Application - Kaissar

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a) Please link your member introduction thread [Community Members Introduction - ]

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?

I have been in this Community for about 3 months.

c) Do you hold a minimum of 300 MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

Yes, 521 MAHA, locked for 3 months and i’ll be adding more frequently.

d) What is your Telegram handle?


e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).

I have been a professional trader and investor in the crypto and forex markets for more than 6 years with a 7 figures portfolio, I’m the founder of Up Trading Academy, an academy positioned in more than 10 countries and the the founder and CEO of Moussa Capital Fund.

My contribution to MahaDao will be an advisor sharing my trade ideas and technical analysis, chart analysis, planning to keep the chart solid and sustainable in different periods of time, reinforce the team in the development of the project at a technical level and giving MahaDao a great position taking advantage of my social media reach through my social media networks and community where we have reach thousands of people.

f) What motivates you?

Im motivated by being able to bring information of value and with the potential to change lives to other people and helping them to be financially free, being Latin American I know firsthand the negative impact that inflation can have and not having a strong currency or refuge in my country, MahaDao is the solution to this problem, Im passionate about the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology that is changing the world economy.

g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?

30 hours a week approximately, but im willing to be accessible whenever needed.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?

MahaDao is a project that not only keeps your capital protected from inflation, but also multiplies it through staking and in a near future, access to lending, DeFi Banks and much more, you also have the opportunity to be part of MahaDao for through our governance token. Without a doubt, we are a revolutionary solution to the ongoing problem of global economic inflation.

i) Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?

MahaDao is a project that has the potential to be at the top of the market, in my opinion the community should expand internationally, a sense of belonging must be reinforced and created in each user who has the cryptocurrency and spread the word of the usefulness of MahaDao in the global economy, especially in countries with a weak currency where people will massively adopt a solution for the devaluation of their capital.

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?

MahaDao will be the solution for the inflation of traditional currencies, everyone will have it in their wallets and portfolios, in addition to using it in their day to day for its properties, fast, reliable and safe. Not to mention the passive income that staking produces, it will be the key to financial freedom for many.

k) In what ways have you been supporting MahaDao to date?

Im currently part of the Venezuela Maha Task Force and an active holder.

l)If there is anything else you would like to share or add to you application, please do.

Personally, I only invest in projects that I believe in, and The ones i believe that have the potential to bring a real solution to a current problem, so I will frequently increase my MAHA bag and it would be an honor to be part of the project, contributing with my knowledge and experience for the development and growth of MahaDao.

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