Application - Johnmarshal

Continuing the discussion from Application Instructions:

a) Application - John

b) I have been an active member of the community since February 2021

c) I currently do not hold any MahaX

d) @Johhnmarshal on Telegram and Discord

e) I am presently an active community member and help any way I can even behind the scenes. I can help manage teams and educate the community, I am a quick study and will bring value wherever you’ll have me, I am a decent graphics designer and can help with community growth.

f) I am self driven and love to see things through. I love the opportunity this project offers and will love to grow with it.

g) An average of 28 hours and will put in more if needed.

h) MahaDao is a project which aims to tackle inflation with the ARTH coin and offers exclusive benefits of locking it’s governance token Maha which gives MahaX. This gives access to be a part of projects being launched/ incubated on MAHAstater and also gives voting power in the DAO governance. I believe that the Dao governance style can and should be adopted by other systems as well

i) I love the fact that the team is active and always respond timely to the community however, I strongly believe the team can do more in terms or marketing.