Application - Ghustanov

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a) *Please link your member introduction thread ([Community Members Introduction] Community Members Introduction - #22 by Ghustanov

b) How long have you been a part of the MahaDao Community?
I have been on this Community from 1 month ago

c) Do you hold any MahaX? - (Amount and Lock duration)
Recently i had to sell my 500MAHA due a financial issue, but when i get recovered i wiil buy again.

d) What is your Telegram handle?
My Telegram handle is @ghustanov

e) How do you see yourself contributing to the Organization? - (Skills and Activities).
I have a business administrator degree, so i can contribute with the organization with my knowledge of business model, i work with teams, i know 2 languages (spanish and english), i have experience in crypto currencies from 3 years until now, and i like to do research, being like a sort of advisor, looking the problems and work with solutions. I can help with hispanic people, do the traslation of the information related to the project, and spread the word.
f) What motivates you?
Steven motivates me, how a person with his spirit is looking for peopleĀ“s welbeing, specially in countries like Venezuela with a hyperinflated economy, a very volatile local currency, and difficult access to global markets. MahaDao could potencially opens a lot of opportunities to the people, retailers and commercial enviroments, with an inflation proof coin.
g) How much available time can you commit each week with various contributions?
At least 12hours a day , every day because this type of projects needs a lot of effort and dedication.
h) How would you best describe MahaDao to a broad audience of Crypto Enthusiasts?
MahaDao it is a potencially Project focus on develop a crypto token who really offers stability of a currency, thru governance have possibilities to be part of the DAO , offering rewards every time you do staking, gas lees fee on transactions in near future, access to lending, DeFi Banks, so there is a lot about MahaDao to explore.

i) *Do you have any constructive criticism or feedback you would like to share in regards to MahaDao?
From the moment, use more resources to marketing. I know you are waiting for the devs to achieve the goals, but all the effort could be vanished if the people can comunicates,

j) In your opinion, what impact do you see MahaDao having on the World?
A positive impact on the intraday trasactions , fast, clean, reliable and stable. MahaLends, and MahaStarted are the funding stones of all of this, just imagine forget about devaluation, obtain benefits from staking.
k) Is there anything else you would like to share?
Yes, everybody needs to know MahaDao project for everything their offers.