Application - Rahul

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A ) Introduction : Community Members Introduction - #23 by rahul
B) From Day 1
C) 310 Mahax locked for 4 years
D) rahulkrchourasia
E) I will contribute through memes, gifs , graphics and so on.
F) The hard work of Steven motivates me to work for this project and attach my name with this project in some way.
G) 20+ Hours
H) I have already influenced many peoples in my circle about MahaDao, the vision of the project, the products coming in and everything.
I) No Critcism on my part as i understand every project goes through some bad phases, V1 was the that phase imo.
J) Inflation will speak for MahaDao, no need to speak more let the product do the talking.
K) I am also a top 15 Holder on Polygon and i feel this is my retirement bag.