Application - Lee

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After talking with a fellow patron I was more than interested in helping the community grow in anyway possible and he suggested this was one of the ways.

a) Community Members Introduction - #30 by LeeTheLegend

b) I have been a part of the Mahadao community since late March of 2021.

c) Yes I do hold the minimum of 300 MahaX locked for 4years.

d) @LeeTheLegend

e) I love to do research and be a helping hand in any way possible. I acquired a bunch of interpersonal skills but I thrive with communication and answering questions, however I adapt easily so wherever you guys see fit would be a pleasure.

f) My enthusiasm for helping individuals and putting them in the position to win is something that keeps me going everyday. Seeing how hands-on the leaders of the community are is also something that really motivates me about the Mahadao ecosystem. The project beliefs are similar to my personal beliefs.

g) 15 to 20 hours a week (however I’m willing to be accessible whenever needed)

h) I see Mahadao as the future of the world. When diving in and looking at the fundamentals this project is really solid. Mahadao is not only aiming to be a top cryptocurrency but the currency of the world. As we know inflation rates are killing economies as we speak! This project is aiming to not only offer capital preservation but also protect purchasing power with arth coins which are pegged to a basket of currencies ( including crypto). When looking into the cryptocurrency space it’s difficult to find good projects with solid use cases, this Mahadao offers. In addition, there are tons of benefits of holding MAHA such as ; guarantee allocations in future IBO’s via Mahastarter Launchpad, staking rewards, platform fees, voting power, and airdrops.Finally, with Mahadao having a fairly low market cap and looking at the tokenomics there is a ton of room for growth for this well-versed project.

i) The only concern is the Marketing, however I also understand we have a lot of products in the pipeline and there isn’t much to promote at the moment. Maybe finding ways to create awareness about the project, drawing in new investors.

j) Like stated above I believe Mahadao is the currency of the future. With Arth fighting inflation rates and increasing purchasing power, this can truly revolutionize the world forever.

k) So far every now and again I answer questions but I’m more reserved because I don’t wanna pass on incorrect information.
Thank you guys for the opportunity to share with you guys and looking forward on being apart of the team.