Please link your member introduction thread Community Members Introduction - #36 by vautee

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

Since the SCLP IBO in October.

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

I currently hold more than 500Mahax locked for 4 years.

d) What is your Telegram handle?


e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

I speak four languages: German (native), English (fluent), Spanish (good knowledge), and Farsi (basic knowledge), and would be more than happy to help community members in different parts of the world. As I am part of a large German community, I would love to help with the adoption of MahaDao in Germany.
I would consider myself very creative and could help in terms of marketing and website design and structure.

f) What motivates you?

Bringing financial education to the people. Show the people what the crypto ecosystem is capable of and how it could benefit everyone.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?

10 h but when there is demand, I am the last one to leave work undone.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

Do you want to be part of a community where your vote counts? Where is your voice heard and where is your money and interest under your control?
Then consider joining the MahaDao community as the first one to introduce a Valuecoin to fight inflation as well as the first Dao-based blockchain with built-in economic policies.
The token system is as follows:

• ARTH is a valuecoin which is pegged to a Global Measurment Unit (GMU) which consists of 80% Fiat from various countries, 15% Gold, and 5% Bitcoin. In contrast to a fiat currency, ARTH will appreciate in value over time, effectively protecting you from inflation.

• MAHA is a governance token to give you a way to get your voice heard.

• MAHAx is essentially time-locked MAHA (staking Maha), which grants you launchpad allocations, staking rewards, platform fee rewards, and other benefits…

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?

I love the project; otherwise I wouldn’t want to contribute. However, I think the website could be more up to date and better structured. I’d love to help with that.

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

Especially, Arth will have a real impact on the people who need it the most. Where currencies lose their value every day and wages stay the same. If you have a job at all,
I have witnessed numerous times in my family environment where hard-earned savings diminish over time without anything you can do. Arth can be a real store of value here.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

For me, MahaDao plays an important role in explaining Crypto and the possibilities it offers to the public.I am trying to help community members and answer questions when in the chat.

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Hello all, great to be here. I have been interested in participating in the DAO for some time, but it was at the nudge of @Marian that helped me to find my way here. Thanks for giving me the motivation I needed :slight_smile: I had indeed been thinking about applying to be a patron, as I have always believed that such facets as governance and community can truly reveal the makeup of a project, whether for better or for the worse. I do perhaps feel a sense of obligation when I invest in a project, but with MahaDAO I would describe it as something more. I see the project as having a virtuous purpose, and a team that is forthright. I am already aligned with the MahaDAO and its principles from a fundamental perspective, therefore I must equate that to the reasoning behind my application, as well as my affinity for the community. Alright, here we go!

a) Community Members Introduction - #34 by Mr. Wonderful

b) I have been a member since the Summer of 2021.

c) I do hold well over 300 MahaX, locked for four years.

d) Telegram handle @mrwonderfill

e) I would say my contribution to the project would be first and foremost with community involvement, perhaps as a moderator. I moderate for several other projects and groups already, including Scallop price chat. Secondly, there is the possibility that I may be able to help in some form with business development in the future, possibly helping to procure new business or partnerships. Lastly, with governance. As a trusted fiduciary for over a decade and a man of reason and resonance, I do not take being responsible for others financial futures lightly. For when matters arise it certainly helps to have another such voice in the room. These are the ways that I would see myself fitting in with the DAO.

f) What motivates me - Purpose, Gratification, Self-enlightenment, and money - lots of it! :wink: However, seeing others do well also brings me great joy. I smile to myself when I think of other people being happy. I believe what I receive in return is the notion of positive energy, and that perhaps it reflects my lifestyle and who I am at heart. I want to do well, therefore I want others to also do well. I want to be happy, therefore I also wish for others to be happy. For it is important to understand that crypto, just like life - is not a zero sum game.

g) This would be on a part time basis, and my time is stretched quite thin at the moment. What I can commit to, more specifically, is that I will make continue to make positive contributions to the community as well as pursue activities that could be beneficial to the project whether or not I am voted in for this role, simply because that is what I believe. Of course, when there are times like important activities or busy periods such as launches or updates going on, I am happy to coordinate or devote more specific time commitments.

h) If you want to capture a mainstream or a broader audience you have to hit them over the head with something that will really make their tails spin if you want to get them in on something new. Don’t just speak it - show them your vision for the future. However, at the same time, the key is to relate it to something that appeals to them individually. MahaDAO is a complex project, we all know that. Yet there are elements within that complexity that become appealing and relatable when you break them down. So I think that you start by showing them your vision for tomorrow and then you apply it to something that they understand today (as well as yesterday). The fact of the matter is, if one does not understand the concept of inflation, then they are even more likely to be affected by it. This is where educational resources become important.

i) My feedback at this particular time, is a message of encouragement for the team. Push onward, look back only to reflect, understand, improve, and lift others up through your future actions. Take solace in virtuous purpose when things don’t always go right, and take pride in knowing that you hold the faith of others who are like-minded.

j) I see the opportunity to have a potential massive impact in relieving situations of economic distress while at the same time facilitating mass adoption by providing advanced technological solutions that work simply, and smartly. Simple as that.

k) I support the project as an investor, as a community member, and lastly - I like to think of myself as a friend to the project.

I will close this out by saying that I am pleased to be an investor in this project, but I am proud to be a member of this community. Thank you.


a) VR_Crypto Community Introduction

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

I joined the Mahdao community in March 2021 due to the enthusiasm and encouragement of my friend Joey. He and @Michael provided the final push to apply for the Patrons group.

