Application - Vince

Continuing the discussion from Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership:

Continuing the discussion from Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership:

a) Please link your member introduction thread Community Members Introduction - #36 by vautee

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

Since the SCLP IBO in October.

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

I currently hold more than 500Mahax locked for 4 years.

d) What is your Telegram handle?


e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

I speak four languages: German (native), English (fluent), Spanish (good knowledge), and Farsi (basic knowledge), and would be more than happy to help community members in different parts of the world. As I am part of a large German community, I would love to help with the adoption of MahaDao in Germany.
I would consider myself very creative and could help in terms of marketing and website design and structure.

f) What motivates you?

Bringing financial education to the people. Show the people what the crypto ecosystem is capable of and how it could benefit everyone.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?

10 h but when there is demand, I am the last one to leave work undone.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

Do you want to be part of a community where your vote counts? Where is your voice heard and where is your money and interest under your control?
Then consider joining the MahaDao community as the first one to introduce a Valuecoin to fight inflation as well as the first Dao-based blockchain with built-in economic policies.
The token system is as follows:

• ARTH is a valuecoin which is pegged to a Global Measurment Unit (GMU) which consists of 80% Fiat from various countries, 15% Gold, and 5% Bitcoin. In contrast to a fiat currency, ARTH will appreciate in value over time, effectively protecting you from inflation.

• MAHA is a governance token to give you a way to get your voice heard.

• MAHAx is essentially time-locked MAHA (staking Maha), which grants you launchpad allocations, staking rewards, platform fee rewards, and other benefits…

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?

I love the project; otherwise I wouldn’t want to contribute. However, I think the website could be more up to date and better structured. I’d love to help with that.

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

Especially, Arth will have a real impact on the people who need it the most. Where currencies lose their value every day and wages stay the same. If you have a job at all,
I have witnessed numerous times in my family environment where hard-earned savings diminish over time without anything you can do. Arth can be a real store of value here.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

For me, MahaDao plays an important role in explaining Crypto and the possibilities it offers to the public.I am trying to help community members and answer questions when in the chat.