Application - Anil

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Hello Team,

You can see answers which i provided.

a) Community Members Introduction - #32 by aniloz
b) From October 2021.
c) I’m currently holding 586 Mahax and these coins are staked for 4 years.
d) My telegram username is: anilloz
e) As a Turkish person, i see great opportunity for being a bridge person MahaDAO community and Turkish people. I want to provide better financial condition.
f) Successfully doing everything I do.
g) At least 20 hours each week. (It could be more my regular job status)
h) I define it as a way out of today’s financial situation.
i) As i think, all things are going so good. Only thing i can say, you can Update MahaDAO website Made by community section.
j) MahaDAO have a potential to change everything…
k) I’ve helped lots of Turkish person in general group and i always mentioned MahaDAO to my friends and colleagues who have interest in crypto and finance.