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

Currently have 4k Maha locked for 2 years (locked in early December) and have slowly accumulated more since. It is my plan to extend the locking period to 4 years once more details come out about the detailed benefits.

d) What is your Telegram handle?


e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

I see myself being an organizer of different community positions that are finance based. Currently, I work in accounting/finance with 6-7 years in public accounting. Would like to contribute with any internal audits needed and/or allocation reviews. I am a person with high integrity and very ethical. Work well in excel and trying to create efficiencies where there are bottlenecks.

Also, over the next couple of months, I plan on reading more about tax implications crypto will have throughout the world.

f) What motivates you?

This is a tricky question!

Personally - I love numbers and customer service…very weird combination! I believe you need both to run a successful business. Give me a spread sheet and questions, and I’m eager to figure out what’s driving the numbers – my inner auditor speaking. Also, looking at things from the customers side will help resolve a lot of the issues that arise within the place of business – my inner business development speaking.

Family - Being the best father and husband that I can be every day. I have two young children and an amazing life partner. Investing myself into this project that I have so much faith in is a way for me to invest in our futures’ as well.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions ?

Realistically, I can provide 10 hours a week minimum. However, if more hours are needed, would just need to plan accordingly.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

Currently learning the nuances/language of the crypto space every day…I would keep it simple and precise and preface it as a long-term project/investment.

First, I would show them the Arth/Maha videos that have been created by the group. This would be the best way to describe what MahaDao is to a retail investor (have already sent to a large contingent of people).

Next, I would explain what MahaDao is from my personal perspective (not in crypto terms). MahaDao is a revolutionary monetary system that first and foremost aims to neutralize the inflation crisis much of the world is faced with. It especially aims to offer a stable footing for ecosystems prone to extreme spikes in hyperinflation (Nations like Nigeria where the price of meat can triple within one calendar year). To achieve this, MahaDao has developed a monetary instrument “value coin”, Arth, that will never lose its value.

Lastly, I would provide the example of a cup of coffee, note how interactive/accessible the CEO is within the community, and how passionate the community is as a whole.

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?

Keeping the websites updated would go a long way to not overwhelm or confuse people newly researching the project. If we can stay on top of deleting discontinued pages and links on the website that are no longer in the eco system, it would clear up a lot of confusion. Also, trying to avoid spelling errors on the website.

This has been talked about a lot, but timelines. Offering broader timelines could help make sure deadlines are met so that momentum can be capitalized upon. Also, this will keep people’s expectations in line and positivity in the group chats.

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

I am an optimistic person when it comes to believing in projects but also realistic with expectations – Mahadao/ARTH, if adopted on a wide scale or at least become a central instrument for a handful of sovereign monetary systems, could help solve/reduce the hyperinflation crisis.

We will need many more Mahadao’s to level the playing field, but believe we are moving in the right direction.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

Active participant within the governance channel (and other channels) and was a key contributor when discussing the debt pool and using Maha emissions as a source of repayment.

Currently, promoting within the United States and trying to bring more people aboard.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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a) Please link your member introduction thread [Community Members Introduction - ]

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

I have been in this Community for about 3 months.

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

Yes, 521 MAHA, locked for 3 months and i’ll be adding more frequently.

d) What is your Telegram handle?


e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

I have been a professional trader and investor in the crypto and forex markets for more than 6 years with a 7 figures portfolio, I’m the founder of Up Trading Academy, an academy positioned in more than 10 countries and the the founder and CEO of Moussa Capital Fund.

My contribution to MahaDao will be an advisor sharing my trade ideas and technical analysis, chart analysis, planning to keep the chart solid and sustainable in different periods of time, reinforce the team in the development of the project at a technical level and giving MahaDao a great position taking advantage of my social media reach through my social media networks and community where we have reach thousands of people.

f) What motivates you?

Im motivated by being able to bring information of value and with the potential to change lives to other people and helping them to be financially free, being Latin American I know firsthand the negative impact that inflation can have and not having a strong currency or refuge in my country, MahaDao is the solution to this problem, Im passionate about the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology that is changing the world economy.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?

30 hours a week approximately, but im willing to be accessible whenever needed.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

MahaDao is a project that not only keeps your capital protected from inflation, but also multiplies it through staking and in a near future, access to lending, DeFi Banks and much more, you also have the opportunity to be part of MahaDao for through our governance token. Without a doubt, we are a revolutionary solution to the ongoing problem of global economic inflation.

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?

MahaDao is a project that has the potential to be at the top of the market, in my opinion the community should expand internationally, a sense of belonging must be reinforced and created in each user who has the cryptocurrency and spread the word of the usefulness of MahaDao in the global economy, especially in countries with a weak currency where people will massively adopt a solution for the devaluation of their capital.

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

MahaDao will be the solution for the inflation of traditional currencies, everyone will have it in their wallets and portfolios, in addition to using it in their day to day for its properties, fast, reliable and safe. Not to mention the passive income that staking produces, it will be the key to financial freedom for many.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

Im currently part of the Venezuela Maha Task Force and an active holder.

l)If there is anything else you would like to share or add to you application, please do.

Personally, I only invest in projects that I believe in, and The ones i believe that have the potential to bring a real solution to a current problem, so I will frequently increase my MAHA bag and it would be an honor to be part of the project, contributing with my knowledge and experience for the development and growth of MahaDao.

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