Application - nonoobs

Continuing the discussion from Apply for 'DAO Patron' Membership:

Hello guys! After a conversation with Michael, I decided to apply for DAO Patron, thanks for that Mike. I am a supporter of MahaDao anyway, but as a Patron is different. Lets start with the points:

a) My intro: Community Members Introduction - #17 by nonoobs
b) Around mid Dec 2020.
c) I have 300 MahaX, however I am top 50 holder on ETH and top 20 on polygon. This can be changed to 2500 MAHAX at any time.
d) @nonoobs91

  • I know the protocol very well and I am willing to contribute in improving the discord channel
  • I can help and improve the forum
  • Can help with designing stuffs, as my fiancée is very good at design

f) I am very interested in the idea of inflation-proof coin and the MahaStarter. As I am investor too, I have skin in the game, which is the most important factor.
g) around 20-30h.
h) The MahaDao is a very innovative project with solid fundamentals, the tokenomics is great as after Nov there won’t be any private and seed investors and the inflation of the token will drop from 2% to 0.5%/mo. MahaStarted is great launchpad, that not only gives you tokens on IDO price, but also as a rewards if you stake MahaX. MahaLend is a product in the pipeline that will increase the TVL as the people will use it to increase their exposure to crypto. As with every year Maha becoming more and more decentralize with this tokenomics, this will be our best selling point.
i) marketing, marketing, marketing, I am known that I share openly my feedback, but only criticizing ideas, not people
j) I see ARTH as a way of payment in the everyday life. Simply as it is :slight_smile: .
k) That’s all folks, great to be part of that community and stay safe :crossed_fingers:.