Application - VR Crypto

Continuing the discussion from Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership:

a) VR_Crypto Community Introduction

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

I joined the Mahdao community in March 2021 due to the enthusiasm and encouragement of my friend Joey. He and @Michael provided the final push to apply for the Patrons group.

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

Currently have 4k Maha locked for 2 years (locked in early December) and have slowly accumulated more since. It is my plan to extend the locking period to 4 years once more details come out about the detailed benefits.

d) What is your Telegram handle?


e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

I see myself being an organizer of different community positions that are finance based. Currently, I work in accounting/finance with 6-7 years in public accounting. Would like to contribute with any internal audits needed and/or allocation reviews. I am a person with high integrity and very ethical. Work well in excel and trying to create efficiencies where there are bottlenecks.

Also, over the next couple of months, I plan on reading more about tax implications crypto will have throughout the world.

f) What motivates you?

This is a tricky question!

Personally - I love numbers and customer service…very weird combination! I believe you need both to run a successful business. Give me a spread sheet and questions, and I’m eager to figure out what’s driving the numbers – my inner auditor speaking. Also, looking at things from the customers side will help resolve a lot of the issues that arise within the place of business – my inner business development speaking.

Family - Being the best father and husband that I can be every day. I have two young children and an amazing life partner. Investing myself into this project that I have so much faith in is a way for me to invest in our futures’ as well.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions ?

Realistically, I can provide 10 hours a week minimum. However, if more hours are needed, would just need to plan accordingly.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

Currently learning the nuances/language of the crypto space every day…I would keep it simple and precise and preface it as a long-term project/investment.

First, I would show them the Arth/Maha videos that have been created by the group. This would be the best way to describe what MahaDao is to a retail investor (have already sent to a large contingent of people).

Next, I would explain what MahaDao is from my personal perspective (not in crypto terms). MahaDao is a revolutionary monetary system that first and foremost aims to neutralize the inflation crisis much of the world is faced with. It especially aims to offer a stable footing for ecosystems prone to extreme spikes in hyperinflation (Nations like Nigeria where the price of meat can triple within one calendar year). To achieve this, MahaDao has developed a monetary instrument “value coin”, Arth, that will never lose its value.

Lastly, I would provide the example of a cup of coffee, note how interactive/accessible the CEO is within the community, and how passionate the community is as a whole.

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?

Keeping the websites updated would go a long way to not overwhelm or confuse people newly researching the project. If we can stay on top of deleting discontinued pages and links on the website that are no longer in the eco system, it would clear up a lot of confusion. Also, trying to avoid spelling errors on the website.

This has been talked about a lot, but timelines. Offering broader timelines could help make sure deadlines are met so that momentum can be capitalized upon. Also, this will keep people’s expectations in line and positivity in the group chats.

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

I am an optimistic person when it comes to believing in projects but also realistic with expectations – Mahadao/ARTH, if adopted on a wide scale or at least become a central instrument for a handful of sovereign monetary systems, could help solve/reduce the hyperinflation crisis.

We will need many more Mahadao’s to level the playing field, but believe we are moving in the right direction.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

Active participant within the governance channel (and other channels) and was a key contributor when discussing the debt pool and using Maha emissions as a source of repayment.

Currently, promoting within the United States and trying to bring more people aboard.

Thank you for your time and consideration!