Application - Mr Wonderful

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Hello all, great to be here. I have been interested in participating in the DAO for some time, but it was at the nudge of @Marian that helped me to find my way here. Thanks for giving me the motivation I needed :slight_smile: I had indeed been thinking about applying to be a patron, as I have always believed that such facets as governance and community can truly reveal the makeup of a project, whether for better or for the worse. I do perhaps feel a sense of obligation when I invest in a project, but with MahaDAO I would describe it as something more. I see the project as having a virtuous purpose, and a team that is forthright. I am already aligned with the MahaDAO and its principles from a fundamental perspective, therefore I must equate that to the reasoning behind my application, as well as my affinity for the community. Alright, here we go!

a) Community Members Introduction - #34 by Mr. Wonderful

b) I have been a member since the Summer of 2021.

c) I do hold well over 300 MahaX, locked for four years.

d) Telegram handle @mrwonderfill

e) I would say my contribution to the project would be first and foremost with community involvement, perhaps as a moderator. I moderate for several other projects and groups already, including Scallop price chat. Secondly, there is the possibility that I may be able to help in some form with business development in the future, possibly helping to procure new business or partnerships. Lastly, with governance. As a trusted fiduciary for over a decade and a man of reason and resonance, I do not take being responsible for others financial futures lightly. For when matters arise it certainly helps to have another such voice in the room. These are the ways that I would see myself fitting in with the DAO.

f) What motivates me - Purpose, Gratification, Self-enlightenment, and money - lots of it! :wink: However, seeing others do well also brings me great joy. I smile to myself when I think of other people being happy. I believe what I receive in return is the notion of positive energy, and that perhaps it reflects my lifestyle and who I am at heart. I want to do well, therefore I want others to also do well. I want to be happy, therefore I also wish for others to be happy. For it is important to understand that crypto, just like life - is not a zero sum game.

g) This would be on a part time basis, and my time is stretched quite thin at the moment. What I can commit to, more specifically, is that I will make continue to make positive contributions to the community as well as pursue activities that could be beneficial to the project whether or not I am voted in for this role, simply because that is what I believe. Of course, when there are times like important activities or busy periods such as launches or updates going on, I am happy to coordinate or devote more specific time commitments.

h) If you want to capture a mainstream or a broader audience you have to hit them over the head with something that will really make their tails spin if you want to get them in on something new. Don’t just speak it - show them your vision for the future. However, at the same time, the key is to relate it to something that appeals to them individually. MahaDAO is a complex project, we all know that. Yet there are elements within that complexity that become appealing and relatable when you break them down. So I think that you start by showing them your vision for tomorrow and then you apply it to something that they understand today (as well as yesterday). The fact of the matter is, if one does not understand the concept of inflation, then they are even more likely to be affected by it. This is where educational resources become important.

i) My feedback at this particular time, is a message of encouragement for the team. Push onward, look back only to reflect, understand, improve, and lift others up through your future actions. Take solace in virtuous purpose when things don’t always go right, and take pride in knowing that you hold the faith of others who are like-minded.

j) I see the opportunity to have a potential massive impact in relieving situations of economic distress while at the same time facilitating mass adoption by providing advanced technological solutions that work simply, and smartly. Simple as that.

k) I support the project as an investor, as a community member, and lastly - I like to think of myself as a friend to the project.

I will close this out by saying that I am pleased to be an investor in this project, but I am proud to be a member of this community. Thank you.