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a) Community Members Introduction - #31 by nero
b) Since August 2020
c) Yes - Time lock is 4 years which is extended weekly to ensure maximum MAHAX - currently hold around 2900 which will be added to when possible.
d) @stacksatoshii
e) I would be happy to become a moderator within your community, answering any technical or general questions our members may have.
f) To be completely honest, financial freedom does motivate me and I strive to become more financially independent per day. But what motivates me more is helping others to either become more financially independent, or a better version of themselves. I truly thrive on helping those close to me, or someone online that I’ve never met before that has an PFP of an ape!!
g) At least 10hrs per week, if not more - in fact, I would love to work at MAHADAO if you’d have me!
h) MahaDAO has many fundamentals that might entice someone to invest, for example the MahaStarter launchpad that launches only a select number of projects, that must incorporate ARTH into their ecosystems, or the ARTH token itself - the worlds non inflationary money, or it’s incredible tokenomics and staking features. MahaDAO has many bullish fundamentals - but the most bullish for me is it’s goal to relieve countries such as Venezuela, Turkey, Nigeria and so on from highly inflatable fiat currencies, and give more buying power to people from those countries to create a more fair world where people may flourish themselves, rather than suffer from the geo-politics that supresses them.
i) My one suggestion/ criticism is that, Maha seems to have a number of different domains such as arthcoin, mahastarter etc. I would suggest having one domain or one platform to make it less fragmented and more cohesive. I do also feel that our websites (if you choose to keep the many websites) including could do with an design update.
j) Hopefully ground-breaking impact. If we truly make a good dent in Venezuela and ARTH adopted widely and is a great success, then I think that would give us a great platform to take on other countries with high inflationary currencies such as Nigeria and Turkey. If those goals are met and those countries are adopting ARTH, and ARTH remains stable with its buying power staying put, then this could truly change the lives of many.
k) I try to answer as many questions as I can within the TG and Discord community. Of course I am almost reluctant to at times because I don’t want to be seen as possibly giving incorrect information to someone and be seen as some type of scammer. But honestly, I would love to do more of that.

I just want to add. If the DAO has a list of needs or tasks that need to be completed which would benefit the team or the project, maybe even make someone’s life a bit easier, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to help if I can, of course!