Application - Jenny

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Hi everyone!

I decided to apply after a conversation with Michael.

a) My introduction post: Community Members Introduction - #25 by jennyczya

b) I can’t boast with something big here, I’ve just joined the community, because I saw how dedicated each member is and that the community is really working to improve the project. A lot of people are mentioning how impressed they are with Steven and I can see from the forum posts that patrons are really doing their best.

c) I have a small deposit, which is why I haven’t really thought about locking a big percentage of it just yet. So I don’t hold any tokens for now, but I would gladly buy and lock some once (and if :slight_smile:) my deposit grows.

d) @echuchina

e) I speak Russian, English and some Spanish, I am good at writing and explaining stuff, I love Excel (except for VBA), I am good at accounting (I am an ACCA and a US CPA), I like to work on puzzles and improve the processes. I also work with people from Europe, Americas, Asia and Oceania as a part of my job, so I had some time to learn how to find common language with people from all over the world. So, I’ll try to bring value anywhere you’ll have me :slight_smile:)

f) I am very motivated by ambitious, smart and self-driven people around me, especially in high tech industries like crypto. I’ve seen how the community interacts and how the ideas are discussed on the forum and this is a sight for sore eyes.

g) 10 hours a week. I try to keep it real and not to overcommit, since I have my main job and some other real life responsibilities.

h) I would describe MahaDAO as a long haul solid project which aims to both preserve the value and be decentralized and fair to the community. MahaStarter is also a great launchpad with the projects launched on it being fundamental and creating value.

i) The launch process could have been a bit smoother (but that comes with the territory). And, as it was said before me, marketing, marketing and marketing :slight_smile:)

j) Inflation is a problem that is not solved even nowadays, which ruined a lot of economies. I think that ARTH has a potential to solve that problem.

k) Thank you for having me, I am both nervous and excited about this great opportunity!