Application - Dhamylola

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a) Community Members Introduction - #43 by Dhamylola
b) I have been a part of the MahaDao community for one year and two months (since February 2021)
c) No, I currently do not own any Maha. Only redeeming my arth from the debt pool.
d) My Telegram Username is @Dhamylola
e) I would be able to contribute to the Organization using my skills in research and filtering of important information while also assisting new and existing community members with answers to their questions and enquiries. I can also assist with moderation as i have a proven record of managing a number or group of people in real life and of recent in crypto.
f) My motivation in life is first to be a better version of myself daily. When I wake up everyday, I try to think about something i should be doing to make the world around me better. I am motivated by what I am trying to achieve at any given time because this is what brings satisfaction for me.
g) I would be able to contribute at least 36 hours a week, also I am available whenever my attention is required.
h) MahaDao is a project with huge potential. It has an amazing community that continues to grow daily and this has been due to the consistent efforts of the team members. They have been able to make us community members feel like we are part of them and this has helped us feel welcome. This project has the potential to be a top 15 project in the medium to long term as i have watched it continue to expand on across various blockchains like ethereum, polygon and binance smart chain in just a short time with so much coming up in the roadmap. Finally, the project offers beautiful staking rewards and options, Defi and also governance which can give you as holders access to voting and decisions regarding the project.
i) Well, I must say our social media presence can be improved more. Especially on twitter. This is because twitter has a huge audience and as the time of my application, we have about Forty four thousand and three hundred followers. But the frequency of our tweets can be improved so we do not need to have 4 days or 3 days of no tweet or content out there. I feel proper and frequent engagement can lead to more growth and expansion of the community.
j) In my opinion, i see Maha serving as a form of hedge against inflation and in countries that do not possess a strong currency, Maha can help users with lending, Defi banking and because of its beautiful and active community, the project can help users of like mind network together and add value to each others lives.
k) I have been a active but behind the scene supporter of the MahaDao ever since i joined. I have invited friends who are now members of the community and i actively assist users who are among my local community here in Nigeria with updates as they are rolled out by the team.