Application - Kolt

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Hello Fellow Maha Believers,

Reaching out to apply after having a discussion with @Joe.

A - Post 26 :slight_smile:
b) December 2020 or January 2021
c) About 4000 MahaX - 4 years
d) Kolt Tines
e) I have several years of start up experience and have successfully launched an executive search firm where I staff complex roles with very specific requirements in a very niche market. I believe that my recruiting skills can be leveraged by the team in their efforts to find top talent as the project grows. I would be happy to engage with leadership and meet with them to see if there are specific roles that I can help source candidates for. I have 10 years of recruitment experience and I know how to find passive talent and I am an expert at targeting competitor talent (watch out MKR!)
f) I have always been motivated by people. Recruiting is so fulfilling to me because I get to play a small part in making a huge impact on the personal lives of the candidates I recruit. I also love being able to help an organization/team find exactly the type of candidates they are looking for. Additionally, I get super motivated when someone gives me responsibility and empowers me to deliver.
g) 10-15 hours per week.
h) Maha is a revolutionary solution to the ongoing problem of global economic deflation.
i) *Not at the moment. There have been bumps in the road, but that is expected with a new project such as this.
j) Like I said above, I believe that Maha can truly be revolutionary to the inflation problem on a global scale.
k) Just note that I am serious about offering my recruiting capabilities to the team. I would love to connect with leadership and lead a discovery session where I can get a detailed understanding of current or future staffing needs. I would be available to do this ASAP.

Thank you all!