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Thanks for this opportunity to be able to show interest in being a little more part of this awesome project. Below are the answers to the questionnaire from above:

a) Community Members Introduction - #21 by Oluwadizzle

b) Between January and February this year.

c) Yes. 509 MahaX locked for 4years. Would be adding more subsequently.

d) @oluwadizzle

e) Having had experience in supporting a couple of crypto projects in the past as well as my personal work experience in management, IT, operations, to mention a few: coupled with the fact that I am an avid believer and investor in the project, I believe I would be able to handle any tasks I am put in care of, dilligently!

f) My enthusiasm for crypto as a whole and how much I like to be involved in projects with great foresight.

g) 20hrs a week

h) MahaDAO is a very different project in the sense of its innovation and what it is trying to do in the crypto world, especially in the DAO aspect. The different products we have under MahaDAO and their benefits e.g Mahastarter; a good example of the benefits of holding Maha is it gives you access to participating in IBO’s, MahaX; staking your Maha to have voting power in the governance of the DAO, earning, airdrops… the list goes on.

i) Personally I don’t, I love the fact that there is always a moderator available to answer to my queries. I have even spoken to Steven a couple of times on my feedback and received responses, this is something I hardly see in other projects or communities.

j) The fact that Arth is on the path to increasing purchasing power and maintaining a stable value ensuring a fair wealth distribution governed by you.

k) Nothing for now

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