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Hi, when i first join Maha before Scallop launch I don’t know about this ecosystem as like others, i have a lot of questions as i am detail seeker too and then i connected with the very kind guy Farhad on Maha’s telegram, he guide me almost everything i asked for and now after Forward Protocol launch i decided to work like him as i got more into this ecosystem and really like the Approach like ARTH, Launchpad and yeah more to come for sure

a) My Intro : Community Members Introduction - #27 by Ahsani

b) Before the Scallop launch

c) Not yet, missed the opportunity when MahaX was on sale but soon be a Big holder

d) @iamAhsani

e) Because i got ‘Research it Nature’ i can learn quick and expand it in my mind and explain it to others well, so i think i am good fit for community mod and any role that need researching, thinking of new ways to do it and what future looks like

f) Innovation motivates me and i get bored when their is no improvement

g) i am full time available and can expand it to critical level when needed but casual is 20 Hours +

h) When i found Maha i only saw their launchpad but when comeback to their website and found that real future stable coin ARTH and really impressed by the approach by team Maha because they know even in the beginning of Maha that without Actual stable coin their is no real growth of any ecosystem ( See Terra for example against other Protocols ) even though Maha is in just beginning stages and future is yet to come my recommendation is to join with Maha as their’s huge potential

i) Honestly i like what they did ARTH, Staking , Launchpad, Eth/Polygon maybe few knows why they did that, if i was there i do the same but healthy criticism should be there and I’ll critisize whenever i need it

j) Ahh that’s my type of question, well first of all Innovation i mean a lot one by one and non stop as crypto get more community over time we should prepare to give them Trust, Security, Useability, Scalability, easy to access and for all not for few and by doing this we give them true nature of decentralization that’s what DAO stand for

k) Yeah a lot, way before the crypto i always thought about is there any way to make decision by community not by some centralized government/organizations to truly protect the community interest, but no such thing available that time but now we are growing rapidly as this new era is all about community decisions and interest and who do not follow will get out the race

Thanks everyone for reading my thing :point_up_2::cowboy_hat_face: