Application - Sebastian

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Hey people! I actually didn’t think to apply for such a role, however after having a conversation with Doreann I’d like to give it a go as he somehow convinced me to apply (thanks for that!) I would support our MAHA team anyway, but I believe being a patron is something to be more serious with.

a) My little introduction can be found here: Community Members Introduction - #15 by Sebastian

b) It was sometime in early January when I dived in

c) I currently hold 310 MAHA locked for a duration of 4 years which equals 307.6 MAHAX at the moment (4th of November, 2021). Can increase the amount anytime :slight_smile:

d) @SebGme


  • I think I know our ecosystem well enough to explain most of the complexities to confused members, I keep looking in when there’s no one around to answer questions in the main chat.
  • I try to keep pushing with some of my ideas regarding marketing as this deserves more visibility
  • Me along with another member of our group (@gregsikora) run a Polish MahaDAO group on Telegram. It has started just recently and we aim to reach to many more people in coming weeks, that’s what I focus on as of now.

f) A main factor that motivates me the most is MahaDAO’s vision of infation-proof coin as on many occasions through my journeys I’ve encountered huge money-related problems (Inflation crisis in Iran 2018 or Turkey 2019). It comes back every now and then and the problem still persists. We can actually change it though, and that’s amazing.

g) I think at least 20 hours a week

h) That’s a tricky one - for crypto guys I would say: MahaDAO is a solid project with extremely good fundamentals, one of the fairest tokenomics I’ve seen and enormous benefits of locking MAHA which in return rewards you with all high quality incubated projects launching from MAHAstater, platform fees, MAHA tokens and all this is just a start, gentlemen.

i) All of my feedback and opinions are shared on MahaDAO telegram groups when something crosses my mind

j) Imagine a coin that lets you pay for everything just as regular money, but this increases in value and you can save your money almost effortless - you break out of the system and damaging effects of its actions - all this is a decentralized community from all over the world experiencing very similar financial obstacles along the way and here comes MahaDAO with ready solution. How huge is it?

k) I think that’s it :v: