Application - Charter

a) Please link your member introduction thread (Community Members Introduction 3)*

b) How long have you been an active member of the MahaDAO Community?

Started to become active May 5, 2022

c) Do you hold any MahaX, and if so what is your locking duration?

2500 MAHA locked for 4 years resulting in 2500 MAHAX

d) What is your Telegram or Discord handle?

Discord: charter#6204

Telegram: tha_charter

e) How would you like to contribute to MahaDAO?

-Miscellaneous help: My best trait is my ability to learn and develop a deep understanding. The longer I am in an environment and the more comfortable I am, the more creative I become. This is also when I have the most fun, doing whatever it may be.

-End user feedback: Feedback on the experience from someone with a technical background/web dev

-Spreading the word through friends and family, people I meet through software engineering and music

-Developing a community: As I read through the DAO introductions, I love how diverse the community has already become. I would like to have a text channel in the discord just to talk about where we are from, what we do, what we are like - like a continuous, live peer-to-peer AMA.

-Royalty free music / original sound or music creation: I am a music producer. I can create original soundtracks or music for use for the DAO.

-Software Development: I do not have much Blockchain development experience but I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering with 2.5+ years of experience in Web Development

-Advertisement of MAHA through social media

I think I mostly fit into work streams 2, 5, and 4. (Community Support, Initatives, and a bit of Content Creation (music))

f) What motivates you?

Everything about the future - my future, and the future of the world. I want to become financially independent to help give my family security and stability. I want to contribute to the world and do good. I come from a fairly privileged background and have seen the gap in this world first hand working with a diverse group of artists. I have a long term goal to use my experiences in engineering, music, and crypto to help artists all over the world become financially free.

g) How many hours do you think you can commit weekly?

For now, 8. I know that is a bit low compared to others, but I don’t want to overpromise and underdeliver.

h) How would you best describe MahaDao?

Financial Freedom, Community, and Social Good. A place to learn about crypto and what it can do for the world, and then help deliver that change.

i) Do you have any feedback you would like to share?

I think more documentation/information into exactly how the value of Arth is calculated and what it can be used for is crucial for MAHA. I had this thought before recent events with LUNA/UST, but now with those recent events, I think it’s even more important to have very clear and abundant information about the stable/value coin of MAHA. It might be good to also document some information explaining how MAHA is secure against the type of events that happened to Terra, whether it be to Lunatics looking for a new home or newcomers to crypto who heard about the events.

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