Application - Pumbayo

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a) Community Members Introduction - #42 by Pumbayo
b) from November 2021
c) i hold 350 Mahax locked for 4 years and 1300 farm/loans
d) pumbayo
e) I will advertise maha on twitter with typically technical posts such as: In addition, I want to create a number of guides, e.g. about lp farms, loans, etc. for the Polish community, because we love defi, it can be seen, for example, in the terra ecosystem, in which Poland is a large part.
g) 20-30h
h)Tokenomy, Community, anti-inflationary stablecoin, DAO, best defi farms and soon own chain
i) I will say as standard :slight_smile: Everyone wants everything quickly, I would like the deadlines set by the project to be met, but I know that it is worth refining something more than once and issuing a fully working functionality
j) Huge, the very idea of ARTH is brilliant, I opened my mind to some things myself. I fell in love with this project from an economic point of view.
k) I did publications on twitter, helped the Polish community and supported the project by buying maha